How To Make Money With Google HelpOuts

The Internet giant, Google has come up with another new thing called HelpOuts to help experts in any field make money online. As a matter of fact, you can make money with Google Helpouts if you are an expert in something and you have some free time.

In November 2013, Google announced Helpouts—a new way to get and give help over live video. The goal is simple: help people help each other. Google wants to use the convenience and efficiency of the web to enable everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is, to easily connect with someone who can help.

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HelpOuts is something that will forever change the landscape of Internet Marketing. It is a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help over live video. Regular people like you can signup to become a helpouts instructor and charge for your time.

There are so many ways you can offer help on Helpouts and make money: You can teach someone how to fix his garage door, or how to remove a computer virus from his PC, how to install and configure wordpress, how to setup a WordPress plugin or Template, how to install an app on mobile phone, how to work in cPanel, how to backup database, how to use any software, etc. It basically starts from anything and ends at anything. There is no limit. People need help every moment and are ready to pay for it.

As I mentioned above, you can help someone install WordPress on their site. Now I ran a search to find out if some people are getting paid for this kind of help. Here is what I found:

make money with google helpoutYou can also help people for free. That’s another way to network with many online.

NB: Creating a HelpOuts account at the moment of writing this post is by invitation. However, Joel Comm can help you get your account within 24 hours.

Make Money With Google HelpOut – HelpoutsProfit video course

Joel Comm & Joshua Writer, two Internet Marketing specialists have put their resources together to come out with what is known to be the most advanced video training center teaching you how to make money with Helpouts. HepoutsProfit is the most comprehensive course with over 36 videos from successful Internet Marketers, you will never be wrong giving this course a try.

Why I recommend this course

I’m an affiliate of this course. What that means is that if you buy from this blog, I get to earn acommission. However, I want you to understand I’m not promoting this product uniquely for the commissions. Here are some few reasons you should buy:

  1. I’m also taking the course.
  2. I don’t want you to make mistakes with Helpouts.
  3. I want you to have more ways to make money online.
  4. The authors of the course are authentic Internet Marketers who have helped many succeed online. These guys have authentic and solid Internet Marketing profiles
  5. This is going to be the next big thing by Google.

Check out this course here

Did you know of this new development by Google? Are you already part of it? Let me hear you out in the comment box

59 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Google HelpOuts”

  1. Enstine, thanks for creating this awareness about Google Helpouts and how to make money using it. I am not a cynic, but past experiences have made it such that it is difficult to trust whatever package Google brings on stream each time. Google has brought several programmes that ended up breaking the hearts of their users. I do hope this would not be one of them too.

    Well, there is no harm in trying it out and making money with it as long as it lasts. If eventually it gets taken away in the future, at least one would have made something reasonable from it then.

    I think it is great innovation by the might Internet giants; this keeps putting Google ahead of their competitors because they are thinking ahead and bringing new ideas. Everyone who has got something to offer in form of help should take leverage of this and swell his bank account even as he renders help to others.

    Thanks once again for sharing. Remain blessed.

  2. Thanks for that idea. google help our is a good stuff to know, i am just discovering it now i hope to explore it. It is great you have share this information.

  3. Hi, Enstine,
    thank you very much for introducing GoogleHelpOuts. 🙂
    It’s seems interesting and exciting. Yes, it is giving us a nice opportunity to make some extra money while helping other.
    Thank You very much for sharing this course too.

  4. Thanks for recommending this affiliate course with us Enstine and for helping those interested to not make a mistake on Helpouts. Honestly interesting for all of us wanted to know how to earn money via online. I’ll check it out.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  5. Hello Enstine,
    What a nice post. You did explain further with this and gave us some video to go with it 🙂
    I have heard about the Google helpout last year and i must confess that this is a brilliant innovation coming out from them.
    I have not visited their helpout site yet but i am sure it is useful and will sure be at their hangout someday(when my schedule is not that tight)
    Thanks and do have a good week

  6. Hello Enstine,

    I guess it is true that we learn something new everyday. Even though I don’t blog for cash, this is definitely some good information to have and know about.

  7. Its really interesting to see the benefits of enrolling in the HelpoutProfits. It sounds promising and could offer marketers additional means of making money online.

    However, the credibility and professionalism of Joel Comm & Joshua Writer are what would sell this course than anything else. Thanks for sharing this Enstine!

    I have left this comment in the content syndicatioon and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers – where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  8. Thanks for sharing such a great usefull information .I nevere heard about google helpout.I am goin to try this now

  9. This really does sound interesting, Enstine. Thanks for writing this and recommending Joel Comm’s course.

    I do know about Google Helpouts but haven’t bothered too much with it. It’s indeed a way to make money online and is definitely worth exploring further.

    And since it’s coming from Google, it’s certainly not something to scuff at. Google does get it right in lots of things, and this might be one of them.

    I think this will be especially good for those who have problems with receiving payments because of where they are based in the world. Since Google adsense could pay, regardless of where one is based, this should be the same, and should solve the problem of those who, for example, don’t have Paypal.

    About the Google Helpouts itself… who isn’t an expert in “something” these days, right? As hard to believe as it may seem, there are surely lots of people out there who are willing to pay for what other people know. Thankfully this makes all that possible.

    About Joel Comm, all those in the early days of adsense certainly know him as the “adsense guru”, with his many “adsense theme” products and courses. I think he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to this as well.

    So, I’d say this is obviously worth checking out. Thanks, again, for recommending this course, Enstine, and for sharing this post on .

    • Hello Kingsley,

      I really follow your thought train…Google has earned a notorious reputation for quality that is now quite beyond scoffing at…

      I have argued…and will continue to argue, that this is one course that will sure be worth any blogger’s time who is interested.


  10. Shame upon me.
    I’ve never heard about Helpouts before! Thanks for letting me know about this Google program.

    I think you should embed the official YouTube video explaining about helpouts at the top of the post so that it would be helpful for people like me who are living under the rock.

  11. Hello Enstine,
    Thanks for sharing this information, I never heard about this feature. It is an amazing feature by google. Yes, I think you are right with Helpouts, google is now trying to target the micro job market.

  12. Hi Enstine,
    I have never heard of Google Helpouts.
    Thanks for letting us know! 🙂
    Another interesting way to make some money online. Also, I see people are posting help for free, I guess for increasing their audience or authority.

    Have a great rest of the week, Enstine!

    • Hey Erik,
      I guess being free is a good way to grab the attention of many ;). BTW, this new service looks like big news in 2014

      Thanks for your comment and do have a wonderful weekend

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Great and thanks for sharing. I heard about this but yet to find time for it. Let’s see if I can squeeze some time out from it and keep you informed!

    Appreciate the kind share mate.

  14. Hi Enstine Muki Sir,
    This is really very much useful article. I love such amazing stuff here. We will try these google helpout soon. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  15. Wow Thats nicee to listen Never heard that before.. But really its a nice service and a new way to earn for their talent and a good and trustable source of income.
    Thank You Einstine and Thank You Google

    • You’re so correct, Vivek – sharing is caring and so much fun!

      But please ensure that when you share the content on your blog, you rewrite in your own words and five credits to Enstine as the source. I’m pretty sure he would not object.

      And again, why not consider sharing via your social media channels? You’ll be amazed how much fun that could be!


  16. Hello Sir,
    Nice way to describe Google Helpouts service!
    Surely, it is a wonderful way and amazing system to make online income spcailly for adsense publishers.
    Thanks for your such kind of tips!!

  17. This is a very informative and interesting article to read!
    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this write-up and the
    rest of the site is really good.

  18. Hello Enstine,

    Helpouts goes a very long way to prove that the various ways of making money online are truly unlimited! And who says one cannot really make a full time living online from the comfort of his bedroom?

    Enstine, you are the man…I’ll check out this special course and make up my mind.


    • Hey Terungwa,

      It’s good to see you around today and thanks for interacting again.
      Yes, the Internet has a large surface to make money and more and more ways are coming up everyday. Recently, it was commenting on and now it’s Google HelpOuts. Watch out for more

      Ok cool! don’t forget to ask me for your bonuses if you purchase that course using my link. You get free copies of ViralBird and CashDonator

      Do have a wonderful weekend brother

  19. Hi Enstine,

    That’s certainly a great initiative by Google, but I’m sure Google will also earn money here via commission. 😉 Anyways certainly a great way to find an expert and resolve your problem instantly. I guess now Google is targeting sites like fiverr to make more money.

    • Hey Aahna,
      I’m taking the course I recommend in this post. This will help me know what google gets from the transactions. However, it’s clear they will charge a percentage on what service providers make 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the interaction today

    • Sure Aahna,

      There would be a commission, that’s a given. But as usual, I’m pretty sure that it would be so small that it wouldn’t affect net ‘profits’ at all. My take? Go, give it a shot!


  20. Hi Enstine,

    Cool site! Like an upscale Fiverr, where you can make real money selling your services.

    I dig the direction of the venture. Here’s hoping it grows and expands so anybody can join.

    Thanks for sharing Enstine!

    • Hey Ryan,

      good to see you around. Yes, I think Google is eyeing the micro job industry. They have the means to make it big. Now starting with videos, they may add simple sales/purchases too. That’s like really going the fiverr way

      do have a wonderful weekend man

  21. Hello Enstine,

    Well to be honest i just came to know about google helpouts just now and I’d say its a great place to learn something new. I’m gonna surely check it out.

    Thanks for share

    • Hey Robert,
      This platform is still very new to most of us. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll be helpful to so many who are ready to pay you.

      Do have a wonderful weekend and you try it out

  22. Google and their innovations have changed the world and they keep coming up with great innovations to help humanity, now even helpless people can hook up on a camera from their homes, help others and earn money. Provided you are an expert in your field you can make money online through this Google HelpOut and i must commend Google for this.

    • Hello Nwosu,

      That is the true spirit of entrepreneurship…solving problems. Once you can consistently solve the pressing problems people have, be dead sure that money would not be an issue anymore. The issue, I believe, would be how much to charge!


    • Hey Desmond,

      I love that you underline the fact of being an expert. I think any expertise can sell on this service. Looks to me like Google is targeted the micro job market

  23. Fabulous Mate, this is really amazing and new method to make money via helping others and this would be one of the best system for now. Thanks you so much for nice information about this.

  24. Hi

    This is very new to me. I am sure this is new to many of the bloggers. Thank you for introducing us to Google helpouts. I will definitely check it out.


    • Hi Sanjib,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the comment
      Yes it’s new to many of us. Give it a try and I’m sure you can help some people and be paid.

      do have a wonderful weekend

  25. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for introduing me to Google Helpouts. Going to check it out, plus the recommended course.

    Have you been able to earn something from it yet? Or, do you plan to offer something in future?

    • Hey Sinha,
      I’m taking the course I mentioned and will be offering my PHP and WordPress services on this platform. I’m sure to be helpful to members and get paid some amount 😉

      How about you? do you intend to give it a try?

  26. amazing sir, always Google want to help people, how to increase people earnings, now in your post i really exited to read, and after reading i think it is more help full to me and billions of people. thank you sir

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