Cute Phone Cases for your smartphones with Glam Cases!

Won’t you also like to have a cute phone case? You know you are never going to have a smartphone shipped with additional phone cases. Generally, you will have different colors but what if you desire a more cut and sexy design that’s not available with the original creation?

Now, the beauty is that phone covers are not expensive so you can completely change the look of your phone without your bank account feeling the weight.

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I’m a lover of beauty and so is my little daughter. She has an eye for aesthetics and that’s why when I offered her one of my used iPhones (In fact to use as a gaming tool), she went ahead and tried to paste some artificial flowery designs to it. I loved what she did and wanted to offer her something more cute. I didn’t go her direction though. I thought looking for beautiful phone cases could make her experience with the device interesting.

Phone Cases from Glam Cases!

I came across beautiful collection of iPhone cases from Velvet Caviar’s Glam Cases (based in New York). They have exceptionally attractive phone skins for iPhones, Galaxies etc.

Many of their glamorous phone cases have a girly look that gives every outfit that extra fashionable touch, while also protecting your phone from collisions and impacts.

Phone cases currently being shipped for these marks:

phone cases

There are a quite beautiful phone covers you can make a choice from. They deliver worldwide so where ever you are, you are sure to get your item.

All U.S. orders are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority mail at $7 and it generally takes 1-3 Business Days.

International shipping takes 10-30 Business Days at the rate of $15

Orders submitted by noon (12:00 pm) EST will ship the same day. If the order is placed after 12PM EST, it will likely ship out the next business day

You can also pre-order items that will be shipped to you as soon as they are available.

Are you an Influencer?

Velvet  Caviar  is  looking  to  build  strong relationships  with  experienced  influencers to  help  get the  word  out  about  their products.
As an influencers, you benefit from special discounts and  free products direct from their new product lines! You may get free products valued between $50 to $200 every month and run giveaways on your blog sponsored by Velvet Caviar.
Do you love your current phone cover? Are you looking for something more cute? Are you also looking to expand your business?
Check out these phone covers by Velvet Caviar and let me know what you think.

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  1. I love these phone cases ! It’s amazing how you can know find phone cases with crazy and creative designs on them. I wonder what the future awaits for the phone case industry. Excellent post by the way !

  2. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Nice and fantastic collections of smartphone cases and covers, by the way I am very fond of stylish mobile cases and covers. And I personally feel one should have a nice mobile covers because this is the thing which you can carry with yourself. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  3. Hey!

    I love the collection of cases that you have presented above, they are damn too cute! 🙂
    Well, I was looking for the cover for my phone and so while having a suggestion I came across this post of yours!

    This is amazing indeed!
    Keep sharing! 🙂

  4. Hi Enstinemuki
    Amazing post about phone cases.
    Phone cases provide security from various harmful rays which generated when smartphone or mobile in active mode. Moreover,phone cases make your mobile phone more attractive.
    Thanks for posting

    Regards: Judy J Brittain

  5. Hello Enstine Muki,

    Very nice post and also very interesting topic. Smartphone cases are very much trending on people. All are love to use different and stylish case. I like this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi muki ,
    Really a nice post about cases..
    Nowadays people were interested in buying colourfull cases , for those people this post will be much usefull…
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  7. Hi Enstine Muki
    This is unique and new post you have shared. Mobile cases generally used by every smart phone user and everyone want unique and different cases from other.
    Great share !

  8. wow great these must be useful for girls because i have seen only a small number of boys that use these but actually girls are the one who have more interest in them.

  9. Hello there Enstine,

    This is exceptionally one of a kind however essential post for each individuals which have cell phone, Telephone cases giving security from different discharge safe gasses or beams which produced when cell phone or portable in dynamic mode..



  10. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for introducing this awesome product to us. Though, considering all the other topics, this is quite non-mainstream but this is really helpful. I have just ordered an iPhone, thinking pf buying a great case for it.

    Moreover, I’m interested with their amazing plan and their sponsored giveaways.

    Thanks a lot@

    • Hey bro,
      How are you? You know I do talk about mobile devices on my blog so frequently. I think it has a place in the Tech Watch category on my blog 😉

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  11. Hello Enstine,

    First of all i don’t have smart phone like iphone and i am little bit having no interest on those types of mobiles. but one thing i have to say i got impressed to buy one of those because of this post more particularly the covers are cute, glam, and looking sweet

    I m actually a beginner in photography
    watch out my blog and open your heart to make some open comments, critics, tease which ll be more help full for me to go further.

    Not only Enstine other blogger seeing this comment also can do anything you like
    watch my blog and photos that i shoot


    • Thanks for reading and dropping a comment Babu!
      You may go through the categories and buy anyone that you’d like to buy a phone for

      Meanwhile, keep reading and commenting here. My readers will take note of you and check out your blog. It’s not a good idea to drop a link in the comment box.

      Hope you are having a great weekend

  12. Hey bro,

    I bought a phone recently but couldn’t get a case for it. The screen length is 5.5inch . Can i get a case that will fit the phone from them? Just asking though 🙂

    • Hey bro,
      I think the best is to get in touch with them with such technical details. I may not be able to answer 😉

      thanks for being part of this conversation this weekend

  13. This is a unique post from you enstine. It looks nice when you take a cover for your phone. Thanks for sharing this post. I will surely think about this post.

  14. The ice cream case cover is superb among all of them and thank god its available for Samsung S4.

    Other phone case covers are also awesome. Thanks introducing glam cases with us.


  15. Hi Enstine Muki
    This is Well you have shared something new and useful thing. I had already purchased a phone cover for my samsung S3.
    Thanks For share
    Regards: Kartik Chugh

  16. Hey Enstinemuki..,
    I really love the design of glam cases.This is very unique but important post for every people which have smartphone, Phone cases providing security from various release harmless gases or rays which generated when smartphone or mobile in active mode.. thanks so much sir for this article.:) 🙂

  17. Hi Enstine Sir,

    This is very unique but important post for every people which have smartphone, Phone cases providing security from various release harmless gases or rays which generated when smartphone or mobile in active mode.. thanks so much sir for this article…

    Mohd Arif

  18. Hello Enstine,

    Well you’ve shared something unique and useful thing today. I had already purchased a phone case cover for my iphone last week. I really love the design of glam cases.


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