Guest Posts wanted for $100 per post!

Guest Posts wanted! Get paid real money to guest post!

There are many sites out there that pay per post published. Some pay too low while others really pay handsomely. I think $100 per article is something to consider.

Most of us are looking for guest post opportunities where we can submit articles for traffic, networking and of course SEO benefits. Well this is something that goes beyond that and adds some monetary benefits.

This opportunity I want to share with you does not accept just any article of course. There are some requirements and I’ll like you to go check out yourself.

Proof of payment!

Well this has worked for me in the past. I have submitted 2 guest posts and have been paid $100 twice. Here is proof of recent payment

Guest Posts wanted

Guest Posts wanted – Submit your own article and be paid!

I know some of my readers know this opportunity. However if you want to discover it, all I ask is a tweet/share on the locker below. After tweeting or sharing, you’ll instantly be shown where to get details and submit your first guest article for $100 paid straight to your paypal.

NB: If you know this platform, you can drop a comment and confirm it pays but please don’t mention the name of the platform. I could just go ahead and disable comments on this post but I like us to interact without revealing the site in the comment.

Thanks for telling your followers about this opportunity. Click here to get details

Guest Posts wanted!

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