How to Pin to Profit: Featuring McKinzie Bean

It’s new year and I’m excited to be here again to feature another problogger, someone with something for you. Someone with some solid material to help you pin to profit.

This is our first featured blogger post of the year and trust me, I have a long list of awesome persons. The reason I’m doing this is to give you the opportunity to connect with yet another savvy blogger.

Don’t just read or skim this article. Treat is as a business piece. Read carefully, contact the blogger featured and engage.

In the past, we’v had Lily UgbajaTanyi Melvis, Amber Temerity and many others

If you want to be featured, find details here. Find me on Pinterest here

As the awesomeness continues, today, I have a huge dose of excitement to bring McKinzie to the scene.

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How to Avoid Blogger Burnout with Amber Temerity

how to overcome blogger burnout

The year 2018 is near its end. So let’s brace up because next year (2019), we are going to overcome blogger burnout by all means.

We won’t end the year without me bringing on board someone strong enough to give us the much needed lift.

We are on the last featured blogger post of the year and this week’s blogger is just the right person with enough energy to usher us to 2019.

We’ve had Lily Ugbaja, Tanyi Melvis and many others. If you want to be featured, find details here.

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How to be successful online: Featuring Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

How to be successful online


We are moving on with our Thursday Series, helping you discover great minds in blogging and online business.

Last week, we were with Lily who teaches moms how to make money blogging in their first month. Today, we are taking our next flight to Douala in Cameroon where a smart lady has been hanging out and influencing the world.

I have had a couple of meetings and presentations with her and she’s just a cool lady to be with. You know that feeling when you are with someone who constantly makes sense in her sentences?

NB: If you want to be featured, click here

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How to Make Money Blogging in Your First Month: Featuring Lily Ugbaja


I’m really excited today. Why?

Well simple. I’m reviving my weekly show – featuring bloggers on this blog. And this time, I will be very much inclined to Pinterest bloggers.

So if you are on Pinterest with 100k monthly viewers, you are half-way in. I reserve the right to break this rule though.

Basically, I will be featuring bloggers in my industry:  Blogging tips, SEO, Make money stuffs, WordPress tips and related topics.

I will also feature food bloggers, travel bloggers, music bloggers, etc. Porn and related topics please I will not deal with such. To know more about being featured, click here.

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Jan Verhoeff Shares How to Influence Your Niche

jan verhoeff

Did you ever wonder how to be the influencer in your niche? Often being an expert in whatever you do can be a stretch, when you start, but it doesn’t take long to figure out the secret, when you have some basic understanding of what that means.

At first, the process of becoming an influencer, or an expert in your niche, is a challenge, because you don’t have the presence to prove your claim.

However, with a little guidance from Jan Verhoeff, you’ll have that proof in a matter of weeks. She’ll walk you through the process in person, or you can purchase her book and learn as you read.

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Igert le Roux EXCELLENTLY reveals to us the little secret to succeed!

Igert le Roux

Welcome to yet another wonderful Thursday. Today, it’s all about a blogger here on my blog. Last week, we connected with John Vanderlaan. Of course, there were several others before John. Here is the list.

Blogging connects people. If you do it the right way, you are going to network with pretty nice folks all over the world. And if you treat it like a business, you are going to be able to pay your bills, go on vacation anywhere in the world, buy the car of your choice, build your dream house, etc.

But it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme! A lot of work has to be put in. Of course, it should be a business where you plan and strategize.

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