How to improve your blog writing skills from beginner to expert!

To be a successful money making blogger in our times, you have to constantly seek to be better at writing.

Content creation has remarkably improved. Change is constant and any blogger who doesn’t strive to improve will gradually be relegated.

There are different types of blog posts to create. However, in this post, I will give you tips on how to write wake-up call posts and how to move from a complete beginner to a seasoned prolific writer.

How to Write Wake up Call Posts

Wake-up call posts are posts meant to call the readers’ attention to something done wrongly. Something probably neglected, but which is leaving behind negative footprints.

You probably know that often we do not even realize what mistakes we make. And we just need a view from the outside, to lead us in the right direction.

In writing wake-up call posts, we need to bring out some harsh truths to our readers and face realities. These may leave bruises (not literally, of course), but they make you wiser. And most importantly, forced to “open your eyes”.

Mitch Mitchell had had enough. And  it came a moment for him to create this wake-up call post to draw the attention of bloggers to somewhat ugly engagement behavior.

wake up call posts

Introducing your Wake-up call posts

Like any difficult conversation, such a post requires being wise.

First, identify what the reader wants and what he is currently doing to get what he wants. Acknowledge that such actions may be justified. And show that you sincerely empathize with their direction.

How to get to the point?

You have a message to get across to your readers. You definitely want them to wake up to something that’s not right.

Some readers are bloggers who want to succeed in blogging, for instance. But they are unknowingly taking a direction that leads to failure.

In some cases, they set the wrong goals or take wrong steps based on incorrect assumptions. In your wake-up call post, help them with the write information.

Highlight readers’ errors. Show why you think what they are doing is wrong and give serious arguments. And then suggest alternative options that will bring the desired result.

Some specific Specific tactics

  • Give reasons why the odd practice does not work and why they need a new one;
  • For each mistake, propose a solution; for each false assumption, a refutation with evidence (this is important!);
  • Show real-life examples of how your tactic allows you to succeed;
  • Share your experiences in overcoming the same mistakes.

Blogging and writing for beginners

Ok I think I addressed the point above quite clearly. But some folks may want to blog or start writing without any prior-writing experience. You have a passion for it and you want to move on.

The first thing to do is to start writing about things that excite you. Write on things you know a lot about.

Turning to a writing service may be an option for a start or you simply want to outsource it. While these services can help a great deal, here are some more tips to build yourself to a proficient writer:

  • Don’t stop writing: Practice makes perfect right? The best way to develop your skills at something is constant practice. The more you write the more you are able to write. Write short-form posts and gradually increase the number of words with time.
  • Read and read: Don’t only write. Read what others have writing. For best results, read related content. Reading out of topic won’t help much in developing your skills. As you read and take down notes, you become a better writer.
  • Be disciplined: Have a plan of action and objectives. Stick to it and don’t give yourself to distractions and discouragement.

Thanks for reading. I hope this short post helps. You may want to check out this post on how to develop the right writing habits for bloggers.

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