How to Avoid Blogger Burnout with Amber Temerity

The year 2018 is near its end. So let’s brace up because next year (2019), we are going to overcome blogger burnout by all means.

We won’t end the year without me bringing on board someone strong enough to give us the much needed lift.

We are on the last featured blogger post of the year and this week’s blogger is just the right person with enough energy to usher us to 2019.

We’ve had Lily Ugbaja, Tanyi Melvis and many others. If you want to be featured, find details here.

Amber temerity featuredMeet Amber Temerity

Most bloggers quit within the first six months…or they quit, come back, quit, come back, quit, come back…sound familiar?

One blogger became all too familiar with that routine – Amber Temerity, blog mentor and owner of, has been blogging for nearly 20 years. That’s right, we’re talking way back when you had to know HTML or use Geocities to build your own site (and let’s not forget the fancy craze that were cursor tails and snow fall backgrounds!)

It wasn’t until she found herself struggling to make ends meet that she decided perhaps it was time to monetize. While she had a successful career working in Student Services at a local college, she wasn’t even clearing $3/hr after paying for daycare for her two young children.

So she launched the frugal living site Thrifty Guardian in the hopes of sharing her best tips on living a frugal lifestyle while also making a bit of “extra” money here and there; it was her dream to at least make enough to cover daycare costs.

Six months later, she was working from home full-time after having made more money in the first few months of 2016 than she would have in TWO years working at the college.

Amber Temerity

(If you’re curious about that story, be sure to check out how it was a cat that convinced her to quit her job!)

It hasn’t been an easy journey, though. As we said in the beginning, most bloggers quit – or at least think of quitting – within those first few months of really trying to make a go of it. This is especially true if you’re a work-at-home mom with two little ones!

Amber’s best tip to avoid blogger burn out?

Plan ahead!

In fact, that’s probably the best tip to monetizing your blog in general: you must be willing to sit down and map out what it is you want to accomplish. Whether you want to be someone making 5-figures with their own site or you simply want to start with ghostwriting as a side hustle, you have to take the time to develop a business plan just as you would with a brick-and-mortar.

It doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming, but it will take time. And that’s essential to avoiding burnout and staying upbeat while blogging – recognize that what you are building will in fact take time, patience, and optimism.

But if you can push forward and have faith in your ability to profit from your passions, you too can become your own boss and find the freedom you’ve only yet dreamt of.

It’s been almost three years since Amber Temerity quit her “9-5” to work from home full-time and while there have certainly been days in which she herself has bordered on burnout, there have been many more in which she’s been overjoyed to have the freedom that she does.

amber temerity family
And while she still makes a significant income through ThriftyGuardian, she also has multiple other revenue streams that have led to a six-figure business. Not only does she offer 1:1 programs as a blogging mentor, but she’s an expert in Pinterest and e-course creation — in just over 18 months, she’s had over 1,000 students successfully complete her course on automated marketing!

It’s an amazing thing to be able to not only profit from your own dreams, but to help others do the same.

Services - The Lunar Woman
And while Amber Temerity’s services are certainly well worth the investment (and then some!) she’s always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. The free value she provides is out of this world, so be sure to connect with her on your favorite platforms:

  • YouTube (free Pinterest tutorials!)
  • Facebook (free blogging tutorials!)
  • Pinterest (she averages nearly 1 MILLION monthly views there!)

Save on Pinterest:

how to overcome blogger burnout

14 thoughts on “How to Avoid Blogger Burnout with Amber Temerity”

  1. Hey Amber and Enstine,

    I do have to say that blogger burnout is totally real and anyone who’s looking for a quick growth formula needs to understand how much efforts blogging requires and why it’s a continuous growing process. Amber has a great advice on planning, persistence and finding the abilities to make blogging work. She also used different income streams to earn a living income and I guess, this is what I should be focusing on! Loved reading the post.


  2. I keep trying to respond to comments individually but it just jumps to the top and won’t let me! 🙁 Just know I read them all and I so appreciate every one of you taking the time to read this post! And of course thank you to Enstine for featuring me!!

  3. Planning is the great burnout dissolver guys. I am some 25 blog posts locked and loaded, ahead of schedule, as I write these words. At 3 posts a day, I am good to go for over a week. Easy way to dissolve anxiety and to keep blogging like a boss. Rocking tips!

  4. Blogger burnout is real and I’ve experienced that when I first started my blog. It’s so easy to read up anything related blogging and then get overwhelmed with the information. I have learned to take things in a little a time and work with a smaller to do list that can actually get completed.

  5. It is incredible to see another blogger highlighted on your website, Enstine, particularly one who has made and sold a course! That is one of my objectives for 2019 — to make and move courses! I really experienced blogger burnout throughout the previous two years. I realize it is a typical thing, thus I essentially decreased a bit on how regularly I posted new substance. Rather than posting two times every week, I will in general post 2-4 times each month. Modifying my timetable beyond any doubt made a difference!

  6. I actually suffered from blogger burnout for the last two years. I know it is a common thing, and so I simply cut back a bit on how often I posted new content.Keep up the good work & keep educating all of us with such great content.

  7. Hi Amber Temerity,

    So nice to read your story on Entsine’s blog. Till date, I can’t thank you enough for accepting to share a ton of value on my show.

    One of those factors that have helped me tremendously in blogging is planning ahead. And this statement “Failing to plan means planning to fail” is so true for me.

    I completely agree with you, planning is the most effective ways to avoid burnout.

  8. It is great to see another blogger featured on your site, Enstine, especially one who has created and sold a course!

    That is one of my goals for 2019 — to create and sell courses!

    I actually suffered from blogger burnout for the last two years. I know it is a common thing, and so I simply cut back a bit on how often I posted new content.

    Instead of posting twice a week, I tend to post 2-4 times a month. Altering my schedule sure helped! 🙂

  9. It is always a pleasure & motivational experience to read about modern-day bloggers. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with bloggers & video-bloggers. Some are good while others resemble money-making machines.

    Amber Temerity! Your story and expertise shared in this write up are truly commendable. You mentioned the genuine problems & their convenient solutions that we all face but lost our way to find the aptest solution.

    Keep up the good work & keep educating all of us with such great content.

  10. Hi Enstine,
    What a joy to read yet another amazing and dedicated blogger who underwent different ways in her blogging journey and decided not to quit.
    Good to read about her wonderful journey managing with two kids.
    I just visited all her link and found it amazing information, in fact, it is a knowledge mine indeed! Subscribed and surely bookmark her page to visit again.
    Thanks, Enstine for sharing such a lot of information about another blogger.
    Keep coming.
    Have a great time of sharing again.
    Wish both of you a wonderful and profitable New Year 2019
    ~ Phil

  11. Hi Enstine and Amber, Nice to meet you Amber. I’m looking forward to learning more about Pinterest from you. I see you have a massive amount of traffic there!
    I too went full time this year and I understand how one can get burnt out from blogging and working it long hours. It can be hard to walk away from the computer these days.
    I hope you both have a great day! Thanks Enstine for introducing us 🙂

  12. Wow, it is wonderful to read about core blogger Amber Temerity. It quite interesting reading about top bloggers, but am hoping to get featured one day ?, it gona make me feel great..

  13. Wow, it is wonderful to read about core blogger Amber Temerity. I have met and known to many bloggers who hardly are decade old, but reading interview of a blogger who is into this profession, when i was 10 year old only. My takeaway is automation e-course here and persistence. 🙂

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