How Do You Deal with Blogging Rejection? (Answered!)

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How to Gracefully Handle Rejection

Many bloggers believe I am lucky, gifted or talented, the recipient of good fortune. But what if I told you my first blogging course – see the image below – registered 8,000 page views before someone bought it? 8,000 rejections.

What if I told you my first eBook – before I created Blogging From Paradise – sold 4 copies in 4 months? Talk about rejections. I promoted the eBook tirelessly.

I almost appeared on the National Geographic channel to talk about one of my crazy travel stories, but again, at the last minute, I got rejected once again.

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Many years ago I took these rejections personally. Sometimes I reacted in anger. I cursed people who turned me down; what a mistake they were making! I eventually learned how my fear-filled reaction to not getting what I wanted was the only reason I even contemplated the concept of rejection.

Everything in life is an opportunity. We live in abundance. Turns out, I was never rejected once. I just had to let go opportunities to make room for more prospering opportunities.

I never would have made this realization unless I stopped reacting to blogging rejection and began responding to opportunities. Unfortunately, most bloggers blog from such a fear-filled, poverty conscious energy that they:

  • react with anger to a potential client who does not hire them
  • feel bitter about readers who do not buy their products
  • bemoan all opportunities seemingly lost

If you genuinely own your snap reaction to rejection, you can face, feel and release rejection-related fears. Clearing those fears helps you blog from a fun, loving, abundant, rejection-free energy.

My blogging course is excellent. Who cares if 8,000 page views elapsed before someone bought the course. I was not really rejected 8,000 times. I just had to patiently and persistently get clear on allowing in the prosper customers.

Every moment is an opportunity to get clearer on your intent, to be more generous and to serve more people.

Observe David Boozer. He has persistently helped his community to prosper online. He is so focused on creating and connecting and he has so generously promoted me that I literally can name 15 members of his tribe who became readers of my blog. I guarantee you that David doesn’t even consider the concept of rejection or loss; he’s just focused on being a world class teacher who serves his community.

When you are so busy helping people that you only see gain, not loss, you cannot possibly be rejected. Focusing on service also helps you detach largely from outcomes so you need not get caught up in your link click to buy rations, potential clients not choosing you or any other seeming rejection that deflates most bloggers.

I am rejection-free because I am too busy loving and serving people.

10 minutes ago I noted once again how Enstine promoted me generously via Twitter. I knew I had to write another guest post for his community; automatic impulse. Who cares if I have to wake at 3 AM to catch 3 flights from Turkey to Thailand, in a few hours? I deeply appreciate his generosity and am happy to write and share this guest post with love.

Being surrounded by so many kind friends and being so grateful to render such blogging service, how could I even contemplate the idea of someone ever rejecting me?

Get so busy helping and making friends that you could never feel rejected. Stop focusing on the 100 people who did not buy your eBook today. Begin focusing on helping 100 people today through retweeting them and asking how you can help them.

Blogging rejection is an impossibility in an abundant world.

Stop focusing on what you didn’t get.

Concentrate on what you can give.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Deal with Blogging Rejection? (Answered!)”

  1. Ah I needed to hear that!
    I actually saw a TED Talk recently that talked about the important of resilience and of getting up again after failure. Rejection and not taking it personally fits right into that. Thank you for sharing your story and for keeping us going!


  2. I manage to tame Poindexter (my inner critic) on most days. But the one thing still stumping me: how to put a positive face on a rejection from an unseen face and unknown persona. This article lends much needed tangible assistance to escape the mental morass, and I’m much aprecaiive!

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Posts like this are the reason why many are still blogging no matter how many times they are rejected. Your article gives readers who are feeling down the will-power to keep on pushing forward. I love your remark where you said; “Everything in life is an opportunity. We live in abundance. Turns out, I was never rejected once. I just had to let go of opportunities to make room for more prospering opportunities.”
    You summed it all in those words. Good job buddy!

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and giving important tips and advice.
    I appreciate your effort and the details you have mentioned in your article.
    Keep Blogging !!

  5. Ryan your story is so inspirational.

    It’s truly impressive how resilient you were and how far that has brought you.

    After my first blog failed, I made sure to make sales my first month just to assuage my fear of failure. Every thing I did in that first month with my 2nd blog was focused on making sure I could actually make money blogging.

    I think 300 pageviews would be my limit as a beginner, 30 – 50 today.

    Thanks for sticking it through and sharing your awesomeness with the world.

    PS: Any chance you can share this story on my blog too? I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask so please don’t think me disrespectful if it isn’t 🙂

  6. hey Ryan

    in my short blogging journey, I have rejected a few times.

    and this post motivates me to keep going.

    thank you so much

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