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We are moving on with our Thursday Series, helping you discover great minds in blogging and online business.

Last week, we were with Lily who teaches moms how to make money blogging in their first month. Today, we are taking our next flight to Douala in Cameroon where a smart lady has been hanging out and influencing the world.

I have had a couple of meetings and presentations with her and she’s just a cool lady to be with. You know that feeling when you are with someone who constantly makes sense in her sentences?

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Meet Tanyi Melvis of BlogToolsCorner

tanyi melvisTanyi is an online marketing consultant and digital strategist with 6+ years in marketing consulting, blogging and the creation of successful  go to market strategies.

She is the founder of blog tools corner, a blog dedicated to helping small business owners improve their businesses and lives.

She owns  a facebook group of about 28k members of bloggers around the world and is currently working as a lecturer and  a CMO for ITKamer. a software development company

She is also the founding partner of fop pro and winning journeys.  FOP Pro is  the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence website interaction system which helps small business owners profit from customers who abandon their websites.

And winning journeys is an incubating program designed to help high impact entrepreneurs hit the consistent $10k per month mark.

Tanyi started her blog as a platform to help promote the software products of the company she works for but it soon turned into a blog for small business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level and make it profitable.

Her works have impacted people and left them with impressions like the ones below:

tanyi melvis testimonials

Even though Tanyi is so successful now, it wasn’t always like this from the beginning. When she started online,she’ll work until 4am or even 5am some nights, trying to figure it all out…

Before she launched her blog, she was working behind the scenes and helping product launchers on JVZOO build landing pages, design their funnels, write copy and whole lot more

These experiences made her understand more, some of the digital marketing concepts she had learnt in school.

When she launched her blog, she had zero viewers the first months and made zero $0. These troubling stats pushed her to start her own facebook group.

She would reach out to 30 to 50 people a day asking them to join her group. Some responded while others didn’t. But this didn’t stop her. She did like that for some time and soon gathered 500 members.

Members in her facebook group talked a lot about how pinterest was a traffic gold mine, so she decided to focus her attention on pinterest.

This was a decision that changed her life.

Long story short, pinterest helped her grow the group further and brought a lot of readers to her blog. She made her first sale and things escalated from there.

She’s partnered with a lot of brand like Getresponse, cloudways etc that came in through her facebook group.

She’s helped more than 25k+ small business owners achieve results like ranking on google, making more money etc and she wouldn’t have been able to do all these without a community.

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How to be successful online

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