Bloggers Forum Douala ~ Reloading blogging in Cameroon

It was a beautiful experience on the 3rd of October 2015 at Star Land hotel in Douala, with over 150 bloggers, company executives and journalists.

Simply put, blogging is being reloaded in Cameroon!

This was the first bloggers forum in Cameroon that brought together both French and English speaking Cameroonian bloggers residing in Cameroon.

For my friends and loyal readers who are all over the world, Cameroon is one of the few bilingual countries in the world where French and English are official languages. 

The event was colorful and I want to recognize the effort of Elodie and her collaborators in making this a remarkable success. Of course, some of the corporate sponsors and partners of the event were Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Nexttel, Nescafe and Star Land Hotel.

At one point of the event, it became a Journalists vs Bloggers debate. While that almost drifted us off the core  and raison d’être of the event, it was quickly mastered .

Let me mention at this point that blogging is simply an activity that can be carried out by any one in any profession. I think there are principally 3 ways to use blogging;

  1. Blogging as a business
  2. Blogging as a business tool
  3. Blogging to rant

Journalists use blogging as a business tool. In other words, they use blogging as a tool to aid their business of journalism.

The act of blogging is not journalism and can never be. Blogging is a channel any one in any industry can use to market content. Blogging, Writing and journalism, though have overlapping features, they are different industries.

Well, I had to bring in my contribution, throwing more lights on board. This was understood as participants, including Annie Payep (from one of the media houses present) who made this tweet;


Here is the event in Pictures

bloggers forum douala1

bloggers forum douala

bloggers forum douala

bloggers forum douala

Enstine Muki on Blog Monetizing

bloggers forum douala

bloggers forum douala

bloggers forum douala

I was one of the panelists and my contribution was on how to create a blog and monetize it while in Cameroon.

A lot of people thought (before the event) that this was not a possibility. However, sharing my story and experiences brought in some smiles and excitement.

In the weeks ahead, there shall be a workshop focused on making money as a blogger in Cameroon. If you are reading this post in Cameroon, interested in generating income blogging, stay tuned. I shall be giving more info on this. We shall get into details how to start and create that money making blog. Blogging is the reason I fired my boss.

Let me know what you think about this event in Cameroon. Drop your comments (in French or English)  in the comment box and share on social media.

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