4 Tips to Keep Your Good Blogging Reputation


This gig weeds out dishonest folks fast.

The split second you lie outrageously, look out. Say “good-bye” to your good blogging reputation. Successful bloggers maintain a good blogging rep. Failing bloggers generally have a bad blogging reputation, at least from the aspect of consistently delivering value. Some highly successful bloggers lose their good name through a series of bad choices. Lose your good rep. Lose trust. Lose your success.

Follow these 4 tips to keep your good blogging reputation.

1: Always Be Honest

Be honest. Tell the truth. Always. Never make false claims. Never do something you morally know is the unethical decision. We know when doing right or wrong things. Listen to your conscience. Tell the truth.

Being honest keeps your good reputation intact. Nothing to fear for honest bloggers. Plus you sleep well at night. Never mind how success finds you in increasing amounts if you always be honest in all of your blogging dealings. Be straight with people. People respect you, trust you and build your good blogging reputation.

2: Surround Yourself with Only Reputable Bloggers

Befriend only genuine bloggers. Network with honest bloggers boasting pristine reputations. Reputable bloggers influence you to blog with integrity. These folks never lie blogging-wise. All of my good blogging buddies sport fabulous reputations. I never feel any pressure to lie or do less than genuine things because my buddy network influences me to be straight in all I do.

Never network with bloggers who do less than reputable things. Release these folks fast. Connect with genuine bloggers. Befriend reputable bloggers. Adopt their qualities.

3: Build Strong Bonds with Your Readers

Some bloggers who experience worldly success never develop a sterling blogging reputation because these types cannot be bothered with their readers. I found it tough to maintain a good blogging reputation because I never bonded deeply with my readers a decade ago, when I began blogging. But I eventually formed genuine, warm friendships with my readers. I went from having *a* blogging reputation to having *a good* blogging reputation. My readers endorsed me. My readers promoted me. Their friends hopped on blogging board.

Happy fans spread your good reputation like wild fire. Show love to people who show you love. Keep helping readers. Engage your readers. Treat readers like friends because they are warm, fabulous folks who amplify your success.

4: Be Generous

Being generous makes your blogging good name grow like the blazes. Help oodles of people for free. Publish blog posts. Place guest posts. Folks love generous bloggers. Generous bloggers maintain a dazzling blogging reputation because people appreciate bloggers who give freely of their time and talents.

On the flip side, folks tend to be wary of bloggers who hold back. Stingy bloggers have a poor reputation in many circles because we sense their fear of being generous. Their unwillingness to help people freely turns readers off.

Bonus Tip

Be true to your word in blogging business dealings. I never hold business grudges and release people quickly but remember every person who did not follow through on business arrangements. One fairly well-known blogger refused to pay me after I wrote in-depth, helpful, multiple drafts of an article for him. He lost his reputation that day in my eyes. I’d never recommend him to anybody. Although I would never trash the man.

One blogger refused to pay me for a sponsored post. I did strip her link but used her content to benefit me and my audience. She lost her reputation. Fast.

Always do business with integrity. Pay for service rendered. Don’t try to get *everything* for free online. Drop some money. Don’t gain the reputation of being a cheap skate. Honor business agreements. Only release blogging courses with reputable bloggers.


Follow these tips closely. Maintaining a good blogging reputation accelerates your blogging success. But you need to pay close attention to the fundamentals. Blog with integrity. Be genuine. Succeed. Plus, sleep well at night.

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