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    25 Top Black WordPress Themes

    Black WordPress Themes

    Do you like black WordPress themes? Do you like black color? Not sure?

    Let’s check it with a small simple test. Do you have at least one black thing in your wardrobe? We believe that you have more than one. Why you choose black even if its not your favorite color? The answer is obvious: it is suitable for any occasion and combinatorial almost with all rainbow colors. Black always looks elegant, expensive and classy. So, if these characteristics are important for your future website, you came very close to great solution, which will free your mind from all doubts and hesitations. Continue reading


    11 ways to write in-depth articles that attract Backlinks!

    write in-depth articles

    Have you heard that you have to write in-depth articles that will cause readers to link to and attract Google? We have been told that in-depth articles are sure ways to get backlinks and rank higher in search engines and that’s true.

    If you’ve read a bit about hummingbird update, you will understand that it’s Google’s step forwards towards rewarding in-depth contents with a much more higher ranking on the SERPS.

    What is in-depth by the way ?

    In-depth means complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial. It’s comprehensive and thorough, including nearly or all elements or aspects of something.

    Continue reading


    How to treat your blog like a business!

    treat your blog like a business

    One of the things we hear so often on the blogosphere is to ‘treat your blog as a business’. Now, this does not mean you should go enroll in some business management course. It simply summarizes that you should be a little more organized and give your blog a more professional touch.

    Treating your blog as a real business is a solid advice assuming you want or plan to generate income from your blog. Like any other business online or offline, there are principles of success that must be followed. Let’s look at a few basic things you need to be a business blogger; Continue reading


    Make More Money Blogging ~ 3 Evergreen Methods Revealed!

    make more money blogging

    You can still make more money blogging. Yes! I know you make some money. What if I show you some more little tricks to increase your earnings as a blogger?

    In this post, I gave some tips on how to choose the right flexible theme so you can be dynamic in placing money making objects on your blog. In another post, I discussed in more details 15 different ways bloggers make money.  To add to this, I created another post on how social proof can be leveraged to generate more earnings on your blog.

    The truth is, at every moment, there is always something you can do to boost income. Don’t stick to the old fashioned method and expect your bank account to swell. Continue reading


    9 ways to leverage social proof and boost your income

    social proof thumbnail

    Social proof is a strong income factor. With a solid social proof, any attempt to make money from your blog will yield fruits.

    In this post, we are looking at how social proof can boost your income and put more money in your pocket.

    Often, when we hear social proof, we think social media. That’s not completely correct. It goes far beyond social media. Social proof is all around us even offline. However, I’m not going into the offline side of it. We are looking at it as bloggers. Continue reading


    Search Engine and Referral Traffic – Which converts better ?

    Search Engine Referral Direct Traffic

    There are three main sources of traffic to your blog and you need the three. However, in this post, I will dwell more on two. Here are the three, to begin with;

    1 – > Search engine traffic
    2 – > Referral traffic
    3 – > Direct Traffic

    Search engine traffic is of course traffic from search engines. I’ll cover some more tips to get more of this traffic below

    Direct traffic is traffic from direct visits to your blog – this happens when someone types your domain name in the address bar. Some people consider traffic from bookmarks, links in ebooks and emails as direct traffic. Continue reading