Blogging Is Not a Salaried Gig (Common Obstacle to Blogging Success)

I experienced a common obstacle to blogging success for years.

Overcoming this obstacle did not prove to be easy. But when I let it go, things turned toward a successful blogging direction. Blogging became easier. Success grew. Everything expanded. What was the common obstacle?

I believed blogging was a salaried gig because I expected to be paid daily or weekly – at the very least – for work I put in to blogging. After not seeing Paypal payments or commission direct deposits on a daily or weekly basis, I panicked, flipped out, bailed on following a successful blogging strategy, and struggled horribly for years.

I went through this cycle many times. I thought like my prior employee days. Deep down, I expected to see Paypal payments even during the first 3-6 months of my blogging career. Imagine spending a few hours creating content and expecting to develop the skills, exposure and credibility to actually make one cent? Let alone $1000? I deluded myself. But my mental block seems oh so common to bloggers.

Do you make this common error? Maybe you’ve been an employee your entire life? Blogging feels SO different because you used to get paychecks weekly. Or you knew work completed daily netted you a steady paycheck.

Not a Salaried Gig

Blogging is a full 180 from being a salaried gig. Money does not arrive for many months. Even if you do the right blogging stuff. Spend 8 hours daily creating, connecting and promoting yourself freely and generously, trusting in self and in the blogging process. Still, not a dime shows up in your bank account through blogging for many months because good things take generous effort, time, patience and persistence. Nothing happens overnight.

Money does not flow to you until you increase your skills, exposure and credibility. Increasing each factor requires hundreds to thousands of hours, of blogging practice. Hundreds to thousands of hours of blogging practice requires months to years of your life. Accept this truth.

The moment you realize you won’t make money blogging for months, this simple acceptance promotes your peace of mind. Pressure dissolves. Fears disappear. Then, in that frame of mind, you begin to genuinely, generously create content, build connections and monetize through multiple income streams.

Be Abundant

Money is on the way because you think, feel and act abundantly with this frame of mind. But if money flows to you tomorrow, next week or next month, you won’t care. Now you know; blogging is not a salaried gig so you can cease expecting money to flow to you daily or monthly. Eventually, money can and does flow to you weekly, then daily, when you keep at this business generously for 10 or 15 years or more. Again; blogging is a business. Businesses do not spit out salaried paychecks. Money arrives, but in its own time. Accept it.

Move your focus from an obsession with getting frequent payments to giving freely of your time and talents. Publish posts to your blog. Guest post generously. Promote bloggers on your blog. Mention bloggers on social media. Open multiple streams of income. Promote yourself freely. Follow the fundamentals persistently. Success will find you. But never in linear fashion, like working a salaried job and getting paid every Thursday. Blogging never works like that.

However, the benefits of blogging far outweigh a consistent, timely pay check arriving every week. Imagine unlimited freedom. Work when you want to, when you want to, where you want to work. No ceiling to your blogging income exists. Earnings are unlimited, bound only by the extent to which you develop your prosperity consciousness.


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