ePub To PDF ~ Download an excellent ePub to pdf converter!

Presenting an excellent ePub to pdf converter (for windows and click here for Mac users) so you can convert your ePub files and read them without headache on any device with any widely recognized pdf reader.

ePub (electronic publication) documents are files that end with .epub extension. It is a file format for publishing books and other types of content.

In other words, ePub is an open publishing format that is popular on mobile devices, tablets and dedicated eBook readers like Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo, iRiver Story HD, etc. This technology allows the content to adapt itself to fit the available screen space.

convert epub to pdf

While the ePub format has become very popular since its appearance in 2007 and has great compatibility across a wide range of eReaders, most users still have the need to convert their ePub files to more commonly available formats like pdf.

This therefore calls for solutions to convert epub to pdf fomat that will make your ePub eBooks readable on more devices like Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, computer and more without installing any ePub reader app.

Let’s look at an excellent epub to pdf converter by iStonsoft you can start using right this moment!

Convert ePub to PDF with iStonsoft ePub to PDF Converter

epub to pdf
2 weeks ago, I received an ePub eBook but found out my device wasn’t able to recognize it. Well, initially there was some panicking.

I  knew iStonsoft and had used some of their programs before so I thought to pay them a visit and find out if they have solution.

Just as expected, I found this excellent ePub to PDF Converter. This is quite a little utility that helps me convert my ePub eBooks to PDF format, which is accepted by many reading devices.

Here is a bit of what this ePub to PDF app does;

  • Convert ePub to PDF for reading on computer, Kindle Fire and more devices.
  • Batch convert several ePub files to PDF within seconds. That means you can upload as many ePub files as are available and with a simple click of the button convert them into pdf. This feature saves your precious time.
  • The converting speed is so fast that you can convert a 500-page ePub file to PDF in less than 1 minute.
  • Keeps good quality in converted files with preserving all original elements – columns, tables, images, graphics, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Keeps the original ePub: With the built-in file browser, you locate your ePub file. Once converted to pdf, your original ePub file is not tempered with.
  • You are allowed to customize the new pdf file – Set document margin, document description. Even you can secure these PDFs by applying owner password or user password, as well as copying, printing or editing permission.

Convert epub to pdf in 3 simple steps!

  1. Browse your local computer to locate the file(s) you want to convert from ePub to pdf.
  2. Set the output folder of the converted pdf file.
  3. Click “Start” to start the conversion process.

System requirement

  • For windows: Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • For Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9 or later.

How to download this converter!

That’s the pretty nice tool I wanted to present to you today. I hope it helps meet your need.

Let’s hear you out in the comment box below. Let me know what you think about this tool.

15 thoughts on “ePub To PDF ~ Download an excellent ePub to pdf converter!”

  1. Great tips! Interesting tool to use and I guess easy to use also. Probably this is the perfect converter for epub to pdf. Thanks for sharing Enstine!

  2. Hello sir Muki,
    What a lovely post, i have a question please,

    Can one use same tool to convert other files? Because I’ve been having difficulties converting my files to pdf…your help will be highly appreciated sir.

  3. wow… interesting tool you have shared with us.. i think its a best tool to convert epub file to pdf formate 🙂 Thanks for sharing thus useful tool.. i really appreciate to your work 🙂

  4. Interesting Software 🙂
    iStonsoft has some cool tool and ePub to PDF converter is one of them.
    You shared something cool that we may need at any time.

  5. Well I doubt if I was aware of epub but this post does makes me aware. Moreover nice review cum specification detailed Enstine.

    But I would love to find if it would be online instead of downloading as online it would be portable and handy to use. More over you can use it in mobiles to.

    Overall great!


    • Hey Sylviane,
      Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by

      Of course, take your time to find out more about this app. I have used it and can confirm it does what it says. After your investigations, I’ll be excited to know what you discoveries are 😉

      Have a happy weekend my dear friend

  6. Great tip. I used something like this when I was traveling more. I didnt have space for my kindle, ipad, computer, phone, and all my books! I dont remember what it was claled (it was for mac) but I used some software that took all my epub, pdfs, etc and put them on my phone for reading. It was great, saved me a bunch of time.


    • Hey Chris,
      Good to see you here again and thanks for adding your voice to the discussion 😉
      You know I’m anxiously waiting for next Thursday 😉

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  7. Hey Enstine,

    Interesting tool you stumbled here.

    A minute back I got this in my mail newsletter. Being an eBook Designer it was obvious to come and read what it is.

    I agree PDF is well recognised app when it comes globally. Clients prefer their book in PDF than having in ePub version. Still there are lot who want in ePub.

    Hence, it would be great if you have added an app that does opposite to what this converter do.

    Overall an impressive tool.

    • Hey Irfan,
      Where have you been bro?

      Welcome back and thanks for taking the time to drop a comment.

      I’m trying my hands on an ePub creator and a pdf to ePub converter. I surely will talk about them in the nearest feature.

      Hope you are having a great weekend

  8. Hi Enstine,
    Yet another wonderful tool via EMuki platform!
    But, it looks like the price is bit on a higher side!
    May be I doubt many can’t afford to get it.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing this tool
    Have a great weekend
    ~ Phil

    • Hey Phil,
      Thanks for sharing your point

      Well, some may not see that as being high. Depending on what they do, they may still want a copy 😉

      hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  9. This is a nice software using which we can convert pub file to pdf format which is easy to read . It is easy to use and anyone can use this software . I will surely download this software.

    Thanks for sharing about it.

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