Word to PDF Converter ~ Easily & Quickly Convert Word Files to PDF!

word to pdf converter

iStonsoft’s Word to PDF Converter, the solution to manipualating digital documents

As an entrepreneur, one of the challenges I used to face was being able to digitally move my invoices and some important documents to my clients and not worry about unauthorized changes.

One other very big issue I used to face is that of some of my clients telling me they ain’t able to open my invoice due to system incompatibility. This pushed me into looking for a quick solution -> Word to PDF converter!

Using PDF files has become a very common practice. The fact that PDF format is compatible with any operating system makes it a universal word processing application. This is one of the major reasons why PDF format has become so popular over the years.

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DU Battery Saver ~ Best battery saver app for Android!

best battery saver app for android

Android users looking for best battery saver app for Android devices – try out DU Battery Saver, an excellent Android battery saver.

Android is a popular mobile phone Operating System and one of the main problems faced by Android users is related to battery life.

Constantly running apps, games, connecting to the net and making calls keep your android phone very active and this hugely pulls down your battery.

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Speakol Review ~ Better than traditional Blog commenting?

speakol argument

Speakol review – looking at something that’s about challenging traditional blog commenting tools!

Blog commenting has been around since the first blog went live. It has been an exciting way for blog owners to stay in constant interaction and conversion with their readers.

Commenting helps us in building relationships, improving SEO and getting more traffic. As a matter of fact, blog commenting is the main activity that helps me build an active and money making blogging community.

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MoboRobo 3.0 ~ Most Intuitive Android PC Manager

moborobo android pc manager

In my last Moborobo review, I brought to you with a great deal of excitement some interesting details about the most robust smartphone PC manager, Moborobo. It’s is the cross platform software that helps you move contacts and other information between Android and iOS devices.

I know as a smartphone user, it makes more sense to be able to effortlessly connect your phone to your PC, move pictures and movies, contacts, download stuffs, etc so that’s what you get with MoboRobo.

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Top 6 PDF Editors for easy pdf file editing & management!

Today, we have having my friend Jyoti Chauhan. She has put together a list of 5 PDF editors so I thought it will be good thing to have you know about these editors. Through this post, you are also going to meet Jyoti, my friend from India.

Every day we use multiple format file but some format like  pdf, doc, jpeg, txt,  are more used than others, which is also quite useful for data extracted with software like ScraperBox. PDF (Portable Document Format) is most used format to convert your data into printable files. In this post “Top 6 PDF Editors” you can get information about top 5 most useful PDF editors, which you can use for edit you PDF files, make pdf files and read pdf files. These editors make your PDF file editing easier and smarter. All these editors are not operating system specific, all are working on all available platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and etc.

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StealthGenie Review ~Mobile Phone Spy Tool For Android, iPhone and Blackberry!

parental control android

Want a mobile phone spy tool to keep an eye on your kids, employee or someone else that should be under control? I think I have got you completely covered in this StealthGenie Review post.

As a parent, there is need to maintain some minimum control on your kids while they are away from home with friends or relatives. When you are away, you still need to make sure your kids back at home don’t become rats when the cat is out. In any case, you need to have an eye on them while they are not around you.

You want to make sure they don’t go bad places by tracking their exact location at any given time. You also may want to know what they are doing on their smartphones – the calls they make, the sound tracks, the videos, the pictures, the SMSs, the WhatsApp, Fascebook, Viber, Skype, BBM, etc.

You don’t have to monitor your kids the old fashioned way. What you need is a turnkey parental control mobile phone-based tool.

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