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How to make money blogging in 2020 – Anything new?

One common question I get from starters is how bloggers make money blogging.

Of course there are many ways to make money online but note that blogging is a sustainable online business not a get rich quick scheme.

2020 is here. Are there new things? Are the old methods still working? How difficult or easy is it to generate income as a blogger?

So many questions are turning around the idea to make money as a blogger. We’ve seen and read success stories and income reports on other blogs how they generate 6 figure income monthly.

Before getting into some useful details, in 2020, a quick way to earn extra income from your blog is to rent space on your most active pages. If you’ve gotten some pages that get a lot of traffic from search engines, contact potential clients you know are interested in natural traffic for those search terms. Chances are that they would be excited to seal a deal with you.

Starting a blog isn’t the issue this year. As a matter of fact, with advanced Internet technology, anyone can create a professional blog within minutes. But how to make money blogging is what keeps many online money makers very busy.

People get so passionate about seeing some form of earnings reports from their blogs. If you have a blog, you can make money from it – bloggers make $10,000 and more.

I’m not ignorant that most people who want to generate income blogging start off on a wrong footing. They begin with the money making drive as their foundation.

That always is wrong as the money will need some bit of work to start coming in. If you were taught to think it’s a quick game, chances are you will be defeated.

Now, there is so much polluted materials out there that can get you fooled if you are not vigilant. Making money online is a real business not a game.

How to make money online blogging in 2020+

In as much as the question on how bloggers make money looks very basic, there are lots of folks out there tearing their hair not knowing what to do or where to start.

I have had several friends on Facebook tell me please Enstine, take a look at my blog and help give me  tips on what to do to start making money.

I want us to understand here that while your blog is a massive passive income generator and a huge channel through which much can be tapped, there are a couple of opportunities off the blog.

As a blogger, there are several ways to make money blogging. Let me first of all underline here that as time goes on, new money making opportunities are popping up from here and there. However, there are standard ways to make money as a blogger.

In recent times, we’ve seen the rise of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. This has ushered in a couple of new ways bloggers make money with their blogs or additional ways to make extra money for folks who want to make money  from home.

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I want to approach this question from two angles. I’m sure this will make us really understand where we are going:

A – How to make money blogging directly on your own website.
B – How to Make money off your blog

A – How bloggers make money blogging on their blogs

Let’s look at different ways your blog can directly generate income for you. That means without the blog you cannot make money using these methods.

First, here are a couple of things to handle before the money making moves. You may want to make sure your blog is hosted by a highly recommended host. Avoid free hosting that can break your business.

Give your blog a pro look and feel. Don’t pick free themes to dabble with. I know it’s always difficult to cut the right choice. But for travel bloggers who blog on WordPress, you may want to pick one of these WordPress Travel Blog Themes. Otherwise, Thrivethemes if you ask me will give you the best pro themes

Ok so let’s see the different ways to bloggers make money blogging on their blogs. Many bloggers Make a living just by following these money making tips to monetize properly.

-> Advertising

Advertising is really a cool way bloggers make money on their blog. I want us to further break this down so we get a clearer picture;

1 –  Advertise your own products:

Now this is surely more straight forward. If you are an author, your blog will be a great avenue to advertise your own products.

To boost sales, you may want to cut down prices or offer special discount to your blog readers. So you find out you can Make money selling your own products on your blog.


2 – Advertise Affiliate products:

I often say you don’t need to be an author to make money online. Affiliate products are products that pay you a commission per sale.

What happens here is simple. You may want to sign up platforms like ClickBank, Commission Junction, JVZoo, etc and get products that you know can pay pretty good commissions. For the most part, you’ll get banners and other sales tools to use on your blog while you make the money.

While the commission share is attractive, you have to rather focus on the relevance of the product to your target readership.

Many bloggers earn cash and make good money or generate six figure income simply focusing on affiliate marketing.

3 – Google Adsense Ads:

Google Adsense is one of the excellent pay per click ad networks and an important source of income. However, I often advise bloggers not to be in a hurry.

The downside of this advertising model is simply that it takes your visitors away from your blog so quickly. Google does not allow publishers control over how to set the target window of Adsense links.

That means visitors who click the Adsense links will be completely taken away from your blog and that’s not want we want as bloggers.

We want our visitors to hang around our blog for as long as possible to increase time on site and maybe reduce bounce rate. Anything that does not favor this should seriously be given a second thought.

Google has recently come up with the AutoAds feature which in my opinion goes a long way to auto-optimize and displace more targeted creatives and ads to your readers. While popular opinion holds that this feature can increase earnings by up to 10%, I have personally experienced more.

4 – Sell banner space:

Now, this is another winner! Nevertheless, be careful not to make your blog stuffed with banners. You can make a decent monthly income selling different banner spaces on your blog.

The more your blog traffic, the more impressions you get per portion and the more you can charge.  Some blogs charge up to $1000/month per 125×125 ad space.

5 – Sell links on posts:

This is another exciting way bloggers make money blogging. However. it makes you an enemy to search engines. Google seriously frowns against link sales  so you do this at your own risk.

A quick tip will be to make the link a nofollow so you don’t pass on the juice to the buyer’s url. Doing this will reverse your income opportunity as advertisers who buy links are often more interested in the link juice.

6 – Special events:

Some bloggers with very popular blogs get paid huge sums to announce special events on their blogs. This may go along with special videos aimed at spreading more information about the event.

7 – Publishing paid guest articles:

Guest posting is a common activity in blogging where bloggers develop content for other blogs. While some bloggers scramble to have free articles published on their blogs, others charge for it.

There are platforms today where you can meet advertisers who are ready to pay you to have their articles on your blog. Some folks start a blog and make huge online income with paid guest post.

– > Product reviews

Product reviews is another income channel that brings in quite handsome amounts of earnings. There are two ways bloggers make money blogging and reviewing products:

8 – a) Paid product reviews:

This is quite simple! Product owners pay you a certain amount of money to have you write a review post about their products. In this case, you get paid once and how much money you make depends on your blog traffic.

NB: Due to the fact that Google frowns at paid dofollow links, you have to be careful with this option.

9 – b) Affiliate product reviews:

Bloggers may not want to sit back and wait for vendors to pay them before creating a review post. Another smart step is to review relevant high converting products on their blogs and link to them (these products) on their affiliate links.

Any sale that is made through that review post generates commission. The beauty here is that this will keep generating commissions for as long as the post gets traffic (referral and/or search engine).

B – How bloggers make money blogging off their blogs

Now as a blogger, there are many other ways to make money online. Let’s see some of the things you can do outside your blog and earn some money;

10 – Paid to speak at events:

Most bloggers with authentic success stories are speakers during blogging events. Of course, they get paid to speak on specific topics and share their knowledge with participants. That’s another way big or pro bloggers make money.

11 – Paid to set up blogs:

If you have a little knowledge in setting up a blog, you can always have business. New blogs are published daily so one of the ways to make money as blogger is help beginners set up their blogs for a fee

12 – Paid to guest post on other blogs:

I mentioned above that you can charge a fee for content posted on your blog by other bloggers or SEO firms. In the same manner, you can be paid to post content on other blogs. That’s how it works.

In this post, I show you how I was paid $100 per post I submitted to another blog. There are several of such opportunities where you are paid to submit content
13 – Paid to mentor:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that to succeed online, you need a mentor else you’ll have to learn the hard way. Another most successful bloggers get paid to coach younger bloggers to success.

14 – Contest and Win:

There are many cash prize contests and giveaways online today. All you need is enter, follow instructions and you could just be a winner. For the most part, bloggers make use of their blogging power to earn more points and stand a better chance to win.

15 – Paid to Tweet:

To be a successful blogger, you have to be active on social media. Bloggers with a considerable social media base get paid to tweet to their followers on Twitter. This also goes for Facebook.

16 – Off Page SEO Technics:

If you are a blogger who is actively guest posting on authority sites, you can get paid to insert links in your guest articles. I have seen bloggers who charge over $500 to get a link from hubspot for their clients. This off Page SEO money making Technics still works today

Bonus – Make money on the internet

If you are a successful blog with an active community, they are going to always be some unthinking ways to generate income.

1 – Give help to companies and authors

I was recently contacted by an affiliate company to help them recruit affiliates to promote their new products. This earned me up to 50$ per qualified affiliate. This was a profitable deal as the product in question was super targeted to my audience. While promoting the product as an affiliate, I made more money recruiting more affiliates for the author.

2 – Focus on recurring income products

Many successful bloggers make money blogging by promoting affiliate products that pay recurring commissions. In this option, you generate the sale once but earn from month to month.

This is typical of a membership platform where the clients pay periodically to renew their memberships. Each time they are re-billed for account renewal, you earn your commissions.

Smart and savvy bloggers who understand the money making game and want to work less and earn more would focus on promoting this class of products to consistently generate affiliate sales.

3 – Get paid to take surveys

Another quick way for bloggers to earn extra money is to signup to paid survey sites. On these sites, you simply get paid to take surveys while working from home.

Some survey companies are not credible. They advertise paid surveys but at the end, you don’t just make any money taking taking online surveys with them. So do your due diligence and avoid scams

4 – Many other ways to make money on the internet

You can take blogging as a full time job. There are blogging related activities that open up other easy ways to make money. Many bloggers are freelance writer. As there is much freelance work out there, freelance writing is a quick addition to your income streams.

You can easily get jobs on platforms like Odesk, freelancer, Fiverr, Amazon mechanical turk, etc. Most of these paid your earnings straight to your Paypal account.

How to boost your income.

The amount money you make from your blog depends on a number of factors, one of which is targeted traffic. With a proper monetizing  strategy, the more relevant traffic you get, the more money you make. As a result of driving traffic from search engines, you will constantly receive attention from advertisers.

Focus on getting more traffic to your blog from search engine optimization,  social media and blog community sites like BlogEngage, BizSugar and a couple of others.

Now, there is no way to make money fast as a blogger. Like many top money making bloggers like Pat Flynn, John Chow, etc, you need to work hard and give yourself time to build the business up.

Many bloggers take blogging as a part time job but if your blog is your main income stream, then you have treat it more seriously. To make money on the Internet with Internet Marketing and blogging isn’t about free money

Now, I know you are interested in how bloggers make money blogging. That’s why you read this post to this last paragraph. So share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.

Are you a blogger? Do you make money blogging? What are the challenges your are facing in this activity? There are endless ways to make money online. Let me know what you think.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Harry Smith

Hey Enstine Muki,
Great post with lots of valuable information. I am a beginner blogger and i only knew about adsense for money making in blogging. But now i know some other ways through whick i can make more money.
Thanks for aslo providing different sites for freelnacing.
Keep up the good work.

Nirmal Kumar

Hey Enstine,

Placing links for money and charging guest authors are increasing day after day. This has become a prominent source of income for many bloggers. And I don’t see them diminishing anyway in 2020

Pinoy Tv HD

Enstine I do most of these. The paid links is the unspoken secret if bloggers that can pay quite well.


Thank you Enstine for sharing such a wonderful article on the website. I really enjoy reading your articles. Please keep up the good work coming.


Really easy to understand how to make money with a blog. Need more such engaging contents!!!

Dhiraj Kumar Yadav

Nice and loved your simple way of explanation of making 10000$ per month from blogs.Thanks for sharing

Nikola Roza

Hi Enstine,
for me, the easiest way to income was to do freelance SEO writing. It’s the easiest because, oddly enough, I never promoted myself as a writer, or pitched someone for a writing gig.
No, all my employers found me through my site.
It’s passive job acquiring, though, for me, my ultimate goal is to start making affiliate sales through my blog.
From there, everything will be easier.

Railway jobs

some of the methods for making money online that you have mentioned I have used them and it has sure helped me to make money on and off my blog.

I am going to check out the others and see how well they will work for me.

Thanks for the article.

Make money

I want to earn money through blogs. Now you have cleared all doubts what are the ways bloggers make money blogging. Thank you so much for sharing this post.


yes, blogging will help to make money online.
we have to focus on solving users problems. our posts have to solve their problems.
yes, how much content you are producing is not important in these days, how much it helping the people.
blogging is a great platform to excel our skill set.
many persons got their high paying job from blogging itself.

Pedro Okoro


Another fantastic and well written blog post. Thanks for always being so generous in sharing your knowledge and know-how ?

Making money from blogging is the bottom line for majority of bloggers. With the exception of the very few minority who blog because they haven’t got anything else to do. These folks blog when they feel like. Their most distinguishing characteristic is their lack of consistency and focus. For the rest of us, we want to make tons of money blogging. That’s the reality.

At the moment, my two main sources of income are affiliate marketing and selling my personal products. I’ve got a couple of affiliate links that pay 40% recurring commissions on monthly subscriptions. I do this in two ways – through marketing to my email list and through traffic to my blog. So to your question…do Page views matter? Of course they do! Page views ultimately lead to increase in my email list.

Thanks again for sharing.

Best regards,

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    You’ve cracked the code. Focusing on affiliate products that pay recurring income is the way to build sustainable long term income. Kepp that up. rinse and repeat for more 😉

    Hope your weekend is kicking in good

Amna Sheikh

Only if one is lucky he/she can earn money through blogging mostly just cannot. Competation is very high and search engine are mature now.


Hi Enstine
I don’t know but what you share is killer tips and are genuine to the reader. Maybe in future will be applying your tips in this affiliate segment. Thanks for sharing

    Enstine Muki

    Good luck Parth. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn online 😉


Hi Enstine,
First of all, thank you for sharing your valuable inputs, appreciated bro. I have tried some of your methods and it helped me to improve in my blogs keep doing the good work


Hello Enstine,

Great tips, on making money online. Advertising is one of the most approachable methods even if you have low traffic. It will also grow exponentially when your traffic grows with you.
Besides, that selling the services and selling the premium content could be a good idea but it requires you to become a brand and when you have some genuine organic traffic and following.
Keep up the good work 🙂

Bikram Kalsi

Hey Enstine

Awesome post, I think selling your service or product could end up becoming the big thing.
Advertising is okay but the turn around is very little and you have to work so much on the traffic.
This is very extensive research. I also like off money, like speaking at an event or mentoring someone.
Great content

Anil Agarwal

Hi Enstine, another rocking article. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and I firstly made money off AdSense, then moved on to paid partnerships and now affiliate marketing is one of my top income sources.

So I can say that, making money from blogging isn’t a rocket science. You just need to figure out proper ways to monetize your blog’s traffic and audience. Just make sure to focus on the long term game instead of looking for shortcuts.

Product reviews, sponsored posts always work like a charm especially when you’re getting huge traffic from search engines. I personally would go for affiliate marketing no matter what website I’m going to start because I know that by educating my target audience about the products I promote, I can easily make sales.

As you said, there are so many influential bloggers who are making money offline as well by building a personal brand. That’s why you need to publish a book or consistently do webinars or seminars with your audience to increase your personal value. Then, finding paid speaking gigs or private mentorships can be so easy.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Enstine, keep rocking.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey buddy,
    You’ve got it
    SEO traffic is actually the best traffic channel that converts best. I have seen you doing quite well with some of your post on SERP and I imaging they are generating some income. Congrats bro!

    Recently, I have been doing some offline things here and making some income locally. I think the more we get into it, the more the income and fame.

    Thanks for making it a party this weekend bro

Rania Masaeed

Hello Enistine
Very inspiring article. I think this is very essential for all beginners. It saves their time and effort. I will share it on my wall at FB and Twitter. I really know about all these ways except one: Publishing paid guest articles.. I really couldn’t understand this way. Could you explain more.
Thanks a lot

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Rania,
    Thanks for coming over here. We are having fun over at WA right?

    Now, there are two ways to look at it with guest posting:
    1) If you accept guest articles on your blog, you can charge for it. This can work especially if you have some really exciting level of traffic.

    2) If you are author on some high traffic blogs, you can charge companies to link to them from your guest posts on those big blogs. This is what some bloggers do with success. But note that you may run into trouble if those big blogs come to the knowledge that you are getting paid for the links in your article.

    Do you accept guest posts on your blog?


These are very useful tips on how to make money blogging. I like the idea.


Great post!Blogging is a real skill but if you spend the time, you can find all of the resources online.Love your ideas and tips…keep up the great work!

Sajid Akhter

Hello Enstine,’

Excellent article, your post gives very good information to increase the revenue of ones site. I have been practicing few of them. I will now try the other tips given by you in this post.

Thank you for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

Danny Millek

What a great Post, this should make the approach for every blogger a lot easier. Thanks for sharing.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the comment Danny

Harish Kumar

Thanks for the quality article man.it really helps me to understand easily, I thought blogging is only for Seo and digital marketers, Now I got a clear picture, keep sharing with us.

Ajay Kryshna

I’m from Digital Marketing but I want to earn money through blogs. Now you have cleared all doubts what are the ways bloggers make money blogging. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

kankana saha

till now i used to think money making through sponsors a deliberate internet construct. as i had never met any person in my life vis a vis who had made considerable money through blogging.
please if someone has such experience share as it looks like a nice platform and lot of traffic involved…


Hi Enstine,
The ways you have indicated to make money are really impressive. You divided the sources in direct ways and off the blog which is interesting though.
Surely, it would help me make a good monetisation strategy for my blog.
I also feel the same about Adsense as you do. It takes away your targeted audience very easily. Well, does it affect SEO too?


Mohammad Ali

Blogging is like the best way for earning digitally as even businesses which are offering services or products are also going for inbound marketing because it is a way of attracting traffic to your site along with building trust.
On the other hand, bloggers also earn through running AdWords on their website depending on the traffic of the site.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Mohammad,
    Thanks for making it to this blog and for dropping a comment. I hope you are making money with your blog as well

Clement Essien

I came here from Shoutmeloud. But I have learnt so much from just a 6 minutes of reading your blog. You are amazing. I hope to learn more from you Muki.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Clement,
    Thanks for stepping here from Harsh’s blog and I’m glad you found things here useful. Thanks too for dropping a comment. I hope we connect more in the days ahead.


Hi Enstine,

Another great article with a lot of resources and tips. I do agree with you on Google Adsense. I see it as an entry income source on your blog starts to pick up some traffic to generate money to keep your blog going on but once you reach to a recent point where your blog established you will not trade off losing readers for some cash from Adsense, you will have many different ways to take control of your readers and even higher amount of money. If we look on the top blogs earning money we will rarely see any of them monetizing their blogs with Google Adsense.


Thanks for sharing this idea. Had learned how to make money on blogging

Jamaley Hussain

Hi Enstine,

An amazing informative article, As I’m new to blogging it will help me in near future.
Thanks for the post thanks
Keep Posting.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Jamaley,
    Thanks for the comment. Good luck to you bro


Great post!
Blogging is a real skill but if you spend the time, you can find all of the resources online.
Love your ideas and tips…keep up the great work!

Donna Merrill

Hi Enstine,

These sure are many great ways to make money for bloggers. I like to embed my offers within the blog post itself. I do get a lot of opt ins this way. People come to my blog, read it and find it interesting. With that, they click on my offer immediately to purchase a product and/or service I offer.

Another great way that is working for me is JVZoo. I was doing it all on my own, without selling it to affiliates, but now that I got the hang of it, a new product which will be geared to affiliates will be coming out soon.

There are so many ways, especially selling affiliate products to make money from our blogs and I see you covered them all.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Donna,
    What a joy to see you here and thanks for sharing your working methods in this comment.

    I used to use JVZoo but it’s not a big place for me. I don’t have plans to go back to the platform either. However, good luck to you my dear friend as I know that’s the place for huge earnings.

    Once more, thanks for being here


Hello Enstine,

Nice informative article and I have been earning money through Paid posts, Google Adsense, and web design. Out of 15 ideas in this article, I have to check many of them, so its a great information for sure!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    Thanks for your comment. Good to hear that you’ve been earning money through paid posts. scale it up for more earnings 😉

    Do have a wonderful day

Angelina grey

I didnt know there are so many ways… thanks for help mate..

looking forward to more awesome articles by you

Renuka Daware

Hi Enstine,
Very good article.thanks for sharing.
Keep up the good work

Nadia Khan

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing this interesting article.


Hi Enstine,

All the bloggers have a dream to earn a good amount of money from blogging but many of us don’t know about this much ways to generate money. You have covered almost all the possible ways to generate money. I have read many articles about how to make money from blogging but none of them have mentioned this much of money making ways.

Thank you so much for providing this kind of helpful article.


Hi Enstine,

Excellent post! Earning morning from a blog is the dream of every blogger and you have made it easy for every blogger thank you for sharing this keep sharing more.

Dare james

Hi Enstine,

On the aspect of affiliate marketing networks, you forgot to mention the likes of shareasale. From personal experience, making sustainable and meaningful money is either by offering services and or selling your own products.

That is just my little cent, but what can I say further when the highly respected money blogger has explained it all!!



Very Good & Detailed Post. This gives a clarity of all the opportunities that one has while creating a blog.

Robin Khokhar

Hi Enstine,
I was using only 5 ways to make only from my blog. 10 others were not known to me. SO, I am going to give it a try.
Thanks for the great share.
Have a good week ahead.

Paul Nwachukwu

Great Tips Sir. In terms of adSense it is really difficult to earn with a low traffic blog. That is why traffic is really very important.


I think you have covered every aspect of monetization of our blog.I have read many articles about how to make money from blogs and even I have written about the same on my blog too. But never seen an extensive article about the subject.
Good work, Thank you.

Sathish Arumugam

Thanks for this lovely news, I felt awesome after reading the benefit of making money from our blog. The 15 crispy points were fun, and I like the affiliate marketing program tips a lot. I have bookmarked this link and will be used it for my future. As a newbie, I found hard to find a good affiliate network, but nowadays it became very easy for me to analysis and research it. I’m a big fan of your quality content. I would like all your post to read and comment. Your way of separating the money making tips as directly and offline was magnificent. I need to concentrate more on offline blogging money. Thanks for your fantastic idea.

Narinder Kumar

Hey, thanks Erik for sharing us awesome benefit for make money directly your blog and off your blog.

hafiz junaid

Hi Enstine,

A nice post indeed. Here you told 15 different way how we earn money from our blog or website.Affiliate program is best in all the other techniques.
Because here we get money easily and earlier than other method.
Thanks to share your experience with us.
Hafiz Junaid

Mi6 Xiaomi

This is awesome post Muki, I will try these money making methods soon. Thanks for such wonderful list of ways to make money online. I have seen many bloggeres who are earning a lot from blogging and living their dream life.

jordan T

Awesome content…and bookmarked it for some ideas for myself to use! I found that using affiliate banners instead of adsense is giving me more of an income because if you use clickbank products you would be getting in between 50 – 75 percent commissions. With adsense you get paid per 1000 impressions depending on the cpm rate.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Jordan,thanks for sharing your experience. That’s what I found too.
    If you can get 3 and more sales from banner ads a month, that may pay better than adsense. Do you notice Adsense doesn’t really do well in some niches like ours?


But it is kind of hard to find an Affiliate Network who will accept a newbie like me to write review for their product, but not sure if you can hook me up


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