5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Who wants to make money blogging?

Most folks have no idea where to look next beyond the oft-referred to but not overly dependable Google Adsense income stream.

Although advertising revenue can be significant over the long haul it is not prospering during your earlier months as a blogger.

Before we progress; focus virtually all of your energies on creating helpful content and building bonds with top bloggers in your niche by promoting them and by commenting on their blogs. Creating and connecting are the 2 prime money making activities for every blogger. Opening income streams simply offers you channels through which you receive money.

If you want to make money online consider exploring these income streams.

1: Write and Sell eBooks on Amazon

Write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon.

Sell eBooks to develop a passive income stream through your blog.

People enjoy reading eBooks on Kindle more than ever these days.

Readers can also feast their eyes on eBooks via virtually any device by downloading the Kindle Cloud Reader after purchasing the eBook.

Write helpful, insightful eBooks.

I aim for the short reads – 30-45 minute – category but go more in depth if that feels fun to you.

I have written and self-published 126 eBooks covering blogging tips, travel and make money online topics among others.

If you want to buy a few of my eBooks click this link:

126 Blogging From Paradise eBooks

2: Offer Blog Coaching Services

Teach people blogging for a premium.

Be a blogging coach.

Accept money for the valued service that you render.

If you love helping people for free through your blog you may as well help people for premium by offering call-based and text-based consulting options for readers.

Sell different coaching packages based on either single coaching sessions or a prolonged coaching package for 4 to 8 weeks. Work with clients short or long term to address their most pressing problems and to inspire them to live their dreams.

3: Accept Sponsored Posts

This one is a veteran blogging income stream.

Avoid the common travel blogging mistake of making sponsored post revenue your prime income stream.

This ain’t gonna happen until you build up a sizable, targeted readership over the course of months and years.

When you do drive a higher volume of targeted traffic through your blog you can sell sponsored posts to interested parties.

Advertise for businesses on your blog by allowing an entrepreneur to post an in-depth advertisement stressing the benefits of their business opportunity.

Make sure that the post aligns with your blogging niche.

For example; earlier today, a furniture removal company contacted me about a sponsored post opportunity. No way in Hades I’d place their sponsored post on my blogging tips themed blog.

As for as rates you can charge whatever you want to charge. I’d suggest starting at $350 per post or higher.

4: Create Online Courses

Create online courses.

Open income streams.

Serve your readers.

Consider audio course, text courses and video courses. Or diversify all three streams. Create a multimedia course to serve the needs of your readers.

Build a high ticket income stream for your blog. Offer courses in the hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Grow your blogging cash flow. Provide your readers with in-depth, hefty, one stop shopping type resources by crafting robust blogging courses.

5: Co-Create Audio Books

I sell audio books on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

How it works: I provide a PDF of the eBook on acx.com then pick a co-creator who auditions for me. The voice actor speaks the eBook. We split the revenue.

Heard the hype, but not sure whether Audible is worth trying?  Check out Careful Cent’s Audible review!

Co-create audio books with producers. Appeal to folks who prefer to listen to books versus reading ‘em. Help yourself with one more passive income stream.

The eBook

If you want to learn about ways to make money blogging buy my eBook:

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging


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