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How Peter Beckenham can help you achieve real success!

This is another interesting Thursday. It’s the day to know more about someone super exciting. You probably have seen Peter around because he’s been very active on blogs in his industry. But today, I’m excited to give you some more information about him.

If you are reading this series for your first time, let me quickly let you know that on Thursdays, I write and publish personal materials about people I interact with. In the past, I have featured a good number of these awesome blogging friends so you can check the list here 


He Almost Got His Blog Deleted Because of This Shocking Reason

Have you ever been disconnected from your blog for more than one month?

How does it feel to be away for so long, to the extent that you don’t even visit your blog at all? I don’t really know about you but the truth is that I can’t even imagine myself staying for one whole week without hitting the publish button on my blog. I mean, it’s near impossible (except I’m on holidays).

Now, I understand this may sound kind of wired to you but my friend Theodore spent the last two years without looking at his blog, isn’t that preposterous? I know you are thinking this is crazy, but you need to hear what happened first before turning your eyes.


Ron Killian ~ From Underpaid Retail To Full Time Internet Marketer

The month of March is almost gone and I’m here again with someone worth knowing and connecting with. You know one beauty of blogging is the fact that we get to know people from all over the world. Blog commenting is the awesome blogging exercise that connects people.

On Thursdays, I reveal to you awesome bloggers and their blogs. After reading about them on my blog, step over to theirs, read and start commenting. Drop meaningful comments and your community will keep growing.


How to fund a comfortable retirement ~ Joy Healey can inspire you!

How to fund a comfortable retirement is the question everyone should answer before that age of retirement. As a matter of fact, if you fail to answer this inevitable question now, it may be too  late and of course, your retirement will be uncomfortable!

You agree with me that no one (including you) is ever willing to be broke during retirement. The only way to avoid retirement is death and no one on earth prays to die early. I’m sure most octogenariansnonagenarians and centenarians still pray to see the next day.

The featured blogger this week, in her story inspires you to look around and make sure you are building a solid foundation to stand on during retirement. She came after Kim Willis and Kimberly George.


Kim Willis ~ From Busted Baby Boomer to Digital Nomad

Finally, we just left February behind us and the new March is beginning on a good footing. What was awesome in February was the fact that I met more awesome bloggers. With time, I’ll talk to you about them so get ready 😉

Today, we have a baby boomer on board. We were both mentioned in Ryan’s book as 2 of the 27 influential Bloggers You Need to Follow.

We know the cornerstone of blogging is connecting with influential bloggers in your niche so Ryan did a great job of putting together some of the most recommended bloggers you need to check out. Be sure to download your copy of his ebook.


How to Build an Impactful Online Presence with Kim George – YourChicGeek

The month of February 2016 is  seeing its last days and I’m here with the second featured blogger of the year. She’s coming after Ikechi Awazie and I’m happy you are going to meet someone of substance today.

In the past, I have had the excitement to feature over 30 must-meet bloggers. While I’m glad these are my awesome peeps, I want to give you the opportunity to meet and connect with them too. Check out the list here

If you’re starting a business and are struggling to use the web to grow your company and attract clients… then our blogger today — YourChicGeek is your girl.