Attention! Mi Muba wants you To Be A Money Blogger!

Today, I have a veteran and someone who will help you make money as a blogger. Someone you absolutely should connect with as a blogger. He’s my first featured blogger this month of August and I’m happy to have known this guy.

NB: Every week, I feature a blogger here on this blog. My reasons are just to bring together exciting bloggers so we can network and learn from each other. What is blogging without meeting with new people?

Blogging has completely changed in the past recent years. It’s become a complete business and social growth tool. That’s why meeting and connecting with new experts is so crucial.

Last month, July 2014, I had the following exceptional bloggers:

Donna Merrill Don Purdum Kevin Duncan Sherryl Perry

This month, here comes Mi Muba

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Blog promotion ~ How to get promoted by top bloggers!

blog promotion

Blog promotion is a tough war! Every blogger struggles to get his or her blog promoted to the maximum. One of the things we want is to be promoted by other bloggers. If they speak to their friends and followers about us, we gain credibility from them. But here is the question;

How do you get promoted by top bloggers? I want to share with you a little secret!

This is something that works! I have experienced it and it’s one of the big reasons my blog is moving ahead.

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How To Edit A PDF Document ~ Soda PDF review!

Last week, I got a call from a childhood friend who works offshore. He just returned and told me on phone he was looking for how to edit a pdf document and thought I could help with some software. That was something I had not done before so I told him I was going to call him back.

I quickly turned to Google, looking for software that has the facility to edit pdf files. What I found was amazing so I decided I was going to share it with you. Of course, this helped in sorting my friend’s issue out.

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Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong!

You have been fooled! You were made to believe that driving traffic to your website is the way to break into financial freedom.

You have been brainwashed. Your mindset has been twisted. That’s why you are broke!

Traffic to your blog or website is not what you need. Yes! That’s the truth some gurus are not telling you.

They want you to give them your money by purchasing their so-called magic traffic generator. There is nothing like that!

I have come across bloggers that have 5000 and more blog daily readers, yet they are still very broke.

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How to Market Online with Sherryl Perry!

Sherryl Perry

I’m so excited to bring to you someone who is surely able to boost your online business. She is my last (not the least) featured blogger of the month of July 2014 and I’m proud to say that she has ability to help market your products and services on the Internet.

This month, we’ve had;

Donna Merrill Don Purdum Kevin Duncan

These are exceptional bloggers I recommend you network with for a better blogging experience.

Before we go into details about the awesome lady I have for you this week, here are a few questions to help you know the kind of person we are dealing with;

  1. Ever feel overwhelmed about the vast amount of information available on the web these days?
  2. Do you spend hours researching information and trying to make sense of what the latest “experts” have to say about SEO, social media and blogging?
  3. Ever wish there was a website that you could go to where someone helps to make sense of it all?

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Best Online video maker for your marketing video production!

Online video maker

An online video maker is a complex, yet simple-to-use web application that helps in producing marketing videos.

There is no doubt that videos are crucial in today’s business expansion. That can simply be explained by the rapid growth of video sites like Youtube.

Producing marketing videos used to require huge monetary investment. Given the important demand in the this industry, there really is need for developers to sit up.

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