How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Blog (In 5 Easy Steps)

Are you using Instagram to promote your blog and business? What are Instagram marketing strategies vital for sustaining your online business? We will provide answers later in a moment.

However, there is so much buzz about Instagram, and businesses that are not leveraging the social media power-house are missing out on the gold coin. But you may wonder why all the hype about Instagram?

Here is why;

Instagram’s daily active users have surpassed 500,000 million, making it the third most prominent social media platform. Moreover, it amasses over 4.2 billion daily post likes and an annual 80% increase in video content. Thus, it makes sense that the social media visual platform is gaining more than enough hype. 

These stats show why Instagram marketing should be part of your blogging and digital marketing strategy. Thus, it is unthinkable to ignore the site since part of your target market are using the platform daily. Never mind, I know what you’re thinking.

How Can Your Blog Benefit From Instagram?

To using Instagram to promote your blog is not rocket science; however, you must have a sustainable plan for optimal results. And since you have a massive market or audience on Instagram, you can benefit by applying practical Instagram marketing strategies that will: 

  • Improve your blog’s visibility
  • Drive more traffic
  • Increase leads, and
  • Thrive online.

Nonetheless, although the tips are actionable which you can apply today, your success will depend highly on how active you are and how effective you implement them. Hence, in this article, you will learn five actionable steps that will help you promote your blog using Instagram. Let us consider the best tactics for your campaign. Of course, safety comes first, so before we get started, don’t forget to use a proxy if you use any risky tools. Bumped has a guide for the 7 Best Instagram Proxies (2020 Reviews).

1: Create Your Instagram Business Account and Optimize It

Instagram offers you the options of having a personal or business account. However, since your goal is to advertise your blog, drive traffic, and increase return on investment (ROI), you must create a business account.

The Instagram business comes with fantastic features that will enable you to maximize the platform to grow your blog. On the other hand, your personal profile is where you can post selfies and other private photos not related to your business.

Add Your Blog Link to Your Bio

Thus, after you set up your Instagram business, go back to your profile, click the edit button, and include your blog’s link to direct users to your site to help you increase blog traffic. Note that on Instagram, you only have one location to add a clickable link, and that is on your bio right below your name and description.

Moss Clement

Hence, as you publish post after posts, always add the link to your latest post by replacing the existing one in your bio.

Craft a Compelling Bio to Attract and Hook Your Target Followers 

Your target audience cannot start following you out of the blue, or because you created a new Instagram profile. They will always click to read your profile. And if your account is not interesting enough to hook them, they will leave without even interacting with your photos.

Therefore, ensure that visitors to your profile will find compelling data on your bio. Let them know that they will benefit a lot if they choose to follow you. Help them see that you will add value to them with useful content.

What information can you include in your bio?

When writing your bio description, make it brief and concise. Include your business name and highlight what you do. Also, tell users how you are going to help them, but don’t be promotional. In other words, tell users who you are, what you do, and how you are going to add value to their lives.

If you can convince your targets in your description, they will engage with your materials, follow you, and click over to your blog for the more helpful content.

2: Promote Your Blog Using Professional Images

If you have an e-commerce business, you will know that product images have a fantastic influence on buyer behavior on Instagram. That is why 70% of customers say, an elaborate photo is more useful when making a buying decision than product information. 

That is, according to WishPond, and you can say the same about posting a profession image for your blog content on Instagram. Moreover, since Instagram is a social media site that drives website traffic that converts to leads and customers, sharing professional photos of your blog will boost engagement and increase traffic to your blog.

Moss Clement's profile

All you have to do is post visuals that are unique and irresistible. Furthermore, because your Instagram marketing strategy is to build a community around your blog, share remarkable photos regularly. Strangely enough, the uniqueness of your images may attract clients who will pay you to post on Instagram.

It will attract followers to your profile and direct them to your blog. Talking about Instagram followers, you need to grow your followers to increase engagement and traffic. 

3: Grow Your Followers to Increase Engagement and Boost Blog Traffic

One of the easiest ways to increase traction to your profile and drive massive traffic back to your blog is to grow your followers on the platform. If you can increase your Instagram followers and build a community of loyal audience, your blog will thrive.

Why is that so? It is because ideal followers will always visit your site via Instagram for new content even without you posting on the platform. Nevertheless, the big question is not whether or not you should increase your community on the site, but how to grow your Instagram followers.

The tips in this article will help you to grow your followers; however, there is another way to skyrocket your audience growth faster than you can imagine. We will discuss that later in a moment. And the truth is, growing a large following on the platform is the commencement of a prosperous Instagram marketing strategy. 

Why? The reason is that you must have a community of loyal followers who will always interact with your posts. In other words, if you do not have a considerable number of a target audience to engage with your photos, your blog and business will suffer.

Your Instagram marketing campaign will be a waste of time. Nonetheless, users will only engage with your posts and follow your brand if your posts are captivating to learn more about product and sales. Here are some statistics to help you understand what I’m saying:

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Blog (In 5 Easy Steps)

Source: Search Engine Journal

A report by Search Engine Journal (SEJ) reveals why customers follow a brand on social media. The report shows that 60% and 62% of consumers support a brand on social sites because they want to get updated about new products and sales offerings.

4: Use Instagram Tools for Engagement and Followers

You can grow your Instagram followers in different ways; however, the fastest way to increase your growth is to use Instagram tools for followers and engagement. And as you may already know, there are several tools in the market, but the best ones have advanced targeting features that will assist you in growing your community faster. 

The best Instagram engagement and follower bots work incredibly well based on specific targets or the criteria you want the software to track. In light of this, I recommend Instazood. For example, with this Instagram bot, you can schedule or program the tool to follow your competitors’ profiles or engage with relevant hashtags. 

How Instazood Work

Earlier I mentioned that the software would track your competitors and their followers. These are people who already qualify as your target market. 

It will interact with them through post likes, comments on posts, and follow. This actions will draw curious targets to your profile to check you out and engage with your material as well. As a result, the software will help you to acquire free Instagram followers who will further increase engagement on your profile and drive more traffic to your blog.

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Blog (In 5 Easy Steps)

Here are a few features of the Instazood:

  • Monitor your target followers
  • Comment on their posts
  • Like their posts
  • Follow relevant profiles
  • Send direct messages (DM) to both new followers and existing followers
  • Engage with users and draw them to your profile
  • Help you remain active and consistent – a trust factor
  • Schedule and post your photos at the right time of day to increase engagement
  • Etc.

*Important* The Instagram bot provides you a platform not only to grow your followers but also to promote your business. How? It lets you use the DM feature to notify users of new products and special offers. 

For instance, you can use the auto direct messaging to send out texts with calls-to-action in your messages to direct users to your blog or landing page. You can send notifications about:

  • New products
  • Contest
  • Discounted good
  • Giveaways
  • Coupon codes
  • Webinars
  • Etc.

What I also find interesting is that Instazood will let you automate the processes and still maintain Instagram’s policy and terms of use.

5: Hook Users With Compelling Instagram Captions

Use captions to illustrate the subject of your photos, videos, and Instagram stories. When writing Instagram captions, include hashtags to make t more visible to others. You can also tag other users to boost engagement and reach.

*Important* If you’re unable to increase engagement on your profile by hooking them with your Instagram caption, it means that you will not improve your blog traffic numbers via the visual social media site.

For this reason, ensure that you craft a compelling caption that will keep visitors longer on your profile and urge them to click the link to your blog.

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Blog (In 5 Easy Steps)

Source: Janice Wald

Here is what to do

  • Use your caption to directs users towards your blog link on your bio
  • Add a robust call-to-action in your Instagram caption to compel visitors to take your desired action. 
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Add geotags or location to your images. 

These steps will encourage engagement and boost traffic to your site. For instance, research shows that when Instagram users tag posts with a particular location, engagement increases by 79%. Therefore, it makes sense to add your region to photos whenever you post on Instagram.

Despite that, to create a venue on Instagram photos, you need to visit Facebook because that is where you can create a location. You can only access the location feature on the Facebook app for Android and iPhone. Notwithstanding, once you set up your region, it will appear on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Instagram marketing is a fantastic way to reach your target followers with your blog content at the right time to drive traffic back to your site. However, to achieve success, you need to apply Instagram marketing best practices.

This content provides lots of valuable tactics that will help you accomplish your goals. You will be able to connect more intimately with prospects and build a loyal community of targeted followers through comments and post engagements. 

These strategies will, in turn, compel them to visit your site regularly for more useful content and increase traffic to your blog. Hence, take advantage of Instagram marketing and grow your blog faster. What other hacks would you like to add to the list? We would like to know in the comments below.

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