Fastest WordPress Hosting ~ Why WPX Hosting gets all the vote!

The fastest WordPress Hosting solution I have used since 2005 is WPX Hosting. Period!

I have worked with over 7 different hosting companies as a webmaster and WordPress blogger. My last stop before WPX Hosting was Hostgator.

It went quite well from the start but as my blog grew, I began facing real technical and customer service issues. When site speed became one of Google’s ranking factor, I became even more worried  as my blog was barely faster than a snail.

I understood it was time to quit the seemingly “cheap” hosting with “unlimited bandwidth” that collapses as soon as much traffic comes to my blog.

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Why I dropped Hostgator

When it comes to growing your business online, speed matters a lot. I’m looking at it from two perspectives:

  1. Website speed
  2. Customer service staff response time.

All round, I was disappointed with Hostgator. My blog speed was 10 seconds and above. Often, I would have to wait for 16+ minutes on live chat to have someone to talk with. Support tickets would take a minimum of 24 hours to get a response and this was quite embarrassing.

To make things worse, because of slow server performance, this is what some of my readers often reported:

fastest WordPress Hosting

At the same time, it was a common backend error message. Four out of seven times I hit the button to publish a new blog post, this annoying page would show up.

My WordPress blogging exercise was really getting quite boring  and discouraging. As a matter of fact, there was need for something better.

I started looking for the best WordPress Hosting providers.

WPX Hosting ~ One of the fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

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I knew if I have to succeed online, speed must be taken more seriously. Slowness largely impairs productivity and could completely annihilate my business.

I had read about WPX Hosting (Traffic Planet Hosting back in those days) on my friend’s blog. I also came across other solutions including WP Engine, Kinsta, etc But WPX Hosting picked my attention as one of the best managed WordPress hosting services of all times.

Being in dire need of solutions to my blogging difficulties with my hosting provider, I needed an affordable WordPress Hosting provider. WPX Hosting came in with top speed as part of its hosting package.

According to Matthew Woodward‘s research, WPX Hosting is not only cheap. It’s also the fastest with the best web hosting support service.

the best WordPress hosting

WPX Hosting is Fastest at 3 different points:

When I said WPX is the fastest Worpress hosting provider, I’m pointing to three different areas of speed:

1 – Website Migration

My blog had been with Hostgator for over 2 years. Constantly blogging meant my media folder had swollen and database grown to a considerable size. My email folder had grown over 2gb. Moving these files to another host without any losses required the hands of expert.

After my purchase, I requested for a site transfer at exactly 19:47:45 on the 29.06.2016

best wordpress hosting solutionWe had a series of mails on and forth and  migration was complete and I got a mail at 00:07:46 the following day:

best wordpress hosting provider

The job was done within 5 hours. Any delais was from my end. Along the line, it took me some time to get connected and give them some required data.

This was done without any downtime. My blogging experience picked up with a huge dose of excitement shortly after the DNS got fully propagated.

2 – Site Speed

After moving to WPX Hosting, the support service stood by me. They did some quick work, setting up W3 Total Cache plugin and configuring it for best performance.

My blog was then quickly move to the secured https protocol for free. Though this let to a disappearance of social counts on my social sharing buttons, I soon found this solution to recover all the lost social  share counts.

There was a fantastic improvement in site speed, down from 10+ seconds to -2 seconds. For the past two years, this has been maintained:

fastest wordpress webhosting

Website speed report from Google Webmaster Tools

To further illustrate the fact that WPX Hosting is the best WordPress Hosting provider we have online today, I ran a speed test for my WordPress blog and another WordPress blog hosted on a highly reputable WordPress hosting company. T

The results as we see on the image below is pointing to an indisputable and well established fact that WPX is the leader:

the fastest wordpress hosting

These stats from Google Webmaster Tools cannot be wrong. With a remarkable download time of 0.067s against 0,287s on another top host, you should be thinking to move to WPX Hosting if you care about speed and better SEO positioning for your WordPress blog.

3 – Support Service

For any business to succeed online, customer service must be top notch. One of the reason for quitting Hostgator was poor customer service. I don’t know about it now but it was really a big pain. Both live support and tickets were too slow for me to bear.

WPX Hosting has been the best in terms of customer service from day one. This still makes them the fastest wordpress hosting provider.

A few hours ago, I contacted customer service:

wpx fastest wordpress webhosting

It takes averagely 3 minutes to get a ticket responded. However, this too will depend on the time needed to investigate and resolve any issue.

The live support is  best in the industry:

According to LiveChat Inc, WPX Hosting is the World’s fastest hosting support. This is incredible and industry record breaking.

99% of WPX customers are satisfied and you typically get replies in 25 seconds. This is amazing if you ask me.

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Get blazingly fast hosting, excellent support

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3 reasons WPX will always remain the fastest wordpress hosting solution

  1. Superior page loading SPEED through brand new high-spec SSD servers. These are machines deliberately UNDERloaded with accounts and sites. They are optimized to perform VERY well under very heavy traffic loads.
  2. A 24/7/365 Live Chat/Ticket SUPPORT through experienced WordPress support staff. These are agents who understand WordPress and Hosting ins and outs, ready any time of the day or night to assist clients worldwide.
  3. Jargon-free SIMPLICITY in the hosting user admin panel (custom built) for fast, easy and tutorial-driven functionality.

WPX Hosting is highly recommended by Thrive themes

Thrive Themes is a well known WordPress themes and plugins company, developing some of the most highly recommended WordPress templates in the marketing today.

They have made WPX Hosting their choice for hosting WordPress sites. After performing a series of tests, they came to my conclusion that WPX is the fastest WordPress Hosting provider today.

Here is a video by Shane

Get blazingly fast hosting, excellent support

FREE website migration + FREE MaxCDN + FREE SSL

How much does it cost ?

WPX Hosting is the fastest WordPress Hosting Solution but is that going to damage your wallet?

For such exceptional performance from premium web hosting solution, one should expect to pay a matching value of $150/month or more. But the pleasant surprise is that this is going to cost you a cent under $20 per month.  For Elite package, You are spending $79,99/month, which is unheard of in the industry. 

fastest wordpress webhosting price

Note that these prices may change anytime!


If you’ve been looking for the most affordable and fastest WordPress Hosting solution, used and recommended by industry experts I recommend you give WPX a try.

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