Blogging Mindset Tip: Never Stop Doing What Works Because of Need or Greed

I love guest posting. Guest posting works well for me to expand my blogging business. Traffic? Check. Profits? Check. Guest posting 5 or more times daily vibes with me.

I keep guest posting. But imagine if I became needy, or greedy, and feared I wasn’t making enough money or driving enough traffic. My need or greed and accompanying fear would try with all its might to pull me away from what works – guest posting – to, something else.

Do I know if the something else would work? I have no idea. No clue. But mostly, choosing to stop doing what works from a driver of fear – NEEDING or being GREEDY – leads to fear-filled results.

You and I know what we mean as far as fear-filled results: struggle, failure and eventually, quitting. Never stop doing what works and what feels enjoyable because you assume you should be driving more traffic and making more money. Abandoning successful strategies almost always leads to failure.

Never Allow Negative People into Your Head

Some negative people vibing mainly from fear may try to project their fear-pain onto you by noting your apparent lack of business growth. Never allow their fear, neediness and greediness to influence your business decisions because if you let them into your mind, you allow them to completely ruin your blogging campaign.

Bloggers sometimes complain about my metrics through certain online channels. Negative nellies tell me my numbers seem pathetic, terrible, lacking, complaining their fear, pain and putrid view of self through a projection onto me. I smile, relax, and get out of the way, cutting these people out of my life, versus listening to their fear and agreeing with their fear.

Doesn’t it eventually feel amazing to release negative people from your life? You bet it does. Feels fun and freeing, right? Of course it does. But actually ceasing contact with negative folks is critical because you need them out of your life entirely so they cannot rent space in your head.

Be Generous Patient and Persistent

Follow a successful course generously, patiently and persistently to experience exponential blogging success over the long haul. Never panic, bail and cut the legs out from your blogging campaign.

Do you have fun doing what you do blogging-wise? Yes? Keep doing it. Do you experience slow but steadily increasing blogging success doing what feels fun? Keep doing it.

See the journey through. Trust me; you are well on your way. Be vigilant of your thoughts and feelings. Observe need or greed manifesting in your mind, telling you traffic and profits do not grow fast enough, even though you have experienced nice success and love what you do.

Every massive empire grows out of passionate, fun, generous service. Happy billionaires implore you to love what you do. Trust these icons! Enjoy the ride.

Stop listening to negative voices in your mind that try to pull you away from the happy, successful path.

Stop listening to negative people who try to pull you away from happy, freeing, fun blogging success because of their own miserable projections.

Nobody knows your successful path quite like you. Keep doing what works for you. Feel fears masked as desperation or flat out, piggish greed, and allow the fears to exit your mind.

See how better you feel by NOT acting on these destructive, damaging energies, guaranteed to sustain your blogging struggle. Let the feelings go. Keep doing what seems to be working and keep having fun as you experience massive blogging success over the long haul.


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