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Mark Newsome ~Help Your Cash-starved Small Business /Service!

Greetings fellow bloggers and serial entrepreneurs. I’m here with another featured blogging guest. If you have not checked out those who have been featured in the past, click here!

Today’s featured guest is a fellow blogger who first popped up on my radar when he showed on my blog and started leaving comments regularly a while back.

Well needless to say, that certainly got my attention! And since then I’ve returned the favor a few times and have commented on his blog as well.

As you know, that is one of my main goals of introducing you to as many and varied cool bloggers from all over the place with different specialities so you get to  knowing each other and get a taste of different approaches, proven tactics, strategies etc.

That way we can all continue to grow and learn from each other by building a powerhouse community of super passionate bloggers!


How Lesly Federici can help increase your Affiliate Marketing sales!

It’s another Thursday and I’m excited this time to introduce someone special to you. It’s fun to come up with these Thursday posts where I connect bloggers and of course promote my friends.

Last week, I deliberately did not not highlight just one blogger. What I did was I posted a list of 20 top bloggers you should follow in 2015 and beyond. It’s a tough list so I encourage you check that one out.

Today we are meeting Lesly Federici, someone I met through interacting with Monna Ellithorpe. Quickly, we became friends and I was invited on her platform where I did my first guest post of 2015. I love each minute I spend with Lesly on Facebook and today, I’m excited to let everyone know about her awesomeness.


From A Desk Job To Entrepreneurship, Reginald Chan Shows You How!

It’s another Thursday and I’m here with another great guy! Bloggers are awesome people and I’m glad to be one 😉

The blogger today is someone whose works I  have read. He’s been into this activity even before me. He has a lot to offer so it’s good to have him featured on my blog today. Being the 3rd featured blogger of 2015, I’m glad to mention here this series will continue. I have no intentions whatsoever to put an end to it.

I have had several of them featured here so if this is your first time reading this series, check out here for top bloggers I have featured in the past.

I don’t mean to just tell you about people. What I’m trying to do is get you hooked up with as many awesome bloggers as possible. You know as well as I do that blogging can be a pain if you are alone. So the more bloggers you can interact with, the easier it is for you to excel. So take this opportunity and meet exceptional bloggers.


New Authors Meet Monna Ellithorpe For Self Publishing!

The year is going on a good footing. Most of us are making the money. Current relationships are being strengthened while new ones created. Blogging is becoming more and more beautiful.

I love these Thursday posts where I talk to you and connect you with savvy bloggers. I have featured so many of them here last year. These are awesome bloggers you should hook up with. Check theme here!

Blogging is about building a community and for you to really see success, you need to have men and women of quality in your community. If you want an opportunity to meet new bloggers, know more about them before connecting with them, keep reading my Thursday posts. I’ve got real guys and gals on the list 😉


Break Through STUCK, Unleash Greatness with Deborah Tutnauer!

It’s 2015 and I’m exciting I’m bringing you the first blogger of the week for the year. She’s someone exciting and someone you’d love to meet.

I have known this wonderful blogger since last year but before I give you some more details about her, you may want to know the bloggers I featured last year. Check out about them here. These are very unique and interesting bloggers so having them in your community will be a huge plus.

In 2015, I’ll give another step ahead. I have worked closely with many bloggers who at the same time are product creators. So beside featuring bloggers, I’ll be dedicating some posts to talking about their products, helping them find the market while proposing something useful to my community.


How Sherman Smith can help establish your home business!

It’s another Thursday and I’m so excited to talk to you about one awesome guy I have known for sometime now. I read his blog steadily and can tell you  he is great.

One thing that’s awesome about the bloggers I interact with is that they are F.A.K.E. (See what that means here before you start freaking out) Our blogger this week is definitely one of them and I’d like you to discover him more today.

Note that there have been many bloggers I have featured in the past. These are guys/gals I highly recommend you engage with. You  know the beauty and success in blogging depends on not only the number but the quality of bloggers you connect with. In my featured blogger series, I’m putting these savvy bloggers in one place, making it quite easy for you locate and connect with them.