How to record Live Webinars conveniently with Movavi Screen Recorder!

Some weeks back, I came across a piece of program that picked my attention as this allows me to record live Webinars when I’m busy away from the computer.

Now, online live webinars by industry leaders are a great way to gain expert insights on the ropes of your trade. From tech to marketing to education, the virtual world is bustling with different webinars that are useful to both professionals and students.

But one of the issues of this exercise is time. Due to global time differences and our charged programs, it’s always difficult to make it on time.

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Microweber revolutionizes Drag & Drop for CMS and Website Building!

Those of you who are following the world of CMS and website builders may have noticed that Microweber, the turnkey opensource website builder that I wrote about some time ago, has been keeping quiet for a while. Well, guys – we have news, there has been a good reason for that.

Drag & Drop at its best

The guys at one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use CMSs out there (A system that changes the way you publish on the web) have been real busy improving the Drag & Drop feature and overhauling the admin design to give an even better experience to users.

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Cute Phone Cases for your smartphones with Glam Cases!

iphone cases

Won’t you also like to have a cute phone case? You know you are never going to have a smartphone shipped with additional phone cases. Generally, you will have different colors but what if you desire a more cut and sexy design that’s not available with the original creation?

Now, the beauty is that phone covers are not expensive so you can completely change the look of your phone without your bank account feeling the weight.

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Lucky Orange: The most recommended Heatmap, visitor tracking and live chat tool for websites

visitor recording

One of the things I have learned as a serial entrepreneur is the fact that success online largely relies in understanding your visitors. From my test and figures, the best way to get to knowing exactly what’s the need of your readers (without having to ask them to fill forms) is using a heat map tool.

I have tested many of these tools on this blog but Lucky Orange stands out from every view point. It’s not just a heat map tool but a complete suite of tools for total website optimization and usability analysis.

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How to speed up Android phone with DU Speed Booster!

DU Speed Booster review

In today’s DU Speed Booster review, we are looking at how to speed up Android phone with an app that’s almost a requirement for all Android device users. Give a new breath to your Android phone and make it that very exciting device you once had some moments back.

Remember the speed of a brand new Android phone? Has your own become so slow that you are wondering how to speed it up? One thing I’m sure about is that you are reading this post because you feel there is need to speed up your Android device.

Last week I wrote about an exciting Android device Battery Saver App. The feedback and comments I got from my readers were such a trigger of excitement. I know most of us use Android devices and it’s no fun when we run into different sorts of problems with out gadgets.

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ePub To PDF ~ Download an excellent ePub to pdf converter!

epub to pdf

Presenting an excellent ePub to pdf converter (for windows and click here for Mac users) so you can convert your ePub files and read them without headache on any device with any widely recognized pdf reader.

ePub (electronic publication) documents are files that end with .epub extension. It is a file format for publishing books and other types of content.

In other words, ePub is an open publishing format that is popular on mobile devices, tablets and dedicated eBook readers like Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo, iRiver Story HD, etc. This technology allows the content to adapt itself to fit the available screen space.

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