Paypal Cameroon 2020 ~ Read this first before Creating your account!

I have read many misleading articles about PayPal Cameroon. But I think I have the obligation to clear things up, plus help you with steps to create and activate your Paypal Account for Cameroon.

Before the end of this post, there is a FAQ section where I answer many questions related to creating and owning a verified PayPal Account being in third-world country. Be sure to read through.

PayPal finally arrived in Cameroon, Nigeria, and some other African Countries, excluding Ghana. Though this first phase looks like a half-baked cake, it is still useful to Cameroonians who want to do online Payments. In addition, if you’re looking for software to ease the billing process through invoice templates and automate the entire process, EZBILLING360 is the tool to resort to.

Internet users in Cameroon have been wishing for this expected move from PayPal years ago. This expansion, therefore, seems to be meeting a pressing need.

Though it’s now easy to sign up for paypal from Cameroon, there is still a limit…

Paypal is being very careful as it moves in slow steps. This first phase of coverage will only enable Cameroonians make Payments online – no reception or withdrawal possibility yet.

What this means is you can’t receive payment or transfer funds from your Cameroonian Paypal account to any Bank Account anywhere in the world. So for the moment, money is moving in one direction -> out of Cameroon.

I have helped so many Cameroonians pay and buy stuffs online. So if you are just on the buying end, you are surely covered. The only thing you need is a Debit/Credit card from a local Bank to verify your Paypal Account and fund your buying transactions.

Most recommended prepared card is the UBA Africard. This helps you verify your Paypal account and buy more stuffs online. I’m also currently using my ECOBANK VISA card with smiles. So if you are in Cameroon and happy about the new development, go get UBA Africard, BICCEC VISA, Afriland VISA, ECOBANK VISA,  etc to be complete.

Paypal Cameroon is still limited!

You cannot fund your Cameroonian Paypal account.

While this does not seem to be a big problem, it is a serious limitation. Without any bank account attached to your Cameroonian Paypal account, funding your account is practically impossible. With your debit/credit card linked, Paypal only serves as a middleman. The funds actually don’t get stored in your Paypal account.

When you make a buying transaction, your card is debited and funds sent straight to the seller, with no deposit in your paypal.

Here is what happens…

  • You create a free Paypal Cameroon account.
  • Verify your account with a Debit/credit card from local source.
  • Deposit funds in your card.
  • Then do payments through Paypal.

Paypal will bypass your Paypal account balance, collect funds from your card and do the payment on your behalf.

How to create a paypal account in Cameroon

One of the things Paypal has succeeded to do is simplify the signup process. Some of these merchant platforms make things really hard. But Paypal has completely delt with unnecessary long signup forms and complex verification processes.

Step 1: To create a paypal account in cameroon, first, go to Paypal Cameroon website here and click the Signup button:

how to sign up for paypal

This will bring up the next page where you fill a simple form and submit. The instructions are quite simple to follow. (Note that the page you see might be different from this)

Step 2: Then fill the simple signup form:

Signup to paypal

Select your language (French or English). If you miss this at this point, you will still be able to do some changes from within your account.

Step 3: Click the “Next” button and follow the instructions

From my experience, you don’t need any specific paypal cameroon login page. Just go to same page and you’ll be able to login.

How to verify your Paypal Cameroon account

A verified Paypal account is an account that has no limit on amount transacted within a month.  While to verify a US Paypal account is still a hard task, verifying a Paypal Cameroon account is very simple.

To completely lift the limit on any US account, you need to validate your address  (provide utility bills), ID (provide ID card, Passport, Drivers License) , attache a bank account, link a credit card, submit your social security number, etc. You see this is quite of a job.

paypal cameroonTo verify your Paypal Cameroon account, go to Paypal Cameroon website and create a free account. Next, add your debit/credit card. Follow Paypal instructions to confirm the card. That’s all you need.

Most of my blog readers are from US, India, Nigeria, etc. I know Indians have issues too with Paypal and Payoneer. I wrote about it in this post.

How to attach a credit/debit card to your Cameroon Paypal account

I mentioned above you can get a card from any of your local banks (Not micro-finance institutions). Common cards are VISA and Mastercard. Using a local ATM card issued by some financial institutions may not work.

On your dashboard, click the “Link a Card” button:

link card to Paypal

On the page that follows, carefully enter your card information:

  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • Security code
  • Card type and
  • Billing address.

Note that an expired card will not be allowed.

Paypal will then attempt connecting and charging your card with a small amount, usually under 1000FCFA.hat means you will need to have some money in your account before successfully attaching it.

If there are no funds in your card or some entered data is incorrect, you will have an error message.

NB: You will need to have access to your card’s transaction history to complete the process. Attaching the card is one thing. Activating it is yet another.

Paypal normally creates an entry on your card’s transaction history table with a unique code. That code will be required to finally activate the card.

If you do not have access to your card’s transaction history table, please contact your card dealer.

Other Merchant option for Cameroon?

The simple truth is that there’s been a lot of tech changes since those early days. Today, Cameroonians have other online payment options than Paypal.

A simple search will reveal quite a number of institutions that provide online business facilities. You may want to quickly take a look at 2checkout or Payoneer as alternatives to Paypal Cameroon.

The good thing is that these merchants still allow your buyers to pay with their paypal accounts while your funds are transferred to your Card or local bank account.

Some Paypal Cameroon commonly asked questions (FAQs)

I get to be asked so many questions by Cameroonians who wish to rely on Paypal for online transactions. The latest I got before editing this post was from a guy who wanted to receive $700 from a client out of the country.

I remember a pastor friend struggling to receive donations from faithfuls allover the world. It’s been a difficult step given that most of his worldwide Christians are heavy Paypal users. Here are some questions:

Q: Can I create a paypal account being in Cameroon?

A: Yes you can create your Cameroonian Paypal account to make payments online

Q: Can I attache my Paypal account to a bank account in Cameroon?

A: No. This isn’t possible at the moment of writing this article

Q: Can I receive money in my Cameroon Paypal Account?

A: At this point I’m writing, this isn’t possible. You can only make payment, which is a serious issue

Q: What are the currencies I can use? Is FCFA available?

A: FCFA or XAF is not a digital currency on the Paypal system. If you are making payments, you have two currencies available: American USD and EURO. But at the receiving end, there is a longer list of currencies available.

Q: How can I fund my account to make payment?

A: Funding your Paypal Cameroon account isn’t required. It’s just a bridge between your debit/credit card and your merchant. No funds are stored in the account.

Q: What happens in the case of a refund. Does Paypal not deposit the funds in my online account?

A: I haven’t had this experience before. But my guess is the system will rout the funds back to its source, usually the credit card funding source.

Q: What about using Paypal and Payoneer Card?

A: You can attache your Payoneer card to your Paypal account (At least it worked the last time I checked) but you won’t be able to withdraw to it.

Q: What about using Paypal and Payqin virtual card

A: Payqin is a virtual card system developed for African. It goes with MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. You can simply top-up your account using these two carriers, powered by MonetBil. However, my Payqin virtual card was rejected by Paypal.

Q: Are there APIs to integrate Paypal Cameroon in my app?

A: No APIs available at the moment for receiving funds

Q: What about using my Cameroon account with freelance platforms like Fiverr, freelancer, etc

A: You can use your Paypal account in Cameroon to buy services on these platform. You won’t however be able to receive funds

Q: What does Cameroon Paypal account does like?

A: Here below is a screenshot of a typical Cameroonian paypal account at the moment of writing:

cameroon paypal account

From the menu items, you can already perceive what you can do with your account:

  • Summary: Your account dashboard
  • Activity: Just a brief historique of your recent transaction
  • Send Payment: This takes to you the function that allows you to send money
  • Wallet: Simply lets you see your attached bank cards and of course allows you to link more cards
  • Offers: Paypal suggested offers with discounts
  • Help: For help
Q: How to receive money from paypal Cameroon

A: Many Cameroonians have constantly asked me how to withdraw paypal in Cameroon or how to receive paypal payments in cameroon. Of course the simple answer is that it’s not possible for now. Let’s hope paypal does in the few years ahead.

Q: Are there paypal banks in Cameroon ?

A: There are no Paypal banks in Cameroon at the moment. That simply explains why we here can’t withdraw paypal money.



I’d like to hear from you in the comment box. If you are Cameroonian, let me know what you think about Paypal Cameroon. If you are from a different country, tell us your experience.

And for my friends in Nigeria, how are you guys moving with this new development?

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  1. Can money live a bank acouny or a credit/debit card out of Cameroon, to a credit/debit card or bank account in Cameroon?

  2. Thanks for the write up

    So if PayPal Cameroon doesn’t receive funds at the moment, how can I receive my payment from companies that pay only via PayPal?


  3. Hello Enstine, Thanks for this article.

    I tried to create an 2Checkout Account but, it told me that Cameroon is not currently supported by 2Checkout.

    So, please, how did you do to sign up at 2Checkout?

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. Am impressed by this first move of PayPal. If the first step is made a second one can be made, now we can purchase online and pay via PayPal and they have carefully configured the system for us. With a valid debit or credit card you are good to go, let’s move on with much expectations from PayPal in the months/years ahead.

  5. Thanks for the info sir… I wish to know if I can access my paypal account and send money from mt PayPal account to another without a credit card verification

  6. Thank you very much for this article Enstine, I have long sought a way to withdraw or receive money from a Paypal account in Cameroon but now I know that it is simply not possible

  7. Thanks again for the heads up bro. I will love to find out this from you.

    Let’s take for instance am an affiliate partner to a company that pays commissions only through PayPal.

    What happens with my commissions when paid to my linked credit card. Do I receive it in my bank account through the linked card or what.

    Thanks in adv.

  8. Thanks a million bro. Have been searching as well to see if withdrawals can be done in Cameroon and other African countries and your post made my day.

    Keep it up!


  9. Thanks for your wonderful research and educating write ups.
    Its really frustrating when one has online transactions and cannot execute them because one cannot withdraw through PayPal. And most business opportunities online accept only PayPal as a means of payment to the clients.

    I personally hope and long for PayPal’s full services in Cameroon. I’m missing a lot of opportunities online.

    Thanks again for the platform Enstine

  10. Merci pour l’article très détaillé… Peut-on quand meme savoir quand est-ce que paypal nous permettra de recevoir de l’argent ?

  11. Thanks alot sir for the great and educating write-up .Am in Cameroon and need PayPal for online payments.Which card will you advise me to obtain for this purpose?.

  12. hello Enstine
    thank you very much for this write up bro. i am currently in camerron and hope you are a cameroonian too.i have got few questions concerning this issue
    1.when one pay me online through paypal can i buy bitcoints with it?
    2.when one pay me online and i dont one to usethe money for online purchase, can i resend the money to a different paypal address? lets say a friend in a country which he can witdraw?
    how long can cash remain in my paypal before i do online puchase with.

    thanks and you can also reply me through my address so i can ask more questions person to person

    • Hi George,
      Yes of course I’m in Cameroon at the moment.

      1) To buy BTC with paypal, you’ll have to look for a seller who accepts Paypal as method of payment. There are BTC merchants online accepting this method of payment but it’s always not fluid.

      2) Yes you can send money from one active paypal account to another account that is eligible to receive funds no matter the country

      I do not know of any deadline to keep funds in your Paypal account. You just have to maintain it active.

      Feel free to contact me on the contact page bro


      • Hello bro thanks immensely for this wonderful information you providx. Im also a cameroonian. Bro when u say u cant withdrawal frm paypal account with paypal cameroon account does it mean tht the funds are in your account and u cant withdraw or the PayPal system rejects the funds when send buy your online customer.

        • Hey Chris,
          Good to see you around and thanks for the comment.
          As a matter of fact, Paypal Cameroon at this point can’t hold funds. It’s just a transaction middleman.

          We hope it grows soon 😉

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing this post and bring hope to us Africans that doing legit business online.

    Same steps you shared on this post also applicable here in Nigeria to open paypal account, hopefully one day paypal will lift the ban and allow us to received fund in our paypal account.

    Basically, i used payoneer fiverr card to cleared my first ‘$200’ i earned online via fiverr some years and am still using payoneer and also xoom dot com to receive payment from my clients from USA, Canada and UK.

    I will also try 2checkout you talked about in the replies.

    My brother, keep the good work of enlightenment.



  14. hi Enstine, and thanks for the commendable write-up.
    I noticed this post is 4years old but i hope U still out there to assist us as always.

    1) does paypal now store funds? with the possibility of making withdrawals through our local Cameroon banks?

    2) You mentioned above “The good thing is that these merchants still allow your buyers to pay with their paypal accounts while your funds are transferred to your Card or local bank account”.
    Did you imply merchants can pay via Paypal and one can receive via a registered and linked Payoneer/2CO account locally?

    3) I have a MasterCard current account with Afriland First bank.
    How safe & secured are Paypal, Payoneer and 2checkout when used for online payments?

    Many thanks !

    • Hello,
      The last time I checked, it wasn’t still possible to receive in Cameroon

      Question 2: Customers pay with their paypal and you receive funds in your merchant account
      Question 3: The safest way to pay online is Paypal. Link your local account to it using your local card. Payoneer can be used to receive payment from merchants like 2CO

      Let me know if there are some more questions

  15. Hi Enstine if I link my visa uba card to payoner,will it be possible to withdraw here in Cameroon? Please really need help I thought with PayPal it could work.

  16. Hello Sir Enstine. I wanted to make an inquiry if it’s possible to convert my savings from Francs CFA in to US dollars and transfer it to my Paypal account.I don’t know how to proceed.Please i need your help.And if it’s possible,which bank in Cameroon could eventually carry out this transactions.

    • Hi Pius,
      Unfortunately, Paypal for Cameroon doesn’t store funds. It’s only used as a tool to collect money from local bank account and pay stuffs online. So you can use your CFA to buy online in dollars. The VISA cards I mentioned in this post are good for that purpose. Any bank in Cameroon ( UBA, ECOBANK, AFRILAND,etc ) that issues VISA or MASTERCARD is good to go with.

      Once you get your card, I can help you with what to do next.


      • Plz muki

        I linked my UBA debit Visa card to my Cameroon PayPal. My challane now is how to confirm the card. How to get e confirmation code.

        I went to e bank for bank statement but I could find any code attached to my trqnsaction

      • Plz muki

        I linked my UBA debit Visa card to my Cameroon PayPal. My challane now is how to confirm the card. How to get e confirmation code.

        I went to e bank for bank statement but I could find any code attached to my transaction. But few days back i checked my PayPal n didn’t notice it no longer requesting me to confirm

        So my question is how to get e confirmation code??

        And also can my card be confirmed without me filling any confirmation code??

  17. It sounds good to know PayPal somehow exist in Cameroon. But the fact that one can not yet receive money through PayPal, is an issue. It has handicap many online transactions one would have loved to performe. My question is why is PayPal not operating here like in any other country??

    • Hey Philip,
      Most African and underdeveloped countries and not fully covered. I think it has to do with financial technology and you know a lot still has to be done from our end. Paypal is gradually expanding and one day (and I hope soon) we will be fully covered.

      Thanks for the comment

  18. thanks for all these sir…it has made me learn a lot about whats happening around me but i want to know if someone sends money into my pp account while its linked to my card will it go directly into my card as deposit or it still will deny the sending ….i have linked my card to my pp account and want to know what to do to get the money sent to me so it gets into my card directly

    • Hi Kris,
      Paypal Cameroon this moment does not even allow for reception. Any attempt to send money to your Cameroon account will receive error. So i t won’t even initiate the transaction, sadly.

  19. Paypal in Cameron sucks .I really wish I could be able to receive payment with PayPal in Cameroon .sir what about skill in Cameroon have you had an experience with them ?how does it work

  20. I am in Cameroon, I read the post and though I knew some of the things you explained, my concern was at the point where you wanted to explain about receiving payments with PayPal and making payments. I understand once you link your card to PayPal you can use it to make payments as PayPal will bypass your account and debit you from the card. My problem is if funds is transferred to your PayPal account(from another PayPal account), does it not also go the debit card? Secondly, if this fund do not go to your debit card and remains on your PayPal account, what can you do with it? Can you send to another PayPal user(in this case someone in another country where they can cash it), or can you use it to buy or pay for something online since it is very clear you wouldn’t be able to cash this money locally?

    Please clarify me. Thanks

    • Well at the moment, Paypal Cameroon cannot receive payment. Any attempt to send money to it will be rejected by Paypal.

      The only way to get money to your account is refunds and that will bypass your pp account to the source of the payment, the cc

  21. Since I have a Paypal in Nigeria, it won’t allow me to cash out since Paypal doesn’t allow to withdraw. Is it safe to use the withdraw service from Auction Essistance to help me cash out?

  22. this is a very good idea but i hope you guys can really remove the limitation of receiving money because there are many online subscriptions which do their payments only through paypal and i am in must of them. i will really be happy if everything is arranged very soon. hope i will have updates when that happens

  23. Hi Enstine,
    Great post there on Paypal!
    I want to fins out whether the situation has changed since then. I read an old post on their community support which confirms this. However, some people keep telling me they receive payment through Paypal though no one is willing to tell me how. I am in the middle of signing for a great online freelance job and the agency is asking for my Paypal account. i am still beating around the bush, looking for plausible solutions.

    Do you have any idea whether I can use friend’s paypal account? He is based in London. I want to be sure of this option before I go ahead, less I be flagged as a scammer by the agency.

    Thanks for your answers.

    • Hi Jules,
      We are still not able to receive paypal in Cameroon at the moment. I propose you try out Payoneer for your freelance job.

      You can use a friend’s paypal but that depends on your arrangement with him. The agency shouldn’t be concerned about whose paypal you are using. If they accept Payoneer, that would be the better option I propose.

  24. Hi Enstine,

    I only came across your blog a few weeks back but i must tell you that it’s been a source of joy and inspiration to me, firstly as someone looking to launch a digital Business in cameroon and secondly to have a Cameroonian who blogs on digital marketing like you. Keep up the great job and hope to tap more from you.


  25. Hi Mr Enstine, i’m really grateful for this post. Please i wish to know if by now one can withdraw cash in his bank if he has been paid through paypal for an online service. Secondly i wish to know the difference between VISA CARD and MASTER CARD, and which is the best to verify the paypal account with ?
    Thanks and waiting….
    God bless you!!

  26. Hi Mr Enstine. Thanks for this apt write up. I wish to find out one more thing from u as I see that u are well informed about PayPal Cameroon and online money transactions in Cameroon. Do u mean that I can receive money into my PayPal account but can cash it? Or that I can only have money if I deposite through my debit card?
    Secondly can a debit card from Eco bank be used ? What are all the choices available.
    Thanks for ur brilliant and informed answers to the other comments above.

  27. It’s very Informative Post. Is there any Limitation for Indian User of Paypal to verify new account ? I am facing Some Issue Regarding this Problem.

  28. Hello Enstine, thanks for this great post. Exactly what I’ve been looking for over the years! I’ve always been looking for a way to buy software online and to unlock some demos I have to full programs, but I still seem completely lost as to how to create a bank account. I think if this issue is solved, I can easily proceed to creating a paypal account following the instructions in this article. Please I need guidance on how to create a bank account. I live in Buea, Cameroon. Waiting for ur reply…

  29. “Without any bank account attached to your Cameroonian Paypal account, funding your account is practically dependent on you receiving money from other Paypal users.”

    How to receive money from other paypal users with my Cameroonian Paypal account?

  30. Hello Muki, i read your blog and tried to follow the steps. I have a UBA debit card and i tried to fill in the requirements on the paypal wallet section, only for my “card type” to be rejected. I need help please. ??

  31. Hello Muki,

    I am a translator (both in-house and freelance) based in Yaounde, Cameroon. Most of my clients request Paypal accounts for my payments. I have lost many contracts because Payapl is not feasible in Cameroon.

    It was therefore with great pleasure that I read your post on this issue. I was wondering if there is anything you can propose to help me out here. I have a skrill (Moneybookers) but it is not as sollicited as Paypal by my clients.

    Thanks and hope to here from you.


    • Hi Louis,

      Yes, Paypal Cameroon is one way but there is a solution. Do you have a website where you offer your services?
      This other solution allows your clients to pay with paypal while you withdraw your cash in Cameroon in CFA

      First, create a 2co account here:
      Then apply for Payoneer Card here:

      Once your 2co account is approved, link your Payoneer card to it.
      You will then need to create a product link that will allow your clients to make payment with their paypals into your 2co account.

      2co will pay your money to your payoneer card so you can cash out at any Mastercard ATM

      Let me know if I can be of any more assistance. Note that this is the solution I have used to make business online and collect my pay here in Cameroon.

      • Hi dear Enstine,

        Very nice report, many thanks. When applying for payoneer card, which address do you give, knowing that our address in Cameroon is different from us address,


      • Hi Mr Muki,
        Thanks for the useful information. I clicked on the 2co link in your post and tried creating an account with 2Checkout and a message indicates that: This Country (Cameroon) is not currently supported by 2checkout. What could be the problem? And how do I solve this.
        Thanks and keep up with the excellent work

  32. Do you think buying an account in a different country would be a good idea? I contacted Auction Essistance to see, but they are unsure of how we can get our money ou t since Payoneer is banned by PayPal.

  33. Can I received money through PayPal and it is is available in credit card for withdrawal at any atm machine

  34. Do you have any idea how soon the restriction of receiving funds on your Paypal account will be lifted in Cameroon and Nigeria?

  35. Paypal and Google are in constant competitions of becoming the biggest, but still I prefer PayPal as it is globally usable and user-friendly.

    It is a great news that PayPal is now available in African countries. But the limitation sucks really. Not getting the chance to withdraw into your bank account sucks.

    Do inform about any tricks to bypass it and transfer from PayPal to Bank Account if you find any.

    Lastly, you have written a nice article. Cheers.

  36. please i want to create a paypal online account with visa credit card is not woking out i dont know why i need assistance

  37. a sigh of relief finally as I have hundreds of dollars stuck in a UK Unverified PayPal account. Half a glass of water is better than none for a thirsty man.

  38. What a good news of the year, but i heard the account in nigeria cos am from nigeria can only send/make payment but can’t receive payment.

    • That’s the first phase and that applies to the 10 new countries in this coverage. Hope the second phase gets rolled out soon 😉

      Thanks for stopping by

      • What is the website of PayPal in Cameroon ?

        We want to receive funds from our clients and also send money using my credit card. I just want to know the process for proceeding. Looking forward to your message.

        • Hi Muthu,
          If you read this article completely, you will get the answers to your questions. If you still need any more info, please feel free to contact me 😉

  39. Hello,

    Well I really don’t know cameroon but I’m glad that paypal is live at nigeria just read few updates from other blogs. However this post has helped to learn more about the verification process of paypal though I have verified paypal since a long time.


  40. This looks like the best post I have read since this month Enstine. Now, I’m going to grab some white stuff and celebrate this news.

    It’s still phase one. Many more phases are on the way and very soon, we shall soon be complete with Paypal.

    Very exciting!

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