How to start a successful blog ~ Don’t fail before you start!

How to start a successful blog

I got a question from one of my readers a few days ago on how to start a successful blog. It instantly dawned on me that many more readers may be clicking around with the same question on their minds.

Truth is,  a lot of people who stop blogging along the line failed before even getting into the activity. Common sense teaches us that the way you start a race can determine how you end it.

For the most part, beginners come in with a lot of excitement, motivated by some misunderstood factors. Before they know it, they are hitting their heads on the wall.

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ePub To PDF ~ Download an excellent ePub to pdf converter!

epub to pdf

Presenting an excellent ePub to pdf converter (for windows and click here for Mac users) so you can convert your ePub files and read them without headache on any device with any widely recognized pdf reader.

ePub (electronic publication) documents are files that end with .epub extension. It is a file format for publishing books and other types of content.

In other words, ePub is an open publishing format that is popular on mobile devices, tablets and dedicated eBook readers like Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo, iRiver Story HD, etc. This technology allows the content to adapt itself to fit the available screen space.

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Adsense Alternatives ~ How to Monetize Without Google!

Most of the bloggers or website owners who want to monetize their blogs often get broken and discouraged once their Adsense account gets banned. We know it has even become more difficult to get approved on Adsense these days. This has made the dream of many to make money with their site a shadow.

There are many Adsense alternatives out there but I must also point out here that most of these alternatives won’t measure up to half of Google’s platform. Don’t just signup to any platform because it claims to be an advertising platform that can allow you generate income from your site.

The fact that your Adsense Account was banned or Google rejected your application for a brand new account does not mean the end of the journey. You can still make money with your blog.

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The journey of Nisha Pandey, a professional blogger

Nisha Pandey

Welcome to Today’s post where I present another problogger. She is from India but before we get into details about her, check out this list of others I have featured in the past.

If you are reading this post for your very first time, every Thursday on this blog, I feature a blogger. The main reason of doing this is just to connect and give you the opportunity to meet more bloggers and grow your network.

You too can be feature. You just have to be a blogger and my reader. For the most part, I feature my readers and those who interact with me and other readers on this blog.

Getting featured is free if I contact you. However, you can contact me and let’s discuss about you and your products/services being featured for a token fee.

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WordPress portfolio themes: Top 30 Designs

Portfolio WordPress Themes

WordPress portfolio themes were designed to make your life simpler. It’s never been easier to represent all your works in one place. No matter what you need it for. You might be seeking for a job and need to grab attention of your potential employer. Or you are a company offering some sort of services and need to pick the interest of your potential clients.

Or you simply want to share your works with the world. One way or another it is all about drawing attention. All the rest depends on your skills and abilities. But if you can catch an eye of the visitors with your design, you won’t even have the possibility to demonstrate your skills.

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Word to PDF Converter ~ Easily & Quickly Convert Word Files to PDF!

word to pdf converter

iStonsoft’s Word to PDF Converter, the solution to manipualating digital documents

As an entrepreneur, one of the challenges I used to face was being able to digitally move my invoices and some important documents to my clients and not worry about unauthorized changes.

One other very big issue I used to face is that of some of my clients telling me they ain’t able to open my invoice due to system incompatibility. This pushed me into looking for a quick solution -> Word to PDF converter!

Using PDF files has become a very common practice. The fact that PDF format is compatible with any operating system makes it a universal word processing application. This is one of the major reasons why PDF format has become so popular over the years.

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