How Advertisers paid me $660 to drive traffic to my blog!

You want to drive targeted traffic to your blogs and make money right? You have every reason to do that. No one can stop you!

We have the technology but the limit is our brains. A little thinking can drive us into marvelous money making moments

Let me share with you how I got paid $660 by advertisers to drive traffic to my blog, increase engagement and build my list. The crazy thing is that this same activity is making more noise that shakes more earnings into my wallet.

But wait!

While this is making me money, it’s not the first reason of running this on my blog. What this means is that the best way to make money is not to want to make money first. You have to seek to satisfy a certain group of people or persons. Their satisfaction drives bank notes to your wallet.

Let me tell you a little story how I got my first PC worth $1200. It was in 2003.  (When was the year you had your own first PC)

I remember the first time I ever came closer to a computer was in 2000. I can still vividly remember how perplexed I was when I saw this lady shaking something with her right hand on the table and a small arrow jumping on her screen. It was the mouse on her table and the cursor moving over the famous Windows 98 screen. (Microsoft ended support for Windows 98, 98 SE, and ME on July 11, 2006)

As time runs so fast, by 2003 I was a well trained PC Technician and windows 98 & 2000 operator.

One very rich and well-to-do guy here in Douala needed someone to teach him Outlook Express. Do you remember Outlook Express? Somehow, I was taken to his home where the training had to take place.

He asked me a question and my answer to him is what I want you to note.  If you have this at the back of your mind and pursue to accomplish it, you will make money.

Here is the question my client asked;

“How much do I pay you to teach me outlook express?”

Now here is the answer I gave him.

“Sir, let me teach you first. At the end, if you are satisfied, you will then decide how much to pay me”

I got him nailed! He was speechless for about a minute. It looked to me like I made a statement he never heard …

Finally, after about two weeks of deep-digging into outlook express, I was shocked when he paid me about $600 and told me “… that other PC is yours”

Note that the normal fee for the lessons I dished out to him is in the neighborhood of $60. Now you see how much I finally got from him?

drive traffic
I got my first PC in the year 2000 (Image from freedigitalphotos)
  • About $600 Cash
  • 1 PC worth about $1200

That was a rough total of $1800

Here is the point…

Seek to satisfy your readers first as a blogger. Must of them will become your clients. That’s the only transforming power that’s able to turn visitors to customers – satisfaction.

Provide real value and you get paid back in dollars!

But how did advertisers pay me $660 for me to promote my blog?

I turned product reviews into commenting contests.


I do a product review and at the same time run a commenting contest on the same review post. Take a look at this example

commenting contest

Advertisers want exposure and any activity on your blog that brings what they want, they will pay for it.

Instead of asking for $300 for simple review, I ask for $300 for review contest.  Advertisers are happy to see that my readers spend time talking about their products.

NB: Depending on your traffic, you may want to ask advertisers to pay more.

The battle to win the contest prizes pushes contestants into researching to know more about the product. This will help them leave reasonable comments. The result is brand promotion and establishment, sales and even more popularity. That’s what advertisers want.

Traditional banners are gradually producing less and less results. We need innovative methods that trigger discussing, create more awareness and generate leads and sales.


Before I continue, Let me ask you this silly question;

Do you know there are many ways bloggers can make money?

Silly question isn’t it?

Well, I have written an almighty post on ways bloggers can make money. This is an article I highly recommend you check out. There is surely something in for you.

Click here for how to make money blogging in 2020

How much money do I make from this method?

How much I earn is not the immediate concern. I don’t have a method or formula.  I negotiate with my advertisers how much I’ll spend to pay the contestants and how much is put in to run the contest. However, in the last three commenting contests, I got a total of $660 sent to my Paypal.

In one of the contests, I reviewed an interesting product. The owner formally rejected a $150 sponsored post proposal on this same blog. But when I went back to him a few weeks later with a brand new review contest proposal for $300, it caught his interest.

NB: This is where to find advertisers ready to spend money on your blog

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The ‘drive traffic’ part of it …


During these contests, my traffic jumped over the fence and my list saw some growth. I did paid promotions that pull in a bit more traffic. All I spent on promotion came from advertisers.

build traffic

Here is the point …

I mentioned above that it’s not about the money. It’s about customer satisfaction. I made my advertisers know that part of the money paid will be used to buy targeted traffic to the contest posts. That’s win win isn’t it?

Why they get the exposure, traffic and sales, I get exposure, traffic and money. Everyone is happy.

Driving this targeted paid traffic is easy with Facebook Post Boosting. Some of it can come from contest directories like Emperola, ContestChest, etc

Why am I revealing this to you?

I have tried my hands on this and it works – generating money, traffic, engagement and linking me up with more advertisers and bloggers. I don’t think it fair to keep this a secret. That’s why I’m sharing it with you.

One of the things that will motivate advertisers and take them closer to approving your proposal is when you let them know you will go some extra steps to generate more traffic to their sponsored posts.

It becomes more interesting if you point out that part of the money paid will be used to promote the post – so it’s not just all about making money.

Now let’s talk…

Let me hear from you in the comment box. What do you think about sharing your money with your readers? Do you think this is an effective way to attract advertisers? – Use part of the money they paid to run giveaways or contest and buy traffic to the sponsored posts.

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  1. hello dear
    Enstine Muki

    I read somewhere that earlier commentluv enabled blogs provide do-follow link. Just wanted to ask if commentluv enabled websites still provides do-follow links or not?
    Thanks for this wonderful list.

  2. Do you think if a blog has good readership, advertisers will approach you with deals, or do you find that you will have to ask for most of the deals yourself?

    • Hey Tom,
      Both ways work. With an active blog with engagement, if you make it clear that you are available for the deals, you’ll always get your contact page busy.

      Contacting advertisers will only add to the opportunities

  3. Hello Enstine

    This is my first time here.

    I thought the article was about something else, but it wasn’t.

    Thank you very much, you just gave me an idea for my future post.

  4. Very true. When I was a consultant, I got most of my business from helping out others for free, just because they needed help, the paid engagements followed. Answering your question, I think it does make sense to use some of your income to do customer engagements, I think it is ultimately a win win.

  5. Hey Enstine,

    You do come up with inventive ways to make money I will give you that. I’m glad you continue to share them with us, I definitely know where to send people if they want to know how this is done or the different ways to go about it.

    That’s pretty cool that the man paid you that much to learn Outlook and gave you his computer. Way to go my friend, way to go.

    Great job with sharing this and as always, thanks again.


  6. That was generous of you to reveal all the steps, it will help someone who needs to take this venture to the next level. The point is to give real satisfaction to the readers and advertisers. Your computer story is one of a kind, I have heard till date, I am impressed. The contest strikes the cord, as it is much more converting than the still banners. The traffic and brand promotion is guaranteed this way. Loved your post as always, I found it on kingged.

    • Hey Rohan,
      Thanks for the wonderful positive comment and thanks for being active on my blog. Hope we have greater days ahead together

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  7. Mr. Enstine,
    Again it is great, that you are openly sharing your secrets. People like you, will only dare to disclose these types of money earning methods for the sake of blogging community. It is finely explained that customer satisfaction is the big money earner.
    But, winning the contract and opening the mines of money treasure, are your great efficiency and in turn you are sharing it to down the line. You are really building a great net work of a strong establishment of efficient system. Thank you for your frank expression.

    • Hi Kannan,

      Good to see you here and thanks for the beautiful comment 😉 I’m glad you are part of my network. Beautiful things are ahead

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  8. Hey Enstine,

    I have to tip my hat off to you!

    I love the fact you use the story of how you taught someone to use outlook express and how you tied it in on how you made money through giving contests.

    That my friend lets me know that you have a lot of Jedi Marketing Strategies up your sleeve that makes you a master marketer! Just figure out how to make your readers and clients happy and they’ll pay you for it! Why do we complicate things so much LOL

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Thanks for tipping your hat off! I’m honored 😉
      Thanks too for the beautiful words in the comment. I hope to be better tomorrow 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by

  9. Hi Enstine,
    This is really interesting.
    The good old story of PC business and to the point of making money with your computer activity 🙂
    Mukhi You did a tremendous job here, I like the presentation of a serious thing by telling an interesting story.
    Yes, That is the point and Here is the point:
    Here is the point …
    Yes, its not about the money but its mainly about the customer satisfaction.
    Creating a good relationship with our customers/readers is the key point here, you succeeded in it tremendously. 🙂
    And the last point: Involving the readers and sharing a bit of that profit as cash prize to them for their hard work! 🙂

    Good Idea Enstine Good Idea!
    Go ahead! your readers will Come after you LOL 🙂

    May you have a wonderful and profitable week ahead

    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    PS: Hey Enstine, I read this post notification at and i kingged it and posted the above comment there,
    Thanks again for sharing these valuable secrets to your fellow bloggers.

  10. So it was the reason , you had asked question , When was the year you had your own first PC ?

    You have written indeed a Great motivational post .

  11. Honest to goodness Enstine, if you make your readers happy they’ll hire you, or pay you for some product or service. Awesome stuff dude!

  12. Hey Enstine,

    I must confess that this article is highly constructive and insightful…..thanks for sharing this with us.

    I really couldn’t agree less or more here and I guess I have to stop here as this one is just too much for me. I have to go and start implementing it.



    • Hey Wendy,
      If we really keep the money aspect to the background and strive after value, the value will pull money along 😉

      Hope you are having a great weekend

  13. nice post. hope this post does not only showcase “how to” and the steps required, but its an idea to everyone who has in mind or planning next of using blog commenting context as a marketing stragedy. keep up the nice article.

  14. really awesome. your ideas are awesome.
    Your blog is one of the followed blog by me.
    always love to read your pots…
    learned a lot from you.

    thanks for this post 🙂

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Really again awesome. I think blog commenting contest is a nice way to stay connected with most of the bloggers. If we have surplus benefit through comment then trust me this is the bonus only.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Really your venture is always awesome. I think blog commenting contest are the good source of exposure and for the engagement.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

  17. Really beautiful story of how value can go a long way in getting money into our pockets…

    I totally enjoyed it, you opted for value first and it paid off, that’s the way it should be, value first then monetry gain…

    I’m happy that the purpose of the contest is been achieved and the participation has been encouraging…

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful ‘secret’ a lot can pounce on the strategy and make good use of it…

  18. Hello,

    Excellent post, seems like you’ve revealed your secret tips here. The blog commenting contests was really great source for exposure and I guess I’ll try your tips soon.


  19. Enstine,

    Are these just ideas that just come to you? I read these post from you and just smile. Your method is simple yet practical and make perfect sense. I understand your strategy and can see why you get good results from them. Hats off to you man!

    Believe that I will be incorporating some of your methods in the future.

    P.S. Be sure to update us on your Product Review Network! I think on that one a lot!

    Another Excellent post! Take care…

    • Hey Steven,
      These are ideas that just popped up and I’m glad it’s working well
      About the PRN, we are going on with one on Facebook. I have been busy this week writing my list building report. I just finished it and it’s available for downliad.

      I spoke with few advertisers and they revealed to me some key points from Google Analytics. That’s what I have explained in that report.

      I also worked with a few bloggers who did not know about these little tricks so I thought it wonderful to come up with such an eye opening report.

      I should be able to go back to the PRN now that the report is done 😉

      thanks for reminding me about it

  20. Excellent Enstine!

    Even though it’s simply been far too long since my last visit!

    This post was so worth my visit! Enstine you are simply an extremely masterful marketer and a great teacher and mentor and hands on leader!

    My mind was exploding with on and offline possible variations on what you’ve shared!

    This was an excellent post and brilliant marketing concept and mindset! It’s your overall approach of making sure your customers are extremely satisfied at all cost, first!

    And the rest of so much easier! Thank you so much for sharing this masterful and extremely savvy marketing concept! I’m always in school, whenever I’m studying at your blog!

    • Ho Mark,
      Thanks for coming back 😉 where have you been though?
      Remember I was waiting for an update from you on the video. Hope all is moving well with you 😉

  21. Hi Enstine,
    For writing and sharing this post, you have also provided value for your readers! Any grateful reader would like to come back for more information because of the
    “secret ” you have just shared”.

    Its revealing and I am in totally in support of your submission: “Provide real value and you get paid back in dollars!” Thanks for sharing this tip to drive traffic and make money!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  22. Very smart and really a practicable idea. It means money making knows no bounds. One just need to think out of the box to make a difference.
    I never learn such a wonderful win-win situation where you are making money and also drawing traffic on your blog. This is not the job of an ordinary guy but obviously it does not come with a blink of eye. Obviously your day and night hard work is behind conceiving of this awesome ideas.
    The most encouraging aspect is you also shared it with your readers which shows how must customer satisfaction you want and obviously get its huge returns as well.
    Thanks you sir for sharing such a wonderful post.

    • Beautiful comment Mi and thanks for the wonderful shares on Facebook. I so much appreciate your input to give my blog my exposure.

      Hope you are ready for a wonderful weekend ahead

  23. Hey, Enstine

    Once again a awesome post. I liked how you changed your product reviews into commenting contests. And yes, it’s not about the money or fame; it is about teaching other people. Money is necessary to live, all bloggers need it! But that is a different aspect. When I was 10 I used to write HTML and Photoshop tutorials on a simple Blogger blog, I did not make anything from it (I kept on writing tutorial for about 2 years!) but the comments of the people meant a lot to me. Now the visitors of that blog are a part of the loyal audience of my blog. And now I even earn some bucks 😉

    Nice article,
    Apurva Nagar

    • That’s a wonderful story Apurv. I’m sure that strategy will soon translate into huge earnings. Keep it up and you’ll benefit big time.

      do have a wonderful week 😉

  24. Hi Enstine,

    I never knew that’s your goal doing the contest. I read your article and was amazed with your ideas. It is a brilliant idea.

    I am struggling to get money from the internet and you make it look easy. It was smart, Enstine. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your honest thought, Enstine.
    It’s great post, indeed!


    • Hi Nanda,
      I love your comments! Always making a lot of sense to me. Thanks for being part of my community

      It really is not easy to make this money online but once you’ve got the ball rolling, you just need to be pushing it. Hope you start seeing results pretty soon 😉

  25. Hey there!

    Smartwork done sir! I salute your way to get sponsored reviews and create a win-win situation for both, you and the advertiser.

    No more words to say on this. I would surely try your method….. 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  26. This is really a smart strategy Enstine Sir. Indeed its one of the best I’ve seen so far.

    It is very cool when readers become a part of a sponsored review. And when they have the opportunity to make money, readers come pouring from all over the place.

    This is indeed great and only a blogger like you can come with such a cool contest.

    Have a great day Sir! Expecting similar kind of articles from you.

  27. Hey Enstine,

    I have tried both; simple reviews and contest reviews and indeed contest reviews won. I love that part of 2003, everyone who’s indulge in selling things should learn from it. Customer satisfaction is must, if you do not satisfy your customers then you are more likely to earn for only a single time from that specific customer but if you satisfy them then most probably you’ll get more offers from that customer.

    Good luck for your future contest reviews.

    -Siraj Wahid

    • Hey Siraj,
      I’m always so excited to see you on my blog and thanks for your great comments. You make a lot of sense bro
      I hope to see you again around pretty soon

  28. Hi Enstine ,

    Smart Indeed 🙂 I was wondering how you manage to run those blog commenting contest and giveaway money just like. This’s really an awesome trick. Well, actually there are no tricks to make money and drive traffic. Those are just guidelines that would should follow. At the end of the day, it’s all about HARD WORK 🙂

    Great one !! 🙂

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