Social Media Marketing Facilitated! GuestCrew may just be what you need!

After a break on my Thursday Series, I’m back and this time, with a bit of spices added to the mix. I used to just present exciting bloggers but from today hence, I will be doing some product presentations too.

I have so many bloggers who have exceptionally great products to power your business and it will be my pleasure to let them talk to us about their products.

Donna Merrill, Don Purdum, James McAllister, Brent Jones, Joy Healey, Adrienne Smith, Carol Amato, Ryan Biddulph, Tim Soulo, etc are authors and product creators so we will be hearing from them on Thursdays.

Today, let’s kick off with Uttoran Sen. He talks to us about his platform and how this can help you market on social media. Let’s hear from Uttoran so over to you buddy… 

Social Media. It is a lot of things.

For some – it is a connection. For others it is their life.

Status Updates starting with morning selfies to dinner food shots, from news updates to life events – everything is social media.

But you are not here to check out cat photos. No, unless of course you are in the business of cats.

You are on the social media for promoting your business, getting your brand out there – to be heard and finally sell.

If that is your goal then you feel the same way about Social Media as the rest of us – It is loud.

Noise and Clatter! Too much to navigate and much too difficult to be heard.

If you want people to hear you – there are only three ways to do it. One, you somehow silence them and make yourself heard. Or you raise your voice and talk over others. Since both are not possible, let us focus on the 3nd alternative where you get others to post on your behalf. More precisely, get others to echo your voice and leverage their reach to meet your goals.

On Guest Crew, we worked hard for the past year or two and built a loudspeaker that will effectively amplify your voice by the power of the crowd and create the buzz that your business requires.
– Uttoran Sen, Co-Founder GuestCrew

So, what is Guest Crew?

Social Media Marketing

Guest Crew is a Marketing Platform which helps you to launch your business, ebook, products, service and pretty much anything.

In short, Guest Crew is your Business Launch Specialist.

How Does Guest Crew Work?

On Guest Crew, advertisers create their campaigns. A campaign can be on any topic from charity, causes and social events to websites, business, ebook launch etc. While the campaign is running, any social shares that are posted on the campaign via. using the social buttons (facebook, twitter etc. ) available on the campaign page – are stored in the Guest Crew system. On the due date of the campaign, all the buffered social shares are released – automatically, at the same time. This is done via Social Apps.

So, instead of random likes and tweets that are posted now and then – Guest Crew buffer them. And release them all at once.

You are a marketer – you can understand what will happen if hundreds of likes that you get on your blog posts over several weeks time – Gets Posted at Once. Yes – it will create a social buzz. Might even get your hashtag to start trending on Twitter, Facebook etc.

But this is not all. Guest Crew has an established membership base that can be reached by newsletters which includes bloggers, journalists, activists and buyers who are looking for exciting products and discounts. Thus the full force of Guest Crew is leveraged on these campaigns to create a buzz like none other.

Along with that, you too can promote your campaign and add more value to it.

Check out the recent Infographic that explains Guest Crew and its features.

Is this a Paid Feature?

Guest Crew believes in free tools and making things simple and easy to use.

As a Guest Crew member, when you support a campaign by any of your social accounts, like Facebook, Twitter etc – You Earn Credits. Depending on the followers and friends you have in your social profiles, you earn anything from 2 credits to 20 credits per support. To start a campaign you will require 100 such credits. You can easily earn that by supporting a few campaigns.

Yes, there are paid plans that provide you with additional features. Check out the pricing details here. In a paid marketing campaign GuestCrew flexes its marketing muscles and provides you a complete marketing solution starting from social, to getting published on A-list blogs and magazines, to social sites like Facebook (which includes some huge and active pages with over 200k+ likes example: iPhone, Shopping, Cars etc. ), Twitter and Reddit to PPC, Press Release and much more.

Enstine here …

Thanks buddy for taking the time to talk to us about your wonderful platform and social media marketing tool 😉

So it’s time now for everyone to interact with Uttoran Sen in the comment box. Ask him questions and he will be here to answer. Please share this post on social media.

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  1. Guest crew seems superb ad I guess I’m gonna try adding social event soon. I could see lot of social media marketing options there. Will try them soon.


  2. Thanks for the mention Enstine! I’d be honored to do a product talk coming soon; I published book #25 this week; I’ll have a few to chat about LOL.

    Uttoran runs a first class community at Guest Crew and always has. He’s an A1 networker too so I’ve no doubts his star will shine brighter by each week, online.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Honestly, I have register GuestCrew almost a year but I did keep on that. Never knew about that product, thanks for sharing. I think that it sound like a wonderful product..The thing that it automatically stores all the social media posts shared to the campaign is really worth using.Companies might be using for Facebook and other social media contests.Thanks for introducing this tool bro.

    • Hey Sneha,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad to know that you are already a member,
      hope you like our new features, do give it a try,

      Uttoran Sen,

  4. Hi Sen,

    Good to know about guesscrew, it really a great platform for marketers. I’ll be checking it out soon.

    And thank you enstine for introducing

    • hey Aderemi,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad to know that you liked the platform,
      do join in, looking foreword to welcome you on board,

      Uttoran Sen,

  5. Hey Adrienne,
    Thanks for taking time to talk to me about GASP taking my readers for spammers. I kicked it out for the moment. Let’s see how it goes without it

    Meanwhile, it will be a good thing to have you talk to my readers about your product. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, as you know you have a premium product that attracts attention from every angle.

    GuestCrew is an exciting platform for social media exposure. I have been working with Uttoran closely so I know what is in the platform. It’s worth trying for your social media campaigns

    Thanks for stopping by Adrienne. I hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

    • Hey Enstine,

      Thanks for featuring Guest Crew,

      The campaign that we earlier ran for broadedNet on GuestCrew was brilliant too. I see some hints on the social media about your next platform. Would love to promote it on GuestCrew and build a huge launch for it.

      It is a great honor to get featured here, thanks for all the exposure.

      Uttoran Sen,

  6. Hey Enstine,

    That’s good that you’ll be featuring more here in your Thursday series than just bloggers. Surprised but happy to see my name mentioned and will look forward to that.

    I’ve heard of Guest Crew but have never looked into it. They’ve mentioned me a few times and I thanked them but I think that was in the early stages of their site. It’s still always nice to be mentioned in that way and sounds like their platform will be able to help others. That can never be a bad thing.

    Great share and have a great day.


  7. Enstine…how are you today..?

    Honestly, I have register GuestCrew almost a year but I did keep on that. Never knew about that product, thanks for sharing. I think that it sound like a wonderful product.

    I’ll back to GuestCrew for checking it.

    • IT really is a wonderful product Kim. It helps to have a lot of exposure on social media. Yes, do check it out again and should you have any queries, Uttoran will be there to help 😉

    • Hey Kimsea,

      Thanks for your comment,

      Good to know that you are already a member of Guest Crew.

      In the past year or so GuestCrew has gone through a lot of changes. The social media promotions that we used to do from behind the forums have taken center stage now.

      The features are coming up well and we are promoting a lot of things.

      Do check us again, hope you like the changes,

      Uttoran Sen,

  8. Hey Uttoran and Enstine,

    This sounds like a great product. Who doesn’t want their content to be syndicated across the social media world. This would be a great product to use when you go on vacation or just want to take a break especially . One thing I like to know what are the major advantage (s) over the bufferapp?

    • Hey sherman,
      thanks for your comment,

      About bufferapp – it is different, Guest Crew isn’t a syndication system exactly.

      On bufferapp you can schedule your tweets, likes etc. – and they are posted on a scheduled time.

      On GuestCrew – we buffer everybody’s tweets, likes etc. – and share them on a date, chosen by the advertiser.

      So bufferapp is a social media scheduling tool while GuestCrew is a social media marketing tool,

      Uttoran Sen,

  9. What a wonderful discovery sheared, have heard about this stuff before but I don’t really know the purposed of the platform until now.

    Nice job and hope the company become profitable venture in the nearest future.

    • Hey Olayinka,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad you liked GuestCrew,
      Do join in, looking foreword to welcome you onboard,

      thanks and regards,
      Uttoran Sen,

  10. The thing that it automatically stores all the social media posts shared to the campaign is really worth using.
    Companies might be using for Facebook and other social media contests.
    Thanks for introducing this tool bro.

  11. Hello Uttoren sen ,

    I heard about guest crew but did not knew much about it. This is a nice platform and thanks to this post that I am able to know about it.

    Its is a great platform and very helpful to blogger, business owners to promote their stuff online.

    I will surely be joining it and looking forward to see it being helpful for me too.

    I would also like to thank Enstine Muki for posting this on his blog.

    • Hey Simranjit,
      thanks for your comment,

      Good to know that you have heard about GuestCrew,

      Do join in, will surely help you out with any queries that you have,

      looking foreword to welcome you onboard,

      Uttoran Sen,

  12. Just wanted to let you know I’ve been following Adrienne Smith for a few years now and I’m so glad you gave her a shout out here. I hope to have a great affiliate marketing blog someday as well.

    • Hey Mark,
      Adrienne is a wonderful person. Her blog and personal attention to me have greatly help me to become what I am today 😉

      It takes time to create a profitable affiliate marketing blog. However, consistency is the key. Good luck as you work towards it buddy

      Have a wonderful weekend

    • Why thank you Mark for that wonderful compliment, that was so nice to read and I’m flattered as well that Enstine mentioned me here. I’m sure whoever he highlights will be able to help his readers in some way.


    • Hey Mark,
      thanks for your comment,

      I follow Adrienne as well, been checking her blog for the last few years.

      Wish you all the best for a successful blog ahead,

      Uttoran Sen,

    • Hey Godson,
      thanks for your comment,

      Yeah, EasyRetweet is on my list of to-do as well, will check it soon.

      Looking foreword to welcome you on GuestCrew, do join in,

      Uttoran Sen,

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