Blogging and Cryptocurrency? Here’s the Connection

The cryptocurrency train has barreled through the station, and it ain’t slowing down any time soon.

Established crypto trader – and this blog’s owner – Enstine Muki knows this.

I am devoting my 24-7, 365 attention to a currency known as Blogging From Paradise so I am not hopping on the crypto train now but if you have any questions do contact Enstine. The guy is a pro.

I spotted a few analogies between crypto and blogging.

Blogging Is Like Cryptocurrency

My blog is a currency.

My generous service, promoting of other bloggers and giving energy helps raise the stock of my blogging cryptocurrency, because as my stock in my blog rises, my readers reflect the rise in stock by hopping on board the Blogging From Paradise train, by:

  • Buying my eBooks
  • Buying my online courses
  • Buying my audio books
  • Hiring me to coach them
  • Paying for advertising space
  • Paying for sponsored posts
  • Buying affiliate products sold on my blog
  • Commenting on my blog
  • Sharing my blog posts on social media
  • Sharing my blog link via YouTube or iTunes
  • Sharing my blog link through their blogs

Each of these actions raises the price of Blogging From Paradise crypto shares.

I also raise the stock of Blogging From Paradise by linking to reputable, authority blogs in my niche. Far from being an SEO ploy, I do this to make friends and to share valued resources for my audience.

The Crypto Price Fluctuates

Like crypto currency prices, your blog share prices fluctuate from day to day. Normal and natural process here.

Beyond the actual appraised price of your blog, the energetic value – based on your clarity, reflected back to you through readers, traffic, sales, and other outcomes – shifts from day to day.

Do not worry if things do not seem to be moving in a successful direction as quickly as you’d like. Do not get shaken out of your blog by panicking, selling out or by ditching proven, prospering strategies you learned from successful bloggers.

Patience, Young Grasshopper. Patience, Young Padawan. Your blog currency will rise over time if you back generous actions with a loving, generous energy over months, then years.

The Biggest Difference?

The biggest difference between cryptocurrency trading and your blog currency is that you set the value of the share price, with your:

  • Generosity
  • Willingness to learn blogging
  • Willingness to study blogging
  • Willingness to practice blogging, to hone your blogging skills
  • Service
  • Kindness
  • Creating
  • Promoting of others
  • Connecting
  • Willingness to monetize your passions
  • Prospering patience

You set the price, and your readers slowly and steadily hop on board, reflecting your clarity and persistence back to you, raising your blog currency price through eBook sales and blog comments and endorsements and social shares.

Does Any Ceiling Exist to Blogging Currency Shares?


No bubble exists here.

No market top.

Blogging is different than crypto because blogging is an inside-out activity while crypto trading is an outside-in activity.

With blogging, your passion, flowing from within you, leads to the rocking energy, which leads to your studying, practicing, creating and connecting, which leads to exponential success that is only limited by your lack of clarity and lack of imagination.

The crypto market is based on human beings observing a price point outside of themselves, then doing chart work, the study, the analysis and yep, perhaps trusting their gut (some inner work here too) to make a buy or sell decision.

Whether inside-out or outside-in, any online activity can be fun, prospering and can lead to you living the internet lifestyle.

You cannot go wrong either way guys.

Just remember the advice commonly spread in the trading game; bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

Do not allow fear, desperation and greed to color your blogging and trading decisions.

Blog and trade from a place of love and harmony to rock out either niche.

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