How Lesly Federici can help increase your Affiliate Marketing sales!

It’s another Thursday and I’m excited this time to introduce someone special to you. It’s fun to come up with these Thursday posts where I connect bloggers and of course promote my friends.

Last week, I deliberately did not not highlight just one blogger. What I did was I posted a list of 20 top bloggers you should follow in 2015 and beyond. It’s a tough list so I encourage you check that one out.

Today we are meeting Lesly Federici, someone I met through interacting with Monna Ellithorpe. Quickly, we became friends and I was invited on her platform where I did my first guest post of 2015. I love each minute I spend with Lesly on Facebook and today, I’m excited to let everyone know about her awesomeness.

Meet Lesly Federici

Lesly FedericiBy trade, Lesly is a Registered Nurse (RN) who specialized in Labor & Delivery. She’s been teaching childbirth education for years and in fact created her first website in 1998 dedicated to the topic (and still functioning). She’s helped  thousands of women around the world (and dads-to-be) prepare for childbirth from

Once an RN always an RN Right? Not so. Before Lesly’s profession as a Registered Nurse, she had a strong interest in painting. She graduated college with a degree in Art Education and Museum Studies.  She was a successful artist and created her own art gallery called “Thompson Studio” where she exhibited her own works of art as well as emerging artists. Currently, Lesly still paints and creates small scale collages which  she often uses to compliment her blog posts. You can read more of her biography here

Cupid made a visit though and the direction of Lesly’s life changed. She married and started a family. Thompson Studio closed and morphed into a career as a Registered Nurse. Already having her first website early on, her interest in website creation developed. Over the years she morphed into an internet “junkie” and became proficient in building websites, especially blogs, and discovered a true love for anything having to do with being online.

Lesly eventually traded her nursing shoes for Affiliated Marketing shows.

NB: Check out this Affiliate Marketing training videos

Lesly is a natural initiator, meaning if she has an idea she tries to implement it. This was no surprise when a good friend of hers, Monna Ellithorpe  mentioned in a conversation that it was a shame friends didn’t buy from friends if they had affiliate products.  At that time, Lesly had been facilitating a group on Facebook that encouraged blogging  and online business opportunities.

Lesly thought about what Monna said and quickly created the blog “Power Affiliate Club”  to do exactly what Monna had commented on: A community of bloggers and Affiliate Marketers supporting, promoting, and shopping from each other.

Since it was created 10 months ago, Power Affiliate Club (PAC) now has 13 Expert Authors (and I’m one of them so you can check out my contributions here) , 9 Fan Page Authors, and a thriving community of bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Lesly is also the Networking Superstars Alliances Coordinator learn more about it here

Lesly believes the best opportunities in life are the ones self -generated. And one more thing, never underestimate an idea, bring it to fruition so that it may manifest and evolve into something wonderfully unexpected.

Lesly is the author of “ How To Turn Your Facebook Group Into An Engaging Community

Follow Lesly On social media and leave her a comment below!

Engage with Lesly. Drop her a comment using the comment  box below. Check out her blog and network with her.  She will be happy to hear from you.

23 thoughts on “How Lesly Federici can help increase your Affiliate Marketing sales!”

  1. Hi Enstine

    Great to know Lealy. She is awesome. I am amazed at what she has accomplished in her life. She really tapped into all her gifts and talents.

  2. Exactly what an useful information! Thanks Enstine for discussing Lesly. I’m so pleased that i now need to reevaluate the relaunch of my affiliate marketing biz. I’m sure going to ‘Power Affiliate Club’ will be of aid to me.

    Thanks Again ! Much Appreciated 😉

  3. Hey Enstine,

    This is a pleasant surprise of seeing Lesly as the featured blogger to follow here. But you know what? She deserves it!

    I met her about a year ago when she first started her Facebook group. I became a member, but unfortunately I have not been active since around the end of Summer of 2014.

    But one thing I really liked about her was the fact that she was very helpful, and she would do just about anything to help you and her members. She has helped me quite a few times whether it had to do with blogging or not.

    She is definitely someone that bloggers should follow. She is serious about helping people and being successful. And you’re right about Lesly being a natural initiator which is a great characteristic of a successful entrepreneur!

    Thanks for the share Enstine! Have a good one!

  4. Hi Enstine

    Great to know Lealy. She sure is creative and has the entrepreneur spirit. I am amazed at what she has accomplished in her life. She really tapped into all her gifts and talents.

    Heading over to her site. Thanks for sharing Enstine.

  5. Hi Lesly

    First of all a very warm welcome to the club as whenever my friend Enstine features a wonderful blogger or online marketer here it recalls me the day when I got this honored and that was a fantastic day of my blogging life. 🙂

    It is quite impressive that you have been associated with a profession that is treated as worship and how you linked it with your passion for blogging is just amazing.

    I too have a quite different background of environmental awareness while being a money blogger and it gives me immense pleasure when I meet a person coming from a profession related to humanitarian service.

    Thanks a lot Enstine for featuring Lesly and got us know more about her to draw huge inspiration from her professional excellence.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. I will like to congratulate you for been among the influential bloggers online that will featured on Enstine weekly top blogger you should meet, because this series is one of my favorite post i don’t miss on Enstine Blog.

  7. hi

    Another great post to generate good income via affiliates but the thing is you can’t do it right by just reading posts on one or the other blog. You must have to become an action taker if you want to earn, to succeed.

    Thanks, keep writing

  8. She looked interesting from the picture alone, I fancy her Glasses LOL. By the way, it’s yet another intro of a personality who can help us improve our income performance, good to know about you Lesly, I hope to keep in touch with you soonest and I am definitely gonna check out that PAC website.

  9. Hi Enstine,

    What a great surprise it is to see my friend Lesly on your blog today! We go back a few years and Lesly is a multi-talented person. She helps as an RN, does fantastic artwork, Is a Real Person and tons of fun.

    I immediately was drawn to Lesly when I first met her. She is so easy to talk to and is humble about all she knows and her fantastic experience! Now, together with Monna (another one of my dear friends) They are running PAC.

    I remember seeing my first product being reviewed by Lesly and a big question mark came over my head. That’s how I found my way to PAC. What a great idea to have affiliate products all in one place. We can buy from each other because of the KLT factor.

    Where can you ever find stuff like this? The group is so interactive and there is something going on almost every day. If you are not familiar with this group I do suggest to be there.

    There are community hangouts and so much more that one feels a part of this group that has grown out of caring and love.

    Thank you Enstine for featuring Lesly…she sure deserves it!


  10. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for another fascinating introduction!!!! I love how experiences in one part of life can lead to new experiences later on. Lesly is a great example for what you shared here and I’m not only impressed but I’m also inspired.

    Of course I’m not an affiliate marketer or blogger, but stories like hers are so engaging and interesting for anyone who is learning how to achieve more, be more, and learn more.

    Thanks for the introduction Enstine!

    ~ Don Purdum

  11. Hi Enstine, very useful post , its very useful to know about Lesly and her successful journey from a Nurse towards an affiliate marketer, and very glad to know that you are also a part of Power Affiliate Club as an Expert Author. All the very best.

  12. Another great post to generate good income via affiliates but the thing is you can’t do it right by just reading posts on one or the other blog. You must have to become an action taker if you want to earn, to succeed.

    Thanks, keep writing 😉

  13. What a lovely profile Enstine, Lesly is one amazing woman. She’s simply brilliant at building her communities and generous in her time and knowledge. I’ve been blessed with her friendship for some time now, and I’m proud to be part of her community, she’s not just amazing at affiliate marketing, but also community building.

  14. Hey My Friend Monna,
    Thank you for the compliments … I appreciate it … your comment helped to initiate a great service to many bloggers. We are all about promoting and helping our members, aren’t we. So we are a team and evolving into something special … thank you for all you do and look forward to a great PAC 2015 …

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Great post featuring Lesly. I’ve worked with her quite a while now and she is a “genuine go-getter.” She always amazes me how talented she is with her artwork in her books, on her posts and where ever they are needed.

    I am honored to be working with her in PAC (Power Affiliate Club) and look for this concept to grow and influence many others in the same way.

  16. Hi Lesly, and welcome to Enstine’s blog,

    It’s wonderful to know and read about you. More so, because you know Monna, whom I met rather recently, and of course, now Enstine too. Good to know about your background as a RN and now so much into affiliate marketing, and Enstine is the best marketer going!

    Thanks for sharing more about Lesly with us, Enstine. Have a nice, rest of the week, both of you 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,
      It’s an honor to be featured here on Enstine’s blog. There are so many great things about the internet, this is one of them – meeting people from around the world. I look forward to connecting with you sometime :-). And yes, careers and interests change and I’m very happy doing what I do now ….

  17. Hi Enstine,

    I am glad to hear about Lesly, will check power affiliate club to shine skills in affiliate marketing. Thanks to share great info plus her social networks links. I will glad to connect her.


    • Hi Jyoti,
      We have already connected on Facebook which is great … thank you and look forward to getting to know you! And thank you for your interest in the Power Affiliate Club ….

  18. What a useful info! Thanks Enstine for writing about Lesly. I’m so glad that i now have to reconsider the relaunch of my affiliate marketing biz. I’m sure visiting ‘Power Affiliate Club’ will be of help to me.

    • Hi Moses,
      Yes, please do visit us, we have lots of great info and we love promoting our members. Always rethink what you’re doing with your business because it always gets better … 🙂

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