Igert le Roux EXCELLENTLY reveals to us the little secret to succeed!

Welcome to yet another wonderful Thursday. Today, it’s all about a blogger here on my blog. Last week, we connected with John Vanderlaan. Of course, there were several others before John. Here is the list.

Blogging connects people. If you do it the right way, you are going to network with pretty nice folks all over the world. And if you treat it like a business, you are going to be able to pay your bills, go on vacation anywhere in the world, buy the car of your choice, build your dream house, etc.

But it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme! A lot of work has to be put in. Of course, it should be a business where you plan and strategize.

So back to meeting someone awesome!

Connect with Igert le Roux

Igert le RouxIgert was born and raised in South Africa. He lives with Dee, the love of his life and two dogs in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. This is a place where you can watch lions in the wild and see dolphins play in the surf on the same day.

He likes to travel and visited the USA as well as several countries in Europe.

Igert grew up at a time when politics were very much the dominant news of the day in the country. He went on to get a political science degree and became especially interested in political leaders and what it is that sets them apart from their followers. The study of politics and politicians taught him the value of belief in yourself and having people around who support you.

He loved to write and journalism seemed obvious as a career choice. Life took him on rollercoaster ride involving writing news for newspapers, magazine and radio.

He experienced anything and everything from reporting on age-old cave paintings deep inside a mountain to touring his country while reporting on a cycle race.

The cherry on the cake was becoming a lecturer in journalism.

This brought an in-depth understanding of the process of communication and the problems young people sometimes have to communicate forcefully. He realized that many of them lacked belief in themselves and saw how this kept them from realizing their full potential.

It was during this time that he began his online journey by writing articles for several websites and publications. Even though writing was in his blood he wanted more of a challenge and found it in online marketing. After all, what can be more challenging that getting involved in an industry where more than 90 percent of people fail?

He made the same mistakes everyone else did in his early efforts to succeed online by believing too many promises and buying too many products.

In 2015

Things changed for him when he got the services of a mentor. Suddenly he found perspective.

Through his blog he tries to create awareness that all the knowledge in the world plus excellent writing skills are not enough to bring success as an Internet marketer. Marketing takes place on an emotional level. Leaders in marketing, like leaders in politics believe in themselves. They are the ones who can touch emotions. Through their confidence they radiate an energy that can make magic happen.

It is this lesson that he uses as a point of departure in his training. You have to have self-belief and confidence to be a leader and become a bright star in the vast galaxy of the Internet. You must know the challenges of the online world and be willing to walk many extra miles to do what it takes to overcome them.

He believes the ingredients for a success recipe are:

  1. Start with the right mindset,
  2. Know the challenges of the world around you.
  3. Also know that you can overcome them. The human brain is the most powerful instrument there is. You have one.

You have no excuses.

  1. You only have to know one little secret. It is called the right attitude. If your attitude is “I want to” then you won’t. If your attitude is “I have to”, you will.
  2. Create good content that helps people. That is what leaders do and that is what will bring people back to your site.
  3. Make friends online. You need them and they need you.

Mixing these ingredients into real success starts with confidence. It ends with making the sale. The part in between is called determination and consistency.

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