Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015 – 80% Off Hosting

Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015! Get up to 80% OFF ALL new hosting packages and $2.99 .net & .com domains.

It’s an exciting black Friday and Cyber Monday at Hostgator this year 2015. The WebHosting giant has decided to chop off a huge portion of its web hosting and domain name prices. Up to 80% discount for premium web hosting service is something that can make an old man shout.

Note however that this year,  the giant in the web hosting industry has decided to make it an interesting game. From Friday, November 27th to Monday November 30th, there will be both Surprise FLASH SALES (80% OFF) and Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales (67% OFF)

For the surprise Flash Sales, different discount codes have been generated to be active only during specific hours. I have published all the coupons here so you don’t miss out on any.

Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015 – FLASH SALES 80% Off Hosting!

Note that these Flash sales coupons have been generated and scheduled for different hours during the black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Go to HostGator Here!



Sale Details: 80% off all new Hosting plus $2.99 .com & .net Domains

  • 12am – 1am CST, discount coupons is FRIFLASH1
  • 6am – 7am CST, discount coupons is FRIFLASH2
  • 10am – 11am CST, discount coupons is FRIFLASH3
  • 3pm – 4pm CST, discount coupons is FRIFLASH4
  • 5pm – 6pm CST, discount coupons is FRIFLASH5

  Go apply the discount code here!



Sale Details: 80% off all new Hosting plus $2.99 .com & .net Domains

  • 3am – 4am CST, discount coupons is  SATFLASH1
  • 12pm – 1pm CST, discount coupons is SATFLASH2
  • 6pm – 7pm CST, discount coupons is SATFLASH3

  Go apply the discount code here!



Sale Details: 80% off all new Hosting plus $2.99 .com & .net Domains

  • 2am – 3am CST, discount coupons is SUNFLASH1
  • 11am – 12pm CST, discount coupons is SUNFLASH2
  • 8pm – 9pm CST, discount coupons is SUNFLASH3

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Sale Details: 80% off all new Hosting plus $2.99 .com & .net Domains

  • 2am – 3am CST, discount coupons is MONFLASH1
  • 8am – 9am CST, discount coupons is MONFLASH2
  • 12pm – 1pm CST, discount coupons is MONFLASH3
  • 3pm – 4pm CST, discount coupons is MONFLASH4
  • 8pm – 9pm CST, discount coupons is MONFLASH5

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Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015 :

All weekend (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales)

Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015

Here are black Friday/cyber Monday sales promotion schedules.

Sale Details: 65% off all new Hosting plus $5.99 .com & .net Domains

  • Coupon Code: BF2015
  • Sale Starts: Friday, November 27th at 12am CST
  • Sale Ends: Friday, November 27th at 11:59pm CST

Sale Details: 65% off all new Hosting plus $5.99 .com & .net Domains

  • Coupon Code: SMB2015
  • Sale Starts: Saturday, November 28th at 12am CST
  • Sale Ends: Saturday, November 28th at 11:59pm CST

Sale Details: 65% off all new Hosting plus $5.99 .com & .net Domains

  • Coupon Code: SUN2015
  • Sale Starts: Sunday, November 29th at 12am CST
  • Sale Ends: Sunday, November 29th at 11:59pm CST

Sale Details: 65% off all new Hosting plus $5.99 .com & .net Domains

  • Coupon Code: CM2015
  • Sale Starts: Monday, November 30th at 12am CST
  • Sale Ends: Monday, November 30th at 11:59pm CST

  Go apply the discount code here!

Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015 – Why HostGator?

HostGator is a premium web hosting service provider with years of experience and over 9000,000 domains hosted.

During the past years, they have proven to be up to the task, upgrading and updating their services. With an excellent live support services and the ongoing Black Friday promotion, there is reason to give it a try.

Here are some more reasons I recommend you check out HostGator;

  • This blog is hosted on HostGator. HostGator has been my host since 2008 and I have had no major or unresolved issue. I have shared hosting, reseller account and dedicated servers with hostgator for my local web hosting business!
  • You have a 45-day money back guarantee. What this means is if within the next 45 days from the day of purchase you don’t fine value with their hosting services, just ask for a refund.
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Weebly SiteBuilder and Website Building Tools
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer
  • 52 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with few clicks
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer

 Time to benefit from the Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015.

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  1. Owning hosting at HostGator is probably a great pleasure for me, because the registration policy, their verification is too complicated. I had to struggle to register successfully hosting package.

  2. Hostgator is one of the best hosting providers. I am also planning to promote this product. Inspired by you. 😀

  3. Hey Enstine,
    There are lot’s of blogger’s who are finding affordable and good web hosting company with low hosting cost. That’s a good news for them.
    Also, Hostgator has a good reputation. There is also less downtime as compared to another web hosting websites. Anyone can choose this hosting service without any hesitates.

    Many Thanks!!!

  4. One of the efficient way to get some new domain and hosing to low price, thanks for shared and details of Hostgator, and this kind of information is more useful for us as Blogger.

  5. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Hostgator is really very awesome hosting company in the world and I am still love them because their support are very good and thanks Enstine for sharing Hosgator coupon code with us.

    Hope you will get good commission from your hard work.

    Best Regards:
    Areesha Noor!

  6. Hi,

    Hostgator is one of the best hosting provider. I am also promoting their product. So far made 5 sales. Plan to make atleast 15 by tomorrow.

    All the best.


  7. Hello Sir,
    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hey Enstine,

    Do you remember I bought the same Hostgator Hosting in 2015 this time only and you will not believe I had purchased it for 3 years. Till now I have never face any downtime, which make me recommend others to buy same hosting.

    As Hostgator provide biggest discount one time and that’s on Black Friday.

    Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards

  9. Great post, this Hostgator black Friday/ Cyber Monday coupon 2015 is the year-end gift to all bloggers and web developers. Hostgator is the best hosting company, it is the best time and great opportunity to all bloggers to get hosting to their blogs with great 80% offers. This post is useful to all and it help to know more details of offers on plans they provide. The black Friday/cyber Monday sales promotion schedules are explained clearly about it. Thanks posting such nice article, Kee posting like this Coupons.

  10. Hey Enstine

    I had to check out that commentluv link. Hey, I showed up on a browser with a Alexa toolbar this time. Have some Alexa juice, LOL. #37,297 Okay, I think you’re doing pretty good there anyhow.

    I just changed my hosting plan last week, migrated the site and paid for a year. Under how to stay out of trouble did you list the reason I changed plans? Which was I didn’t originally intend on, or even know of WordPress and I got Windows server hosting.

    Then 4 months latter realized I wanted a blog, found out about WordPress and loaded it up on Windows hosting. Want some serious problems, put WordPress on a Windows server. Well, now it is on managed WordPress hosting, on Linux and supposedly can handle up to 500,000 users a month. Only 490,000 and change and hey, I am there!

    Will you have coupons for leasing a server? I can dream, right?

    • Hey James,
      My Alexa was down to 19k before I got so busy offline and that brought it up to where it is now 😉

      lol WordPress on Windows shouldn’t be a good idea. I agree you will run into trouble with a lot of things.

      Yeah 500000 monthly readers is quite a huge number and I’m far from that point now. Hope to get there some day soon 😉

      Hmmm I think these coupons apply to Hostgator dedicated servers too or do you have any company you are hoping to work with?

      BTW, I sent you an email about CommentLuv Black Friday Coupon. Did you get it?

      • I just hate to change off GoDaddy because although they aren’t the fastest, they aren’t the cheapest, my site load speed now that I worked with it a bit is down to 1.1 seconds. It was sitting at like 2.5 this morning.

        But Google is still not happy, cause you know it could be absolutely mobile friendly, which it is and load really fast, and 1.1 seconds is pretty good, but Google doesn’t talk about how fast it is, it talks about the errors that are still there, and on WordPress, you know there are things we don’t even have control over that needs to be there, and Google is tell you to fix it. Anyhow, beside the point.

        My hosting is GoDaddy and that support staff has just been incredible for me. Not even including the other 30 plus calls they helped me with perfectly, helped me with WordPress with their WordPress support people when I wasn’t even on WordPress hosting and didn’t charge me.

        Then when I needed to migrate my site, the support tech did everything, checked everything and inside of two hours I was off that Window server and on Linux and WordPress Hosting. I didn’t have to touch a thing except reset my emails addresses, activate the new SSL certificate and put that code on there and cancel the old hosting. All done. I wrote those hosting support people a whole post on them on how good they have been. And I am not a affiliate. There is no ad on the post. Its just a appreciation post on my site. Whatever the Hosting company is compared to others, I don’t know. But GoDaddy has really worked over its support system and they are they are just bloody fantastic.

        So I got kind of a loyalty thing going on at the moment with them, because they have probably spent many times the amount of money in really excellent technical time with me. Way more then anything they ever made off me. I have been treated by them like I am leasing 10 servers on support.

        When I actually have to upgrade to a server though, if and when that happens, this story could change and maybe they could be wanting to hit my wallet rather large. Till I see that though, they are treating me like I am their only customer on the support end.

        Don’t want to make a whole comment, but on the comment luv thing. Have I ever got an idea for a post. Oh, this one is just going to blow your mind. Probably take me 10 days to write it, but yah, blow your mind. This post centered around comment luv should be my best ever. And your on line number one there buddy when it publishes.

        • Wow you’ve had good times there with Godaddy, James.

          I started my local webhosting company buying domains from them. I even had some sites hosted there but their webmail was a hell created for Africans. It was too heavy and too slow so I plugged my client off to Hostgator.

          I agree Godaddy is a big game player. Brian of blogEngage used to host with them. I don’t know about it now but he used to be quite pleased with their services.

          I’m happy you too are so let’s hope this kind of service continues

          Oh yes I’ll be excited to check out that commentluv post. 10 days? Looks like you are writing another Bible 😉

          • Hey Enstine

            Yah, 10 days, but there is a whole lot of researching and writing going on in that 10 days. It will be a top 10 Comment Luv Bloggers type article. Not the actual name, just kind of a teaser.

            So you can kind of engage that idea of what would go possibly go into one of my treatise type post where I arrive at what is the Top 10 to me. Just how many different aspects of what equates to being in a top 10 position. Site power, blogging ability, niche, friendliness factor toward new commenters. Oh, the ability to even add a article they are in with comment luv to their own site on a similar post.

            Oh, yah, its a very positive article. It will just be curious to see which 10 end up in it. I know of 1 so far. I am going looking for the other 9.

          • Enstine

            You can get off your knees man, lol, like you would be on them to be referenced in a PR0 new blog site anyhow, LOL. But give me even a year at this and I bet I have seriously nasty domain authority for a year of blogging. The way Google is treating PR anymore I might never get ranking.

            Of course you’re on the top 10 list. You’re the only one so far on the list and you are going to be in the number one spot no matter what I find out there, since without you this subject, this post which will start off all about Andy and the plugin, then shift to that top 10 list and what they do that makes them top 10 to me, which yes, is subjective. But one thing is not subjective. Every one of them will be statistically analyzed which isn’t subjective. What they blog about and how good I think they are is very subjective.

            But since every one of them on that preliminary list will have been read and commented on at least 3 times and approved, hmm, there comes that issue of those that want more then 3. Well, they are out if they are sticking to that number of 10. Then the issue of whether they approve a comment luv link to a post positively referencing them as one of those top 10. Since that is the post, that would be a rather big issue. Allowing a comment luv link to my post they wrote about comment luv and if they are a top comment luv blogger, they wrote at least one of them.

            You’re already number 1 and staying there. Now the question is, who are the other 9 and once in the post and directly linked, will lack of a link to it in a comment section cause them to be removed from that top 10 list and replaced with another?

            This is very off topic to your hostgator post by the way. So if you read it and trash it, it certainly won’t hurt my feelings at all. I don’t want to negatively effect your ranking ability by talking about one subject that has nothing to do with the topic of the post. This is just more directed at you, since you got me all fired up about comment luv what I am planning. And oh yah, I wrote a long one about this on Andy’s blog also what I am planning and invited him to email me a list of suggestions, since Google is returning a whole lot of post from people that don’t even use the plugin, suggesting that others go to comment luv blogs to get links.

    • Hey BossTechy,

      If you are still unable to got bluehost discount coupon, then I would suggest you to search for Bluehost Black Friday Discount Coupon on Google you will find many over there not only that you will get various discount offers as well.

      Best Regards
      ~ Suprabhat

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