3 Ways to get more followers on Instagram on a budget.

Instagram has become one of the social media platforms today that brands use to promote their products and services.

More and more people are also using Instagram making it one of the best platforms for businesses to promote products and services. But competition is also strong on Instagram which is why you need to have the right strategy to put your brand out there. Along with that, steady Instagram growth is essential.

If you want to create a compelling profile that you can confidently plug to brands, you need to show that you have the numbers and loyal following in your profile. But doing so may take time especially if you are just starting out.

It can be quite a challenge to get those numbers if you don’t know the right strategy yet. Moreover, it could also become quite expensive to grow your personal brand. However, if you know how to perfectly strategize on Instagram, you will be able to increase your followers with less money.

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Here are three ways to get more followers on Instagram on a budget.

1 – Join an Instagram community and join engagement threads.

One of the most effective ways to grow your audience is to join a community. Not only will you have an opportunity to have more followers, but you will also learn some tips and tricks with your fellow social media content creators.

A lot of Instagram communities have engagement threads where you can follow people and they will follow you in return. You can also get more likes and comments in your posts without spending money.

All you need is time to engage with the people in your community and you can be guaranteed the same thing for your profile.
Just look for Instagram communities by searching on Instagram or Facebook. There are a lot of communities you can join depending on your niche.

2 – Get an app where you can buy followers or get free followers.

Buying followers for Instagram is one of the strategies today that you can implement for your own. When you are just starting out, it can be quite a challenge to grow your following.

Most brands will easily notice you if you have a huge following so while you are still building your loyal audiences, one way to start up your profile immediately is to buy followers or get an app where you can get free followers in exchange for following other profiles as well.

If you are interested to try this out, just search for Free Instagram Followers and you will find websites and apps that offer this. If you are on a budget but want to grow your Instagram profile, this is definitely a good choice.

On the other hand, you can also go for paid options which will undoubtedly bring in the results.

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Use popular hashtags.

You may have curated a good content on your Instagram feed but in order to widen its reach, you need to use popular hashtags related to your niche.

Doing so will allow your post to be noticed by others who are also checking out the hashtag. This will lead to more people noticing your content and ultimately have more people following you.

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways to get more followers on Instagram on a budget.”

  1. Hi Enstine, do you really recommend buying followers on Instagram? I’m so leary of doing that after what happened with Facebook and Twitter.
    I have noticed traffic from Instagram since I switched over to a business account, became more active and engaged with others.
    It is interesting to see that people do unfollow and follow very quickly on that social network. I’m curious as to why they unfollow so quickly there!
    Thanks for your tips and I hope you have a great day and new month ahead Enstine!

    • Hey Lisa,
      How are you doing?
      It’s been too busy here with lots of things going on.
      First, political instability with my home town very near civil war and presidential elections coming up on the 7th of this month. Hundreds of thousands displaced and live is completely unbearable in NW and SW regions.

      I’m from the NW region, completely deserted now. Though the major cities (Douala and Yaounde) are still experiencing some quietness, it is so disturbing knowing that family members have ran into bushes and forests, completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

      A friend just told me on messenger that the husband has been missing for over a month now, leaving her helpless with kids. We pray and believe God will soon put an end to the current killings.

      Meanwhile, yes I mentioned buy of followers as one of the ways forward but that also comes with its problems. Anyone doing it should be set for the consequences though.

      The weeks ahead of us seem not really exciting. But God is in control

  2. Nice and great article.

    Instagram hashtags help me get more post engagement and it increases the the post reach too.

    Keep up writing the great post and we keep coming to your great blog

  3. hi..

    You have provided some great tips to increase Instagram followers. Instagram is proved to be beneficial for businesses to promote their products and services.

    thank you

  4. Hi
    You have provided some great tips to increase Instagram followers. Instagram is proved to be beneficial for businesses to promote their products and services.

    If anybody can afford to buy followers then are some apps available to get their job done in an easier way. Thanks for the link that you have dropped in the tip #2.

    Thank you

    Have a good

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for the comment.
      While I mentioned buying followers, it’s always my recommendation to have a natural growth. People actually buy and face the consequences lol

  5. Engagement threads are a fab way to drive traffic and gain followers through any platform Enstine. Especially IG. Folks feel just publishing updates alone boosts follower counts. Nope. Gotta get off of your profile to engage other IG users. Followers flow freely through offsite aka off profile pages. Engagement wins again.

    • That’s a powerful point, Ryan and that applies to all platforms. The more you engage with followers, the more you get them hooked. And these platforms have made available different engagement facilities with commenting being the most exciting.

      So thanks for being part of this weekend post bro

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