5 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


Following a few basic fundamentals of blogging promotes your success.

Established pro bloggers stick to the basics day in and day out to build thriving, renowned ventures in their niche of choice.

Struggling bloggers skip the fundamentals, to their blogging demise.

Don’t skip the basics. These steps may not be sexy but every successful blogger who enjoys the ride follows most if not all of these steps persistently.

1: Follow Your Passion

81% of bloggers never make more than $100 online during their entire online careers.

This high percentage of bloggers follows profits, not passion, being desperate or greedy to make money online.

If you try to get through blogging without giving (i.e., not following the remaining steps/fundamentals) you will fall flat on your face like these miserable 8 out of 10 bloggers.

Follow your passion. Pick a niche that feels fun to you. Make sure that you enjoy blogging.

Following your fun makes the work of blogging the reward. All traffic and comments and social shares will feel like a blessed bonus, but the real reason why you blog will be the work/play.

Adopt this energy to become patient, persistent and generous in all that you do.

All successful blogging ventures are built on a rock solid foundation of passion.

2: Learn


Before you practice, and teach, and connect, you must learn how to be a successful blogger.

Most bloggers skip their step. Heck; most bloggers skip all of these steps, wanting to cash in after step #5.

How can you teach effectively if you have no idea how to blog intelligently?

Follow 1-2 top bloggers in your niche. Feast on their blog posts. Buy their courses. Hire them to coach you. Study, learn and absorb all of the proven, practical, success-promoting advice your blogging mentors have to offer.

3: Practice

Practice makes clearer.

Or, practicing the skill of blogging helps you gain confidence and clarity as a blogger.

Most bloggers only write if they are publishing a blog post.

Imagine if a pro level athlete only practiced when they walked onto the court or the field? They would not be a pro for a long time.

Successful bloggers practice in private to shine on a public stage.

Write 1000 words or more daily in a Word document. Be clear on your writing voice. Pitch guest posts with confidence. Receive invites to guest post through your writing prowess.

If you are a video blogger, record one video daily either through a live broadcast or offline. Get comfortable in front of the camera. Be a natural through the simple habit of practicing your blogging skills daily.

4: Create

Create helpful free content.

Create helpful premium products and services.

Become valuable by offering value, through both free and premium channels.

Creators distance themselves from the masses of bloggers who try to get without giving anything of real value.

Blog posts and guest posts form a rock solid foundation upon which you build a successful blog. People crave solutions to their problems. People thirst for tools through which to live their dreams.

Offer them these solutions and tools through your helpful, practical content.

Create videos and podcasts.

Create products and eBooks.

Offer coaching and freelancing services.

Keep on creating.

Build a successful blog by teaching people what you have learned about your niche.

5: Connect

Connect with leading bloggers in your niche by:

  • Commenting genuinely on their blogs
  • Promoting them on social media
  • Promoting them on your blog

Promoting other bloggers is the easiest, quickest way to befriend other bloggers.

If you’re following the remaining steps – and I know that you are – these blogging buddies will promote you in return, expanding your reach online and helping you become more successful.

The eBook

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Your Turn

How are you building a successful blog?

Do you have any fundamentals to add to this list?


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