5 Instagram Stories Hacks For Beginners

New to Instagram, or just the Story feature? No problem!

You’ve made your way to the right place for everything you need to know about Instagram stories for beginners. These five hacks will help you maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram stories and reach a wider audience.

Stories are the perfect marketing tool for small businesses or even influencers who are trying to reach new followers and get them engaged with unique content. If you’re not using the stories feature, you’re missing out on one of Instagram’s best tools!

Five Instagram Stories Hacks For new comers

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Instagram stories work best when they’re short and sweet. Yes, they’ve already got a time limit, but you must remember that you only have a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before they disengage entirely. Keeping your stories short will ensure that you’re getting the point across without scaring anyone off.

Keep the videos on point by focusing on the point of the video. Are you advertising a product? Sending a message? Giving advice? Stay focused on why you’re posting and then make it as short and sweet as possible. Your viewers will appreciate the simplicity and you’ll have a better chance of sparking interest in potential followers.

Video content has been the king of content for the past few years, so once you master using your IG stories, you’ll likely notice a spike in your followers!

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2. Tell a Compelling Story

People love compelling stories; stories that make them feel emotion, that they connect with, or that are memorable. Telling a compelling story in under fifteen seconds might not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s certainly possible.

Focus on the heart of the story you’re trying to tell. You can take the main point or lesson of the story and include it for maximum effectiveness. You can always post a longer video on IGTV with the complete message behind it. If you’re effective, your audience will want to see the rest of the story that’s connected to that short clip. While you’re experimenting with endless possibilities, there is various software that can help you in other tasks which aren’t related to content production, such as Kicksta.

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3. Use High-Quality Images/Video

Let’s say you’re featuring a review of the best CBD oil on your IG page or a demo of a new beauty product. You’re using your old cellphone to film it, and the quality is…well, it looks like it was filmed with a toaster. Think of what it would be like to view that from the other end of things. You’re excited to see the latest video, but the quality is terrible and you can’t really get a clear picture of what’s happening.

Using high-quality images not only makes the point of the video clear, but it also sets you apart from the competition by setting the standard for excellence in your content. Good quality content is what helps increase your exposure and will mean the difference between potential followers hitting the follow button or leaving your page altogether.

Focus on quality! If you need to upgrade your equipment, do it. It’s well worth the effort in the end, and your followers will appreciate it.

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4. Include a Logo or Link to Your Website

One mistake many beginners make is not including a logo, website link, or call to action in their IG stories. This is how the viewers will know who posted it and where they can go for your products or other social media accounts. A logo will help them remember your brand as well, so don’t forget to include that at the very least.

No matter what niche you specialize in, from CBD to beauty to fashion and everything in between, the rules for successful IG stories are pretty much the same.

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5. Keep Your Audience In Mind

Above all else, the best thing you can do is keep your audience in mind when you’re posting content. What age group are you posting to? Gender? What may be effective for one group can have absolutely no effect on another. Even if you buy Instagram followers, you still need to get to know your audience in order to maximize the effectiveness of your stories.

It doesn’t hurt to interact with your followers now and then to get a better idea of what kind of content they’d like to see. You can ask for suggestions, feedback, and more on your posts for a better understanding of their thoughts. Don’t sit in the dark wondering, just ask!

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The Take-Away

Your Instagram stories can be a powerful tool for reaching new viewers and giving your current followers something to talk about. Keep them short and sweet, and remember to always focus on quality over quantity. Being original is always preferable to stealing someone else’s ideas or trying to imitate someone else’s style.

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  1. Stories is a great place to grow your relationship with followers, but I confess I’m a little tired of Instagram, changing the rules all the time. I see people daily being blocked just by putting the link in the bio. I already had a profile that was well worked and I had to delete it after being blocked and having my engagement reduced to zero.

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  3. I am totally newbie to instagram and was looking for something like this. You shared exactly what I needed and I hope all the hacks will work as mentioned above.

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