#1 stupid error money making bloggers make (How to correct it)

Some bloggers don’t care about making money from blogging and that’s fine. But most of us blog as a business. So generating income from the activity is a reason we cannot deny.

The need to make money blogging is driving some money making bloggers crazy.  And I see many of us make this avoidable error. Most often, we don’t even see it as an error.

But it’s costing us a lot. It’s killing the very reason we blog.

What’s that’s stupid error though?

We focus on making money

That’s it.

I know it sounds like I’m making an error by calling this an error. But allow me explain.

To focus on making money is an error if you want to make money

Before we get into digging deeper, I have a post on 15 different ways bloggers make money. If you haven’t read that article, go check it out.

I also spoke with some 18 industry leaders and they shared with us how they make money blogging. Here is the post for you.

But how can focusing on making money be an error?

The quick answer is that money is attracted by something else. In other words, the inflow of money is  the result of something done. So we must be able to focus on those things that get the result.

Now, if you read this post, you’ll find out that Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, Direct Advertising, Contextual Advertising, etc, are some of the ways to make money from your blog.

But there is just no way you can get these methods to work for you by focusing on them. Go ahead and spread banners all over your blog and let’s see how those banners metamorphose to money.

According to one of my buddies, Ryan Biddulph of BloggingFromParadise, Affiliate Marketing has never made anybody money. You may find that hard to chew but check out details here.

Let’s talk about sponsored content for a moment.

Many bloggers make a lot of money getting paid to review products. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the ways I monetize this blog.

Often, companies pay between $100 and $500 for a sponsored post here. Some blogs even make more and this depends on a couple of factors. I won’t get into that now.

The point is if you focus on getting companies to pay you money to review their products, you’ll soon regrettably fail.


Because you are focusing on the money and that’s just the wrong path to take. Many bloggers have done all they are told. Some have read my post here on how and where to find advertisers to buy space on their blogs.

They have a long list of advertisers they have contacted. They have sent beautiful attractive mails. Yet it’s like the world is just collapsing on them.

Again, the reason is that they are focusing on the money. But here is the simple truth:

Once you start focusing on the right things, Advertisers will spot you and come for themselves with their credit cards in their hands.

And that sounds incredible doesn’t it?

But what are the things that attract money for bloggers

If the inflow of money is a result of some other things, what are these things? What do you do to attract money?

As a matter of fact, there is just one thing you should focus on to trigger money your way and this is to:

Drive more targeted traffic.

Don’t be fooled. That’s the only thing you need to focus on to make money blogging. More of it means more money. Less of it means less money.

I don’t care what you were told by your coach. But the simple truth is that if you and your family are the only readers on your blog, you will remain broke for the rest of it.

Targeted traffic is the traffic made up of the quality of readers who will appreciate your content. They will find value in what you share  and stick around to form your marketplace.

Some marketers are teaching you to focus on Conversion Optimization. That’s beautiful but if you don’t get traffic, what are you trying to convert?

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how to make more money blogging by avoiding this stupid error

How do you drive targeted traffic to your blog?

Have you noticed I have been talking about targeted traffic? That’s because it does really matter who is reading your blog.

That means telling your friends and school mates you have a new post makes completely no sense if they are just coming to see what their mate has shared.

But I’m going to share with you 4 less-mentioned steps to drive targeted traffic to your blog. There is no way round it. You must follow these steps to see results:

1 – You or your blog?

People think it’s about their blogs. But the truth is your blog is just a reflection of your worth. Anyone can create a beautiful, eye candy blog. It’s just technology that’s at the reach of all right?

But that’s not important this moment. In blogging, people seek to connect with people not their blogs. Work on your person. Train yourself. Add value to your inner man.

Position yourself to help others and they will be a constant move from outsiders to connect with you. Investing in you is a major step towards attracting money.

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2 – Find problems faced by the people

You cannot avoid this step if you want to make money blogging. You must be able to find a problem people in your niche face.

The beauty about this point is that there are problems everywhere. It doesn’t matter the direction of your thinking, you are always going to find someone wrapped up in a certain difficulty. That will be an opportunity for you to make money.

3 – Find solutions to those problems

The next step is to provide solutions to these problems. In other words, publish content that helps your audience solve their problems.

Remember we are talking about how to drive targeted traffic and this is a crucial point.

More of the people reading blogs are looking for solutions to some problems. There is actually no useful content that doesn’t solve a particular problem. In every niche, there are small and big problems.

So don’t just write. Ask yourself how your next article is going to help readers out. What are you seeking to address? What is the takeaway point?

4 – Tell your audience about the problem you are solving

You’ve found a problem. You’ve provided a solution. It’s time to let (not the whole world but) those who are affected by the problem know you have a solution on your blog.

This is where you do all those things you’ve read about driving traffic to your blog:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Guest posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Niche Forum posting
  • Content syndication
  • Etc

Here is the bitter truth:

If you go to do these things without your blog solving problems,  chances are that you won’t get good results. Period!

For the most part, if your blog really solves people’s problems, readers will turn to it always. The solutions you provide will attract readers who are ready to spend.

Your Marketplace is growing

When readers come to your blog and discover you have an engaging and active audience, they will have the push to become your customers. They would want to buy your services, buy space on your blog, sponsor content on your blog, etc.

They reason is that you have a market for them. They don’t pay you because they have some affinity with you or your blog. They don’t love you. They want results. That’s why they pay you.

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If you focus on growing your marketplace (through a growing flow of targeted readers), advertisers will locate you by themselves and if you make any move to contact them, they will find it difficult to turn down your deal.

Making money with affiliate marketing will be easier

We are in the days when people don’t just buy products because of long list of features. They don’t even believe in the shinny objects on sales pages. Consumers want an endorsement by an influencer (someone they trust)

If you help your readers solve their problems, you become their influencer. In other words, you have an influence on their buying decision.

That’s so important!

So each time you mention and recommend a product, they’ll buy and you earn the commissions.

You can only influence people of you add value to their lives. So turn your focus from the money. Face those things that attract money – adding value to people’s lives. You will see money.

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Fatal error money making bloggers are making that is costing them money. This is how to correct the error and make more money


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