5 Ways to Get Paid for Instagram Posts

Getting paid to share posts on Instagram sure is a nice way to earn a living. But in order to achieve that, there are many obstacles that need a lot of work to overcome.

People romanticize being an Instagram influencer because it looks easy on the outside. This reason is why many people try to get into the Instagram game.

However, you need to put in the work of creating great content and building an audience you can make money off your Instagram account!

Usually, brands look at influencers on Instagram who have more than 10,000 followers. But don’t be discouraged, as long as you provide a unique experience to your followers, there are brands who will be willing to sponsor those with less than 3,000 followers.

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To guide you in getting your first ever sponsorship, take a look at these tips below and make sure to implement them on your profile as soon as you can.

Get paid for Instagram posts: Five foolproof ways

1 – Choose the right niche for you

For you to become successful in this venture, you need to pick a niche that you are really passionate about. After all, you probably plan to stay in this game for a long period of time.

If you want this to be one of the main sources of your income, then make sure that you’ve researched which one is good for the market that is something you are also interested in.

Sadly, faking it until you make it won’t be as effective here.

Can you be a fitness “guru” if you don’t have the slightest clue about any of it?

Yes, it’s not impossible, but it needs thrice the effort to do so.

There may be people who were able to fake it, but the internet picks up fast and they know if they are getting tricked.

This is definitely not the path you want to take or you can say goodbye to your dream of being an influencer.

To help you out in picking the right one, you should snatch a tool like Sociamonials that provides you precious insights and metrics to boost the process and increase your ROI

Lastly, if you’re not really interested in the niche you’ve picked, you might end up ditching your brand and do something else instead.

2 – Beautify everything on your profile

Beautify your profile

Fix everything on your profile. This includes your username, bio, photos and filters, the kind of voice that you will use on your captions, and the hashtags you’ll ride into.

Also, branding on Instagram helps you set yourself apart from hundreds of influencers in your niche.

Always keep in mind that being on social media is part of marketing. This means that it needs thorough strategic planning involved. Going out there and posting whatever you think fits is a disservice to your brand.

If you’re running a blog, definitely use the opportunity to promote your profile, and utilize a tool like Simple Social Buttons to make those social media buttons extra shiny and attract the attention of your readers in a heartbeat.

3 – Engage with your followers

Of course, your followers will be the gem of this business of yours. They are highly valuable and without them, no brands will ever talk to you.

To become an influencer you need to be professional at all times. Even though you engage with your followers casually, always remember that you are running a business.

These are some few ideas that you can use to effectively engage with your followers.

  • Regram their posts
  • Send them a thank you personal message
  • Tag them on your comment responses
  • Tag them on your stories
  • Run contests and giveaways

When you make them feel that you genuinely care and value them, they will definitely give back the favor.

An alternative to engaging with your audience is by buying them. Now, I know what you’re thinking – it’s not organic engagement per se. However, you need to consider the competitive nature of making money on Instagram. You must pursue every avenue available that will help you get a leg up the competition. And buying Instagram followers is a smart way of building social proof in your account. The more followers you have, it shows to other people that your account is worth following.

However, you need to proceed with caution when it comes to this tactic. At best, buying followers should only help you compliment your main strategy of engaging with your followers organically. Do not bank of buying followers as your primary tactic in acquiring followers. By diversifying the ways on how you get followers, you can build up an audience much faster and more effectively! Not to give you a wrong image of the subject – this strategy can be highly successful as well, but it’s important to do proper research before engaging.

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4 – Tag brands and reach out

Tag brands and reach out

Instagram is a very powerful tool where small and big brands are active at. They constantly look for people who can help them spread them to increase their visibility. However, if you wait and wait for brands to connect with you, you’re going to wait a long time.

Once you’ve built up a substantial following, you can go ahead and contact Instagram profiles of the brands that are relevant to your niche.

Offer them a value they can’t say no to.

And yes, most people do purchase from a brand through an influencer’s recommendation.

If you want to target small businesses, chances are, they aren’t all too familiar with the workarounds on social media so it’s important to keep them up to date by letting them know what they will gain from having them sponsor you.

5 – Sell from your posts!

Here’s the harsh truth of Instagram influencer marketing:

Not all your target brands will want to work for you!

There are different factors involved that explain why this is the case.

However, instead of getting discouraged, you need to need to hold your head up high and find other ways to make a buck on Instagram.

Arguably the best way to do this is through affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing allows you to sell products and earn a commission from every successful transaction.

The more products you sell, the more money you will earn!

What you need to do now is find brands from affiliate marketplaces like Shareasale that your audience may want to buy from you.

Once you signed up to these brands, you need to share a link on your Instagram post that people can visit and buy the product from if you’re interested.

While the process seems simple enough, getting actual affiliate sales is not that easy.

To guide you in this arduous journey, read this post at Commission Factory for the complete list of tips you can follow.

Are you ready to get paid for Instagram posts?

If you become a successful influencer, you can  get paid for Instagram posts, charge a premium amount, and be one of the top ones that brands keep in mind when they think of the word “influencer.”

You can even start selling your own products on Instagram if you have something that your audience might be interested in!

This can be a taxing job and doesn’t happen overnight, but it will be very rewarding in the long run.

You will have to be patient because it may take you a few months to finally see some good results.

Make sure to equip yourself with these tips above and go out there with a purpose. Good luck!

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