Meet John Vanderlaan ~ See Why I will keep featuring bloggers!

John Vanderlaan

I took a break but I’ back!

Every Thursday, I talk about someone here (I mean on this blog). For the past couple of weeks, I went on a short break. But my Thursday series will never completely die out. The simple reason is that there are lots of awesome bloggers out there and I’ll keep talking to you about them.

These are not just people picked under a bridge. They are wonderful boys and girls you should connect with. My excitement is the fact that they are my friends. I know you can gain something hanging out with them.

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This is Not The End and You can Accomplish Great Things!

ELi Seekins

It hurts. You’ve been working so hard. You’re tired. Will it even pay off? Is it even worth it?

I know it’s tough. I know you want to quit sometimes. But this is not the end. Don’t give up hope. All your hard work is going to pay off.

It just takes time.

Show up every day, and one day you’ll realize — you’ve reached your goal.

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How Peter Beckenham can help you achieve real success!

peter beckenham

This is another interesting Thursday. It’s the day to know more about someone super exciting. You probably have seen Peter around because he’s been very active on blogs in his industry. But today, I’m excited to give you some more information about him.

If you are reading this series for your first time, let me quickly let you know that on Thursdays, I write and publish personal materials about people I interact with. In the past, I have featured a good number of these awesome blogging friends so you can check the list here 

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He Almost Got His Blog Deleted Because of This Shocking Reason

Theodore Nwangene

Have you ever been disconnected from your blog for more than one month?

How does it feel to be away for so long, to the extent that you don’t even visit your blog at all? I don’t really know about you but the truth is that I can’t even imagine myself staying for one whole week without hitting the publish button on my blog. I mean, it’s near impossible (except I’m on holidays).

Now, I understand this may sound kind of wired to you but my friend Theodore spent the last two years without looking at his blog, isn’t that preposterous? I know you are thinking this is crazy, but you need to hear what happened first before turning your eyes.

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