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I’m going to be featuring bloggers on my blog every week for free. I have been blogging since 2012 and getting much from blogging so I believe it’s time to give out too.

The featured slot is reserved for bloggers with something to offer my audience. Here are some of the qualification pointers:

  1. An active Pinterest presence with at least 100k monthly viewers.
  2. Save the pin below
  3. An active blog.
  4. A product or something to sell or offer my audience.
  5. You agree to follow me on Pinterest here, follow and join my group board here
  6. You agree to save your featured post (using the Pinterest Save button on the article) to Pinterest and promote on group boards

I will link directly to your blog home page and relevant articles. If your product has an affiliate program and I’m interested in it, I will join and use my affiliate link.

NB: This domain’s authority is 41 and climbing. Good for a nice free contextual backlink

Basically, I will be featuring bloggers in my industry – Blogging tips, SEO, Make money stuffs, WordPress tips and related topics.

I will also feature food bloggers, travel bloggers, music bloggers, etc. Porn and related topics please I will not deal with such.

NB: The reason of these featured posts is to allow you sell. If you are featured, feel free to really expose your products. Using affiliate links however is NOT ALLOWED.

NB: Show some love and link out to other bloggers in your featured post. Don’t only link to your articles.

See who has been featured here

Do you want to be featured? Send me a text on Pinterest after following me and the group board.


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how to get featured on EnstineMuki