3 hidden secrets behind sharing income reports you didn’t know!

Why do bloggers share their income reports?

That’s one thing we see almost every where today. Most bloggers reveal to us how much they have made so far and how much they are still making.

Why are they doing that?

Some will tell you they ain’t bragging about their figures. That they are doing it just to encourage and give you a little push into working hard.

They may be right but trust me, the reasons behind sharing income reports are stronger than just giving you a boost.

Once you start sharing your income reports, telling the whole world how much your blog is generating monthly, you position yourself for several other things.

Some folks are introverts and so secretive. They find it so hard to let the next ear hear about their successes. You can’t blame them at all.

Others have run into trouble as a result of sharing some personal financial data.

I don’t want to say any more about this.

But What are the positives behind sharing your blog’s income?

importance of income reports

Some of the most popular pins on Pinterest in the blogging and money making sections are income report pins.

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In my opinion, these three are some of the main reasons some bloggers stick to sharing their income reports month after month:

1 – Trust booster

I personally consider earning proofs as a trust factor. Though for the most part, most income reports don’t really have proofs of the earnings, it goes a long way to positively paint on the image of the blogger.

Once your readers see your income results, they begin to trust you more and believe what you teach works. So they may want to follow and take your words more seriously.

Some folks may differ in opinion on this. But that’s the general phase of it. Sharing your income report has a positive impact on the trust and credibility you get from your community.

2 – Traffic booster

Some of the most popular articles on blogs sharing their income reports are the income report posts. There is always a big rush to these income report posts once these are published.

Readers want to know how much they have earned this month and what they did to earn that much. On Pinterest, Pins about how I make X,XXX dollars get quickly re-pinned. And again, folks pay attention to details on such blog posts.

why income reports are popular

Here is one of the income report posts I found while searching on Pinterest. 30,000 shares on Pinterest alone tells you something crazy about the platform. Grab this pinteresting course to get started.

Here is the kicker…

Bloggers want to make crazy revenues with blogging and when they see other bloggers making serious cash from blogging, they want to know how.

3 – More money coming in

Many bloggers make money by showing their readers how they make money.

Human beings have the natural tendency to copy the steps of a successful person. As your readers desire to emulate your strategies to success, you get paid by showing them the way.


The answer is Affiliate Marketing.

Bloggers use affiliate links in their income reports and drive more sales. Given that income report posts get really popular, they stand the chance to generate more commissions.

It’s all over. Take a look at a few of these reports. Note the way they use those links. You’ll understand that income reports generate more income.

Are you publishing yours?

I do non’t publish my reports right this moment. I may do in the new future. But let me know what you think about these trend.

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why bloggers share their income reports

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