WPX Hosting review ~ Managed WordPress Hosting for high-traffic blogs!

In today’s  WPX Hosting review, we are looking at a premium, Managed WordPress Hosting company that has earned trust from many high traffic blog owners, being the fastest WordPress hosting providing.

Through prompt and qualified always-available customer service, top-notch servers, 24/7 security watch, etc,  WPX Hosting has with ease pulled its customers from surrounding competitors, allowing them yawning.

WPX Hosting was formally known as Traffic Planet Hosting.  According to Terry Kyle, the re-branding took effect from October 3rd, 2016. Terry wants to take the hosting business out to a bigger audience beyond the Traffic Planet forums, which evidently inspired the initial naming of his business.

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Going further, Terry underlines the fact that there is NO ownership change whatsoever, NO support team changes and NO operational changes. Basically, the team is intact.

WPX Hosting review ~ Managed WordPress Hosting for high-traffic blogs!

Web hosting is a major area in any online business. While being on the best servers doesn’t guarantee success online, making the wrong choice will certainly pull your business down the curve.

A couple of reasons I recommend WPX Hosting

–  My experience

Since getting online in 2005, I have hosted hundreds of websites, including low and high traffic blogs. While a couple of these sites have been a remarkable success, the hosting corner is certainly not a sweet story.

I have had my own share of the poorly baked cake:

  • Unqualified customer service
  • Poorly configured servers
  • Lack of resources
  • Wallet menacing prices
  • Uncontrollable downtimes
  • Just to name a few…

My current blog has been on Hostgator shared hosting since 2012. But there was a serious need for dedicated WordPress hosting as my traffic and business grew. Since moving to Traffic Planet Hosting, Now WPX Hosting, there are reasons to recommend them.

– Customer service

The key to success in any business lies in value of its customer services. In webhosting, customer care is the cornerstone of continuity.

Despite the advanced technology and user friendliness of platforms, there is still need to have a team that caters for customers’ need.

WPX Hosting’s control panel is straight to the point, with lots of information and guiding tips. But what’s pleasing is the fact that the support team is always available to do the job for their clients:

WPX Hosting review

They make sure things are simple to the level of everyone. However, they are conscious not everyone will be able or available to carry out certain tasks.

– The Live Chat Tool

Having a live chat facility on the website is no longer proof of efficiency. I remember most often spending over 10 – 16 minutes on Hostagator Live Chat window waiting:

WPX Hosting reviews

Well, you may want to tell me it’s because 1000s of customers are seeking for support at the same time. Sorry but I don’t care.

If that’s the reason why I don’t get your immediate attention, then I’ll look elsewhere

10 out of 10 times, WPX Hosting support staff will be there waiting to point you out to the right direction:

WPX Hosting review support

In general, WPX Hosting support service is dependable. They pay enough attention to customer tickets to make sure issues are resolved as prompt and quick as possible.

– WPX Hosting Review – > Free SSL with WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting offers Unlimited FREE Google-Sponsored SSL Certificates to all its clients. The SSL certificate is a requirement in this digital world.

This ensures any data submitted on your site (passwords, login information, credit card data, etc) are encrypted so any attempt capture them is rendered futile.

WPX Hosting review ssl

Again, you can have the support staff do EVERYTHING for you. I mean everything and that includes installing a light SSL redirect plugin on your blog.  This will handle your SEO and make sure you don’t have any indexed pages lost. Your link juice will be transferred from the http to the https version of your site. You absolutely have nothing to worry about.

– Website Load Speed

wpx hosting review

Load speed is one of the Google ranking factors and WPX Hosting servers are configured to give your blog the fastest speed possible. Though the load speed of a site is not only a factor of the sever,  server hardware plays a major part.

Customer testimonials have proven that WPX Hosting cannot fail in terms of customer service and site load speed.

By September 2015, Chris had his blog Rankxl hosted elsewhere. Loading at 9 minutes 15 seconds, there were reasons to really be worried.

wpx hosting rankxl

Later that same month, he moved his blog to Traffic Planet Hosting (Now WPX Hosting) and the result was a remarkable speed boost, from 9 minutes down to less than a second.

wpx hosting speed

[thrive_testimonial name=”Shane Melaugh” company=”Thrive Themes” image=”https://enstinemuki.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/shane.jpg”]Whether you are starting a brand new site or looking for a high-performance host for an existing, high-traffic site, this is the solution we recommend you choose.[/thrive_testimonial]

WPX hosting review -> Migrating to WPX Hosting

One of the biggest fears of switching hosts is migration. Moving your files (including emails) from one host to another has always been a huge headache.

This is because, very often, this process involves copying large files and most of us from areas with low and expensive bandwidth don’t fine this funny.

The good  news however is that WPX Hosting does the migration for its clients. Everything including emails and databases get moved by them

wpx hosting migration

[thrive_headline_focus title=”More reasons to go in for WPX Hosting” orientation=”left”]

  • Free emails
  • Constant updates
  • Free configuration of CDN (Content Delivery Network),
  • Daily backups
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Etc

WPX Hosting give a full two weeks worth of daily backups along with all hosting packages they offer.

An equally nice benefit is that they do not charge for any backup retrieval that customers need.  Plenty of hosting companies that advertise “free” backups neglect to mention that they charge a hefty fee to restore the backups.

WPX Hosting, WP Engine, Hostgator or Bluehost?

I want to look at wordpress hosting competition in this WPX hosting review. As a matter of fact, the industry is heavily competitive but I think WPX Hosting is comfortably placed on top of the list. From the table that follows, you will get a clearer view of what makes them different.

wpx hosting review

Bluehost, Hostgator and WP Engine are all industry leaders. But the entry of WPX Hosting into the game makes a huge difference in terms of resources and service quality.

[thrive_headline_focus title=”How much does it cost?” orientation=”left”]

WPX Hosting makes its premium services available to everyone with a high traffic blog and who at the same time cares about his business.

wpx hosting pricing

Let me know what you think about this WPX Hosting review and what you think about the service

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