CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015 – Up To 50% OFF!

commentluv premium discount code

Here is your special CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015 from Andy Baily, the guy behind commentluv blog commenting plugin.

Commentluv discount code special link here and the discount code is :


NB: This is only available on zaxaa market place. If you go straight to CommentLuv Premium home page, it will not work.

I have been using this plugin from my very first day of blogging and the results are awesome. Some top bloggers and friends have had reasons to take down this plugin from their blogs but what’s amazing is that they still strongly recommend it. My friend and top blogger, Adrienne Smith uses and recommends it.

CommentLuv is the only blog commenting plugin to boost traffic, engagement and improve your SEO. There are many more commenting systems out there, but commentLuv premium stands out.

CommentLuv is not a commenting system by the way. It’s an addition to WordPress’s traditional commenting features. What CommentLuv does is it extends WP inbuilt commenting functions by adding some more exciting features.

I don’t want to do a Commentluv review in this post, though. If you want to know more about its features and how these can help boost your blog, check out this post and this one and this one

CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015 ~ 50% OFF

Andy was kind enough to generate coupon code for you, my readers. This cuts off up to 50% on the unlimited site version of commentluv.

What this means is you will have commentluv so you can use on as many blogs as you own.  The normal price is  $87 but applying this code will bring it down to $43.50. Isn’t that awesome?

So go to CommentLuv special link here and click to order the Unlimited site copy.

CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015


Once you click on “Add To Cart“, on the next screen, enter the coupon code blackfriday2015

CommentLuv Black Friday 2015


Once you click “Get Discount”, the coupon will be applied and the price dropped to $43.500. That’s saving up to 50%. That looks quite exciting.

CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015

NB: This code also applies till Cyber Monday.

CommentLuv blogs to comment on!

I have created a list of some exciting commentluv blogs that give you dofollow link if you drop a comment on them.

On the occasion of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 gift, I thought it necessary to point back to this post in the past. See details here

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur


Enstine, is there any good coupon for 2016, I am going to used Commentluv on my blog. I love the fact to share the love of dofollow links to your readers and people who spends enough time on your website and write comments and feedback on your website.

Himanshu Gupta

I personally use CommentLuv Premium.
It is great for referral traffic.
Thanks for the deal though.

Joe Curmi

I used to be very skeptic about black Friday BUT last year I bought my first Lenovo laptop for like half the price. And it turned out to be the best laptop i have ever purchased. Worth waiting 4 hours in line. Next time I will bring a chair with me though!!

Roshan Singh Parihar

Hi estine,
I am a web developer started my first website shinethemes.com. I want to get traffic from my niche . Which is the best platform to do that?


Thanks for this article. I’ve been eyeing commentluv premium, but it seems like a lot of money for what you get.

Aryan Sao

Nice article. CommentLuv is really the best plugin for the blog. thanks for sharing.


Unfortunately i missed it out :(..87$ it’s too expensive for me i will wait for another coupon maybe for the new year 🙂

Angellina Lear

Hi Enstine,
Great post Indeed!
CommentLuv is best for blog commenting and it’s one of the way to engage easily or spam comments its easy to remove. And for commenting of any Backlinker gets traffic increase as well, thanks for shared and excellent worked.

Rajnish Kumar

Hello Muki,
I would say that Commentluv does attract spam commenters to the blog but I have also seen that people also post real comment not just spam comments to get backlinks. But it should be used with a good and working anti-spam plugin.

Christina Lynn

Hey Enstine,

CommentLuv, One of the best to connect of new Blogger and interact with them, and it’s the way to get of dofollow links, so they want to it as well.

Great article and excellent worked once again!

Areesha Noor

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing such black Friday coupon of comment Luv plugin with us. I think it is best plugin to increase comment and user on your site. If you give dofollow backlink then it is sure that you may increase your user and commenting.

Any way thanks for sharing with us.
Areesha Noor!

mohd arif

Thanks for sharing this great deal.. But I missed this great deal hope next time I will grab this best plugin for my websites..

Mohd Arif


Hi Enstine,

CommentLuv is really the best plugin I have ever seen.
Thanks for sharing the coupon code.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Ernest,
    Are you taking this opportunity to grab a copy?


Hey bro,
I am really happy to see the huge discount on commentluv plugin as I am a big fan of it. I am using the free version from a long ago and found it quite helpful for bloggers like me.

even after installing the free version, I got able to increase the comments over my blog.
Thanks buddy. I will introduce my friends with this huge discount.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    I’m glad to hear you are getting positive results with the free version. That means if you get the pro, you are really going to do well 😉

Adeel Sami

Hello Enstine,

I so wished I could avail this deal.. As I discussed with you the issues I am having with PayPal..

Definitely the great available deal for CommentLuv! Everyone should take full advantage of it today. 🙂

Sharing this deal on my social life! 🙂


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Adeel,
    Another way is to find out with a blogging friend who has Payoneer and Paypal. You transfer the money to his payoneer and he does the purchase and sends you details.

    How about that?

      Adeel Sami

      Hello Enstine,

      Yeah, I will do that instead and find someone from my work as most of them lives in PayPal-supported countries.

      Thanks for that! 🙂

      ~ Adeel


Hi Enstine,
Black Friday is the best time of the year to purchase blogging tools. Thanks for sharing this discount coupon for CommentLuv, it will help many bloggers who are willing to purchase this awesome plugin.

Subha Sadiq


Woo Brother , I Was searching for A Discount.Thanks For The Discount Post.

Nicole Pary

Hey Ensitne,
CommentLuv, One of the best comment ever because of it’s indroduce to Newbie freieds and more business purpose.
Thanks for shared CommetLuv discount code or much more impressive article. Thumb’s up.. 🙂


Woo Brother , I Was searching For A Discount On Comment Luv Premium
Thanks For The Discount Post.


Wow !!!.Mr.Muki,never worry about any error.There is no picking of offence by me.We are humans,and are bound to make one mistake or the other anytime,anywhere,any day.
As for CommentLuv,it’s,it has no equal.This is what I call or christen KeywordLuv.It’s a good one for backlink building and search engine optimization and traffic drive.

Khagesh Darji

Hey Enstine,
Did this code expired?
it didn’t work for me.


I much prefer commentluv to Discus for these reasons. Thanks for backing me up! haha

Brent Jones

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for this.

Maybe I missed it in your post… but is there a time limit on how long this code will be valid for? I don’t plan to switch to CommentLuv on my blog any time soon. But the unlimited sites option is appealing for the odd website development job I get. 🙂



    Enstine Muki

    Hey Brent,
    This code was generated to last for 10 days only. It should expire by this weekend or latest next Wednesday. It’s also only valid for the first 10 buyers and to be quite frank, it’s about ending. My recommendation is you grab it right away and keep for your odd projects. The good news is, once you have secured your copy, it’s for life. It will never expire 😉

    I plan however to ask Andy if it’s possible to make the code last longer and step up on the number of buyers. I don’t guarantee a positive answer though.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend


Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing, this Coupon code for CommentLuv. Commentluv is undoubtedly the best commenting plugin. I will buy this for my design blog.

Thanks for sharing

    Enstine Muki

    Did you finally buy it? the code expires in a few days

Rajesh Jhamb

Being a blogger, I comment a lot but it is an added initiative when some blog has CommentLuv installed. This means that I am able to get a Dofollow backlink in order to share my thoughts with blog owners and other readers. So these were the reasons why I love Comment Luv.

Thanks for sharing discount code.

    Enstine Muki

    Yeah it’s a great plugin bro. I hope you have the premium version on your blog 😉

Sue Bride

Hi Enstine
I’ve used free CommentLuv since it first came out but your offer made upgrading impossible to resist. I’ve installed it but wanted to come back and say thanks for the discount code. Now I’m off to configure it and install it on my other sites. The additional features are so useful.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Sue,
    Good to know that you jumped on board and thanks for ceasing this opportunity

    This will surely add more activities to your blog 😉

      Sue Bride

      I particularly like the feature that allows 10 posts to be seen for plusses, likes or tweets. I’m also allowing dofollow for those who’ve made more than 3 comments.

Rahul Zajari

Keyword luv and Comment luv is the best comment system to apply on our blog. But comment luv is the best among them because it is very helpful to build strong relationships wth bloggers from using these comment system we can generate healthy backlinks for our blog which is best for improving page rank for our site. Thank you for your discount coupon code to get this premium comment system in low price.



Hi Enstine,
Yes, commentluv is an awesome plugin which can help us in many ways. Making comment on high PR commentluv enable blog you can get dofollow backlink and also get good position on SEERPs.

Thanks a lot Enstine for bringing this super offer!

    Enstine Muki

    That’s right and thanks for the feedback Uddin

    How is your weekend going?


      Hi Enstine,

      Oh! Fine! I am enjoying well with my families in this weekend. There are so many works to do for my blog. Hope i will cover up all soon! Keep me in your prayer.

      I wish you enjoyed weekend well too! Isn’t it?

Suprabhat Mondal

Hey Enstine,

Thanks for sharing, this Coupon for CommentLuv. I am sure that it is one of the best commenting system I have ever came across I have been using it since 1 year, and it has proved it value by increasing engagement on my blog.

Thanks for sharing
Best Regards

    Enstine Muki

    Hi bro,
    Thanks for adding your voice to this conversation. Hope you are still enjoying the plugin


      Hey Enstine,

      Yup I am still enjoying the plugin but not only on one blog but on more than 5 blog with my team. It really helps build community as well as driving more engagement and traffic to my blogs.

      Thanks for sharing
      Best Regards

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