How to Pin to Profit: Featuring McKinzie Bean

It’s new year and I’m excited to be here again to feature another problogger, someone with something for you. Someone with some solid material to help you pin to profit.

This is our first featured blogger post of the year and trust me, I have a long list of awesome persons. The reason I’m doing this is to give you the opportunity to connect with yet another savvy blogger.

Don’t just read or skim this article. Treat is as a business piece. Read carefully, contact the blogger featured and engage.

In the past, we’v had Lily UgbajaTanyi Melvis, Amber Temerity and many others

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As the awesomeness continues, today, I have a huge dose of excitement to bring McKinzie to the scene.

Say hello to McKinzie Bean

McKinzie is the owner of the sites and She’s had the entrepreneur bug ever since she was a child and in adulthood has launched six profitable businesses.

However, some of those businesses weren’t created by choice.

Right before McKinzie had her first baby in early 2015 and prepared to be a stay at home mom, her husband’s pay was drastically cut and for a year layoffs loomed over their family. In that first year as a stay at home mom McKinzie started three businesses to help offset their finances. Now McKinzie loves teaching other moms how they can make money from home.

McKinzie has been blogging for over 6.5 years and now teaches other bloggers how they can launch a blog and make money from home too. McKinzie has a super in-depth course that outlines exactly how to start a profitable blog called Mom Blogging Mentor.

mom blog mentorIt includes a 170-page ebook, 20 video-based lessons, premium stock photos and more all for under $50.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]You can check out here course here.[/thrive_link]

In working online McKinzie knows the value of always testing strategies. To show her readers how to use Pinterest to quickly drive traffic to a new blog she launched the site Today Mommy, a pregnancy and parenting blog.

She was able to get over 20k pageviews to the site in its first month using a brand new Pinterest account. She outlined the entire process here in her case study for beginner bloggers.

[code]McKinzie recommends that all new bloggers start their journey with Pinterest.[/code]

Other traffic strategies like SEO can take six months to a year to start seeing results, where with Pinterest the results are relatively instant.

Here are a few tips from McKinzie to quickly get Pinterest traffic to your site:

1 – Visuals are HUGE on Pinterest 

Make sure that you are using bright high-quality images with big bold text. Low-quality images get fewer clicks and repins which signals to Pinterest that it is a bad pin and they eventually stop showing it.

There are lots of great places to get free stock photos for bloggers like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, if you aren’t confident yet in taking your own photos.

For design, she likes to create Pinterest graphics in Canva. It is a free tool and has tons of templates you can use or you can make your own template to use over and over again.

2 – Focus On Pinterest SEO

Like Google, Pinterest is also a search engine. You can get quick traffic to your posts when you pin your images, but for a long-term strategy, you need to focus on Pinterest SEO.

Recommended: Google SEO Vs Pinterest SEO – 5 Pinterest Ranking Factors included!

Now, don’t be scared it isn’t as bad as it seems. You just need to be intentional with your titles and descriptions to ensure that your keyword is in the right places. Place keywords in your blog post title, your pin description and remember to save your pins to the most relevant boards first (this helps signal to Pinterest what the pin is about).

3 – Be Consistent

Pinterest likes to see pinners that follow the same pinning patterns. If you are pinning a TON of content on Saturday’s but then not pinning much during the rest of the week you aren’t going to get great results.

Some people prefer to do manual pinning, but with her busy schedule, she uses a scheduler. Now that she knows how to use Tailwind, she is able to pin much faster and have a consistent stream of pins being pinned every day.

For more Pinterest strategy tips you can join over 6,000 other bloggers in McKinzie’s free Pinterest course for five days of detailed Pinterest education or to become a Pinterest pro you can check out McKinzie’s premium five-course Pinterest bundle, Pin to Profits.

pin to profit

In Pin to Profits, you will learn how to,

  • Build a solid Pinterest foundation
  • Schedule Pins with ease
  • Master Pinterest affiliate marketing
  • Develop Pinterest sales funnels
  • & Scale your business with Promoted Pins

This is the most thorough Pinterest course on the market with over 90 lessons, videos, and worksheets.

Ready to get started?

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NB: Price will be increased  mid-January. So jump on board now before the increase

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10 thoughts on “How to Pin to Profit: Featuring McKinzie Bean”

  1. Hi McKinzie,

    Great to see you here on Enstine’s site.

    I’m obsessed with Pinterest, and how much new things we learn about this wonderful platform every other day. It’s good to learn from people like you who have had great success with Pinterest. The reason I do recommend Pinterest too is that it DEFINITELY gets results! Whether it’s about traffic, leads or conversions – Pinterest is the go-to tool.


  2. Mckinzie is super wise when it comes to pinterest. I took her free pinterest course years back and Pinterest has always been the biggest traffic driver to my blogs since then.

  3. I have heard many people talking about how good Pinterest is for growing your business.

    I tried it over and over again but I just could not understand how it could help.

    About a month ago I then read a blog post from a guy who now has over 185k viewers on Pinterest and decided to look into it again and put extra effort in understanding it.

    I could not believe it when I saw that my pins were viewed 2,000 times after only 1 week of creating my account. That really motivated me to keep going!

    Pinterest is now one of my favourite social media platforms and I shall keep on promoting my blog there 🙂


  4. Hi Enstine,
    Pinterest is one of the many things missing from the SEO as well as traffic generation strategies for my blog. Although I do pin my articles. But they do not generate as much traffic as expected. I will definitely be checking this ebook out.
    Vineet Saxena

  5. Enstine, I recognize McKinzie’s name from Elna Cain’s group. 🙂

    I am glad to see you are having success with Pinterest. I’m going to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon this year! (I have an account already, but I want to grow it!)

    McKinzie, it’s great to meet you. I love Elna and her group, Mom to Mompreneur, on Facebook! 🙂 See you around!

  6. I think Pinterest has huge traffic potential and can’t wait to really master it. But I understand that to make it on Pinterest, you need to have beautiful pins… which I can’t create.
    I tried and it takes me half an hour to make one. I guess I need to practice.

    Thanks Enstine, for forcing the Pinterst topic so much. You may actually convince me to give it a serious shot

  7. Hi McKinzie,

    Great to meet you here on Enstine’s place.

    I’m using Pinterest for one of my niche sites and it is so true, that we have to be consistent pinners. If we do it here and there, we won’t gain followers. Also it doesn’t show up as well.

    I too, like to make my images on Canva. I do love sharing others in the same niche site and all is going great.

    Thanks so much for this informative article,


  8. I used a Pinterest strategy on my blog with much success. All my stats were on the up, but getting the best out of Pinterest requires patience and as you said: consistency. Well I didn’t have much of both when it came to Pinterest so I stopped.

    As expected, everything dried up, including the traffic I was getting from Pinterest. Lesson learned? Be consistent, it will pay off in the long run.

  9. Hey
    Awesome share.!!!!!!!!
    Really amazing article.
    It’s helped me a lot.
    I have been searching for such an informative post for many days and it seems my search just ended here. Good work. Keep posting.
    Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to learning more from this blog.
    Keep blogging.

  10. It was nice learning something new from McKinzie Bean.

    I will love to Build a solid Pinterest foundation while Scheduling Pins with ease.

    Mastering Pinterest affiliate marketing will be an awesome one for 2019.

    The goal is to Scale my business with Promoted Pins.

    Amazing content, Enstine. #itsallisay

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