Do You Treat Blogging Like a Passing Hobby or a Serious Business?

I spent about 3 hours blogging so far today. Time check? 12:35 PM. Fun day. Busy day.

I treat blogging like a business because you need to treat blogging like a business, an actual job, where you work 3 to 8 hours or more daily, to become a pro, full time blogger.

Perhaps you work a full time job; devote 3 hours daily to blogging. But if you do not work full time, spend 4 hours or more daily blogging. Preferably, 8 hours or more.


Blogging gives you what you give blogging. See blogging like a mirror; blogging reflects back to you what you give to blogging. Imagine this mirror effect reflecting back to you success or failure.

What does the reflection mirror? Your:

  • attention
  • energy
  • time commitment
  • predominant vibe

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In blogging terms. Do you struggle quite a bit with your blog? Do you feel frustrated with your blogging results? Let’s turn that around, to help you enjoy the fun and freedom of successful blogging, shall we?

Spend hours daily generously creating content and connecting with top bloggers by helping them out. Success will follow, in its own time. Always does. But ONLY for bloggers who commit 100% to treating blogging like a business.

Enstine treats his blog like a serious business. He obviously spends hours daily creating and connecting. I see his guest posts all over the place. Makes perfect sense; he is a highly successful, prospering blogger who built a thriving blogging business by spending thousands of hours generously creating, connecting, promoting himself and opening multiple streams of income. Psst…make sure you enjoy his post on a neat way to profit:

How to Advertisers Paid Me $660 to Drive Traffic to My Blog

See what I mean? The cyber grass never grows green under his feet; he hustles! THAT is the specific, exact type of fun and enthusiasm you need to have for blogging to treat it like a serious business, to give thousands and thousands of hours to blogging, so eventually, blogging becomes a full time business for you. No way around that one.

Blogging: No Passing Hobby

Oodles of bloggers tell me they will give blogging a chance, or, they will get around to blogging, or, they need to get serious about blogging. None of these folks even treat blogging like a passing hobby.

Flat out, they do not care at all about blogging because they see blogging as a passing thought, an idea they may get around too, like burying some puzzle in your closet, that you will get around to, maybe 6 months down the road, on a rainy day.

Can you see why you struggle? You never give any genuine, generous attention and energy to blogging. Blogging mirrors back to you the attention, energy and work you put into blogging. Do you desire tasting sweet, freeing blogging success?

Give much of your life to blogging. Totally worth it! I have worked every day for the past 5 years. Fun times, and yep, challenging and scary at times, too. I committed fully to blogging so blogging committed fully to me, allowing me to circle the globe for the past 8 years of my life.

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Imagine opening a corner store. How many hours would you work daily, to turn a profit? 8-12 hours, of course. Anything less, and you go out of business… Even full time employees need to put in 3 hours daily on work days and 6-8 hours on weekends because blogging needs to be treated like a real, big time business BEFORE you even make a cent through blogging.

Imagine how fun and freeing and fulfilling it would feel to run a thriving blogging business. Generate those feelings now to begin treating blogging like a real, serious business, now. The serious time-work-energy commitment follows. Success? On the way, folks. Sounds inspired, fun and freeing, right?


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Let’s help more folks experience blogging freedom by reminding ’em how you need to treat blogging like a full time business in order to succeed.

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