1 Super Sneaky Profitable Secret of Successful Bloggers

“Ryan, can you get me on Forbes?”

“Ryan, who do I have to talk to for a feature on Entrepreneur?”

I get these emails and social media messages regularly. Way too regularly.

I sometimes ignore the messages outright. Too much desperation. But sometimes I respond with the simple message to create and connect persistently, for years, to gain the right, the privilege, and to pay your dues to appear on such world famous sites.

After reading this brilliant blog post by Gary Vaynerchuk I wanted to share 1 profitable, prospering, powerful secret of super successful bloggers.

The Secret

As I release my eBook How to Develop Blogging Posture I’m sharing this secret that ties in well to Gary’s message.

It is….*keep doing* what you love doing despite results or outcomes or views or traffic or profits or comments or shares….because if you persistently follow your passion no matter what the passion expands into wild, stunning success.

Gary gets emails from people asking how he got featured on Conan. He explains how he started at 0. Meaning, he started at zero followers, but passionately and persistently rendered helpful service and build friendships over years, even if he made little money or drove scant traffic or landed few interviews, as a newbie.

Then, Gary talks about having the posture to keep doing interviews – 2,000 plus for him, he notes – despite a large number of these interviews getting 1 page view, or 10 page views. This is the secret, which I have experienced personally: when you follow your passion, without giving much thought to how many people see you in one place, or the profits earned through the sharing or featuring, your presence expands like wildlife.

Struggling bloggers obsess over trying to squeeze as much traffic or profits through 1 or 2 or 3 channels as humanly possible.

Guys like Gary V and me obsess over following our passion, sharing value, making friends and accepting interviews, or sharing that value, across 50,000 platforms or 500,000 platforms, without caring if some platforms get zero or 1 views.

We plant seeds for the present and the future. Which is why Gary is world famous and which is also why I am popping up on the radar more often, and why is why I have been featured on Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News.

It is not about obsessing over slapping a home run out of the park via a viral blog post. It is about maintaining a viral online presence, making a positive impact in a million places at once.

This is the profitable secret of hyper successful bloggers: following your passion and helping folks thru a wide range of channels without focusing much of outcomes helps you make more money and become more famous over the short run and long run.

Practical Example

My new YouTube videos get 4 or 5 views sometimes.

But I also get 100 plus views per Facebook Live video.

I get 40 plus views per Periscope video.

I have 115,000 views on my Quora answers.

I get 50 listens per podcast episode, and that number increases every day.

I have 51,000 Twitter followers.

I am driving a higher volume of traffic through Blogging From Paradise.

I have placed over 1000 guest posts.

I have been featured on at least 400 blogs or podcasts or radio shows.

Can’t you see this secret, at work?

It is not 1 channel, or viewers or listeners or readers through 1 or 2 channels, that dictate your blogging success.

It is following your passion, having fun and helping people, and seizing as many platforms as possible through which to share value and have fun, that creates a cumulative effect which dictates your blogging success.

I recall the first few days of publishing my podcast. I had 7 listens per episode. But one of those listeners bought 80 of my 126 eBooks.

I recall a recent guest post I submitted. A reader commented how he bought 4 of my eBooks.

I doubled my list size over the past 3 months.

I am following this secret, appearing to be everywhere by gobbling up opportunities and appearing on platforms to spread love, to make friends, to help people and to have fun.

Do not focus on outcomes guys. Follow your passion, fall in love with the process of creating and connecting across a wide range of platforms and see the total body of work.

When you persistently help folks in many different areas, for years, you will see stunning blogging success.


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