PAYPAL.ME ~ a NEW way to collect money with Paypal! is here. Read below!

For those of us doing business online, we know Paypal is one of the most secured and flexible ways to collect or make payments on the Internet.

Though this payment platform is the most widely used, marketers and online businessmen in some developing countries (including Cameroon, my country) are still quite far from its benefits. Well, Cameroon and a few African countries are a step ahead.

At least, now we can safely make payments with Paypal. Check out details in this post. Paypal now allows us to create country accounts and verify them with Credit/Debit Cards issued by banks in Cameroon.

While this is an exciting step that fuels online business in Cameroon, it only stands to take money out. Most Cameroonians (including me) are overly waiting for the other phase – being able to receive payment 😉 – an easy way to collect money

Paypal has recently published a new way for marketers to collect money from clients. This is one easy way to get paid without necessarily sending your paypal email to clients.

While this does not replace the website integration method, it’s a better way to simply get paid.

Everyone with a personal or business paypal account can now have a link. Personal or Premier accounts can get paid back from friends (Friends & Family) or sell their stuff (Goods & Services). While Business accounts can only accept Goods & Services payments.

Of course, creating your own link is free. However, this is gradually being introduced to users from different parts of the world. That means this service may not be available to your country as you read this post. Simply go to to find out.

NB: Check out Payoneer. It may help you receive money online (or make mass payments) if Paypal does not cover your country!

How does Work?

First, go to and create your link which looks something like: is the link you send to your clients to pay you. Below, I show you how to send this link, requesting for specific amount. is responsive so you can use in on mobile. Your clients on mobile won’t have any issue making payments.paypal me

Requesting Money with

There are two ways to request payment using your link. Note however that for this to be successful, both the payee and payer must be in countries where the service is enabled.

1 – Request a specific amount: 

To request a specific amount, just add it to the end of your link. For example, use https://PayPal.Me/YourName/25 to request 25 USD. The request will be made in your default currency. However, you can request a specific currency by adding the currency code to the amount. In our example above, you simply add USD to request for $25: https://PayPal.Me/YourIName/25USD

2 – Let the client decide how much to pay you

In this case, you just send your link without specifying any amount. The payer will have to enter the amount in the field provided.

Note that whether you add a specific amount to your link or not, the amount field remains editable. That means the payer is still able to make changes to the amount requested.

Here is what my payment page looks like;

paypal me send money

Ok, send me some coffee for $5. Go to Do you want to decide on the amount? Ok go to and thank you 😉 Limitations!

While this new payment procedure by Paypal is awesome, it has its limits and here are two;

  1. You can’t automatically redirect clients to a page (download page for instance) after payment is verified.
  2. There is no way to specify any IPN (Instant Payment Notification) url to capture data and do some processing before delivering product.

However, like I mentioned above, this service is not meant to replace any website integration method which allows you to process payment data posted from Paypal to your script. It is most suitable for freelancers and some service providers who don’t need to automate delivery of their services.


So what do you think about Have you used it before? Does it make any difference in your business?

Please share your views below using the comment form. If you are active on social media, kindly spread the word 😉

49 thoughts on “PAYPAL.ME ~ a NEW way to collect money with Paypal!”


  2. This is great information that I didn’t know anything about. I use PayPal a lot for my clients and the quicker I can send out those fund requests, the better. Thanks!

    • Hi Bridget,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. If this service is available in your country, I’ll recommend you try it out 😉

      I hope you are having a wonderful week

  3. I think that will make the payment processess easy but will not help us to get paid even Payonner does not cover my country (Congo).
    I can’t start a business because of that.

    • Hey bro,
      It’s sad that even Payoneer does not cover your country. That surely makes only business even more of a pain.

      Let’s hope better days are ahead.

      Have a wonderful Christmas season

  4. Hey Enstine,

    Us Americans don’t know how good we got it with the options we have. I’m glad that there is an option for other countries to receive payments. Hopefully they will come with with more, especially a way to redirect your clients to a download page after making a payment.

    Great post my friend! Have a great week ahead!

    • Hey Sherman,
      America is the home of lots of goodies especially with online business 😉 so I understand how you may not really appreciate some of these services 😉

      Adding a redirect page to will surely be a great option to boost its use. Let’s see how the future goes with it.

      Thanks for stopping by bro. I hope you are set for a wonderful Christmas season

  5. Hi Bro,

    Longtime, how is Cameroon today and family? services sounds really great, though I haven’t check out the website but hope it extends this services to my country. Like you in Cameroon, we are limited to only paying option and can’t receive too.

    That makes knocking on some opportunities really hard or even at times, completely miss out.

    Thanks for sharing, will check out the website now.

    • Cameroon is great bro and the Christmas hit is on 😉

      Well, the only issue is the fact that Paypal is one way here. That’s just like your country. I hope these guys soon understand that the business here is bigger than the risk 😉

      I hope you too are doing well in your country

  6. Hi Enstine sir,

    Great information indeed!
    Actually We are also facing problem, Pay Pal is not acceptable in my own country. In my previous Infolinks payment, I used western union to withdraw but now they blocked western union. May be help me to withdraw?

    What you say about it?
    Areesha Noor!

      • HI Enstine Muki,

        I have Paooneer Card but I never used it. Actually I forgot my password of payooneer account. I am worried about it’s Annual fee or other transaction fee.
        Please guide me about it.

        Thanks in Advance.

        Areesha Noor!

  7. Hello and Happy Thursday Enstine, This is my first time hearing about, it is always good to hear that we have other options available HUH?

    I got a great chuckle when you mentioned to send you money for coffee, I actually had to click to see if this was for real. HEHE You crack me up.

    Yet another great share my friend
    Chery :))

  8. Enstine, thanks for this vital information regarding Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my country there. It didn’t look like African countries are supported at the moment. I wonder why Paypal still keeps marginalizing most third world countries.

    Well, I just hope it gets to us in Nigeria very soon. Lest I forget: can somebody who already has a Paypal account of another country still open this link here in one of these African countries and access it freely without any form of restriction in the long run?

    Besides, is there any limit to which transactions can be made using this link?

    • Hi bro,
      I think Paypal is slowly expanding due to security reasons. In any case, we hope one day to fully benefit from it.

      From the way this works, I don’t think you can have an account that’s different from your initial paypal account. both must be linked 😉

      Our turn is coming 😉

  9. Hi Enstine, looks very interesting feature by Paypal but it is not available in my country. Great review again!!

    Subha Sadiq

    • I think this is on the way to Nigeria too, Korex.
      Your country and mine are able to make payments. That one-phased but we hope the other phase is coming soon 😉

      Have a wonderful wekk bro

  10. I strongly believe PayPal is trying to win its way into other markets by coming up with several other different products and services that’d wow their user base and entice others to them. is a nice concept but I still cannot benefit from it now knowing that my business resides in Nigeria and I have other alternatives that’s quote good for now.

    But I still look forward to its launch in my country pretty soon.

    Thanks Estine for sharing and always keeping us updated.

    That’s why I love your blog the first day I came here.
    – Ayodeji Onibalusi

    • Hey bro,
      Recently, Paypal was introduced to some African countries including Cameroon and Nigeria. I think they gradually unveiling their services so hopefully, one day we shall be benefiting from their range of products.

      Thanks for being part of this post. Hope to see you around again pretty soon

  11. Hi Enstine,

    What an amazing post about PAYPAL.ME, Indeed you have shared with us each and every thing related to PayPal.Me, which help out bloggers and Freelancers to collect or make payments on the Internet easily.

    But unfortunately one can not access Paypal in Pakistan.



    • Oh sorry Mairaj. But I’m sure they are working to over come the barriers.
      However, we are still to be covered too here in my country.

      Let’s keep giving. There are better days ahead

  12. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing, I think its features are best corresponding to another payment service provider. Nice article.. 🙂

  13. Hi Enstine,

    Very useful article about, the feature looks very interesting. But i am not sure if this is operational in our country. I need to check this. And thanks for sharing this article.


  14. Hello Enstine,

    The bad thing about is that is not available in all countries including mine.

    See ya’

    • Hi Dan,
      It’s also not available for mine either. We hope they work to break the barriers so we can all benefit from their services while they grow their business and make more money 😉

  15. Hi Enstine,

    I like how you always work hard to show your community how to make there online business successful.

    I also like the money for coffee you mentioned.

    Enstine, you are doing a great job.

    Thanks for sharing.


  16. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for writing this.

    Yes, is good but we in African countries are expecting them to activate the “receive payment” button.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. It is great to see progress and smart businesses offering B2B services to businesses in the emerging markets. The established markets are over saturated and declining. At the same time there is a Technological Revolution that is empowering businesses in the emerging markets.

  18. Hi Enstine,
    Good News to countries where PayPal facility not available. But I wonder why it is required where PayPal is doing well! Is it a third party system or a subsidiary of PayPal? Those who are using PayPal now is it necessary? 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good day. 🙂

  19. Hi Enstine Muki , thanks for updating about paypalme service although this service is not available in my country right now do some efforts to make it happen in my country India too bro as you are a star blogger

      • Sure! But still we will make effort to make it happen as soon as possible…

        These this depends upon countries law and other legal stuffs…we still can’t send money from one indian paypal account to other indian paypal will get surprise after knowing it.

  20. Hello Enstine,

    Wish PayPal could be available in my country, Pakistan… but unfortunately, it does not..

    Thanks for detailing! I am sharing it on my social life so that it may reach to someone it could help to.

    ~ Adeel

    • I hope one day it extends its services there bro.
      We have it here but it only allows us make payment. We cannot receive I hope that phase gets available soon.

      Thanks for sharing man 😉
      Is Payoneer available there?

      • Hello Enstine,

        Yeah, hopeful it becomes available soon for us. And that’s very strange to know of you can send the payment out and not able to receive, too strange!

        Yes, Payoneer is my friend since five years. Without it, I cannot really think what would work for us. 🙂


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