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Social Media Marketing

After a break on my Thursday Series, I’m back and this time, with a bit of spices added to the mix. I used to just present exciting bloggers but from today hence, I will be doing some product presentations too.

I have so many bloggers who have exceptionally great products to power your business and it will be my pleasure to let them talk to us about their products.

Donna Merrill, Don Purdum, James McAllister, Brent Jones, Joy Healey, Adrienne Smith, Carol Amato, Ryan Biddulph, Tim Soulo, etc are authors and product creators so we will be hearing from them on Thursdays.

Today, let’s kick off with Uttoran Sen. He talks to us about his platform and how this can help you market on social media. Let’s hear from Uttoran so over to you buddy… 

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April 2015 Income, Engagement, Thank You!

income report feat

It’s 1st May here in Cameroon as I write this post. Companies and laborers are out for celebrations. Yes it’s labor day for those who have a “boss”. But what if you are your own boss?

Being a freelance developer, Internet marketer and blogger, I became my own boss years back. Now, permit me say it’s a life full of awesomeness.  That’s why right this moment, my kids are hanging allover me. I’m typing this post in an atmosphere of fun. We just got our breakfast and after publication, I’ll take them out for a drive – for some nice things and goodies for the kids. 

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Speech to text ~ Transcribe any audio with 99% accuracy!

speech to text

Presenting a tested Speech to text service that effectively handles any audio transcription (audio to text) in over 10 languages. Forget about voice recognition software and meet highly qualified professions who are ready to deliver excellence while respecting deadlines.

There are many reasons people may want to transcribe their audio recordings. Some do the transcription themselves with errors, some look for speech to text software and others try to hire professionals.

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5 Ways to Provide Real Value with Your Blog!

Today, we have Zac Johnson here, this time to share with us excellent tips to make our blogs a place to be. Zac is a pro blogger and top affiliate marketer. He’s the found of, a video training platform aimed at out of you a pro money making blogger and affiliate marketer.

Over to you Zac…

There are well over 300 million blogs in the world today. That’s a lot of freaking blogs!

The bad news is that 99% of them are garbage, consisting of either low quality content, forgotten projects or simply don’t serve a purpose to the rest of the world.

So how can you make a blog that actually serves a purpose and can become a legitimate site or even full time business in the process?

Simple… put in the time and effort to treat your blog like a business, and not just a side project with a “let’s see what happens” mentality

With that said, here are five great ways to bring more value to your blog and your visitor experience in the process. After all… isn’t that why we are blogging in the first place?

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Cute Phone Cases for your smartphones with Glam Cases!

iphone cases

Won’t you also like to have a cute phone case? You know you are never going to have a smartphone shipped with additional phone cases. Generally, you will have different colors but what if you desire a more cut and sexy design that’s not available with the original creation?

Now, the beauty is that phone covers are not expensive so you can completely change the look of your phone without your bank account feeling the weight.

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1000 BroadedNet credits per member ~ Huge gift!

BroadedNet has been doing pretty good these days though I have been slow in promotion. While I decided to sell it to someone so as to focus on the next project I’m working on (and of course my blog), I still see interesting activities going on.

NB: I have written quite much about broaded on this blog. Click here for more

I sent a mail to members about the sale and some of them got really interested. While I’m still in negotiation, I will still want to give a chance to my readers to acquire a wonderfully profitable platform.

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