Break Through STUCK, Unleash Greatness with Deborah Tutnauer!

It’s 2015 and I’m exciting I’m bringing you the first blogger of the week for the year. She’s someone exciting and someone you’d love to meet.

I have known this wonderful blogger since last year but before I give you some more details about her, you may want to know the bloggers I featured last year. Check out about them here. These are very unique and interesting bloggers so having them in your community will be a huge plus.

In 2015, I’ll give another step ahead. I have worked closely with many bloggers who at the same time are product creators. So beside featuring bloggers, I’ll be dedicating some posts to talking about their products, helping them find the market while proposing something useful to my community.

Meet Deborah Tutnauer!

DeborahTutnauer photoDeborah Tutnauer came to blogging through the back door. In fact her journey as an entrepreneur is so unique and intriguing; she was recently invited to be the Kick-Off Speaker at the Westminster College School of Entrepreneurship 3 Day Entrepreneur Summit. For the Summit they don’t even want her to teach anything – only to tell her story. You lucky readers get to read it first right here.

If you hop over to Deborah’s blog right now, you will notice that she is a Transformational Entrepreneur Success Coach. Her focus is on Inner Game Transformation for Authentic Entrepreneurs, leading to an exquisitely structured business framework for Joyful and Financially Sustainable Business.

Deborah’s coaching is designed for two types of people:

  1. Those who are dreaming of leaving a corporate job or making a career change and searching for the right business idea and format for their entrepreneurial venture. These are people usually of middle age or approaching retirement. They are ready to create Time by Design, and to do so in full alignment with their life’s purpose. Deborah’s coaching is about helping them develop their next work/business adventure with deep meaning, smart marketing and a money making plan that is both realistic and exciting.Deborah Tutnauer
  2. Frustrated entrepreneurs who have already spent time and money on training, coaches, retreats, education, and are still not seeing the results they desire. Right now they feel like this –

Deborah takes these people through her unique Foundation and Framework program, breaking through the invisible bubble blocking their path to success! Her methods go deep, as she firmly believes that success is 90% an inside job. But she doesn’t stop with inner work, because without a business plan and solid marketing structure there is nothing to provide the framework for financial sustainability.

“Deborah is insightful, honest, focused and vibrant.  Anyone that works with her will find that she can shine a light into some of their darkest corners, allowing them to break free from limiting belief patterns. She is terrific!” – Tracy Benson, Certified Health Coach, January 2014

In the Beginning

Deborah did not begin her professional career doing what she does now. In fact, when she graduated from college in 1981 with a degree in Organizational and Social Psychology, instead of following the expected path she packed up her yellow Volkswagen convertible and drove to Wyoming to become a ski bum! This was most definitely the beginning of life lived far outside the box!

Have you ever heard the question “If you had to jump out of a plane and could ask just one friend to pack your parachute, who would it be?”?  And insight into Deborah’s attention to detail and level of responsibility is that everyone in her group of friends, when asked this question, named her as the person they would TRUST to pack their parachute!

From those days on the slopes in 1982, to her successful coaching business today, Deborah’s journey was a series of unconventional decisions and adventurous experiences. In fact, when she met her husband in 1997 she had to create a printed timeline for him to follow because he could not keep track of all the places she had lived around the world and all the different jobs and business ventures she had experienced!

Each adventure for Deborah was a passion that had both meaning for her and impact on others. She taught disabled children, achieved two Master’s Degrees, and created psychotherapy programs for enmeshed abusive families in Northern Maine. She developed a private learning disability support program at the American School in Budapest, Hungary and taught English to Hungarian children while there!

Entrepreneurship had Begun!!

Let’s stop for a moment here to ask why you Deborah’s story is important to you today. You are a blogger, an entrepreneur, a direct sales person or home business creator. You may be someone successful in their job yet poignantly unhappy in life.

Why should you be interested in Deborah’s journey?

What’s in it for you?

Deborah would tell you that it’s all about seeing possibilities at every turn, rather than taking life at face value. She would say that every moment is an opportunity to create the life of your dreams and that there are no “shoulds” or “rules” beyond those of kindness to others and integrity in your decisions.

Deborah’s journey can be a beacon for you who seek your life path. Though your journey is uniquely yours, often times you may get hung up or stuck in expectations placed upon you by society or by your own baggage and stories. Deborah stepped boldly outside that box in a series of unusual ways, maintaining a focus on her own values and gifts while marching to the drummer of her purpose. She did not know at each decision juncture, what would come further down the road. But she did know to keep moving forward, trusting her skills; her intuition and the knowledge of what had meaning for her.

You can do that too!

Deborah returned from Europe and took a position doing Mental Health work as a Clinician to earn her licensure hours.  Her love of helping children and families work through difficulties and embrace positive change continued through this job and into the creation of her own private psychotherapy practice. For 15 years Deborah impacted children and families struggling with difficult situations and mental illness.

Entrepreneurship during that time was different than it looks today. There was certainly no generally accessible internet and most people did not even think of working on their own much less starting a home business. Deborah’s foray into private psychotherapy practice was not even called entrepreneurship at the time, but instead “sole proprietorship”. Labels are not the important point here. Instead it’s Deborah’s drive and success in creating Time by Design, living a life of purpose and meaning on her terms that is inspiring.  Impacting her clients deeply while having a self-constructive schedule that allowed her large amounts of time for her other loves and interests like skiing, hiking, camping, reading, yoga and travel is an example that many would love the follow.

Trusting in your own inner voice is the starting place for creating your Time by Design. Deborah’s message is that this is our life and we get to choose how we spend it. Many don’t believe this to be true. There are always life circumstances outside of our control.  But we get to choose how we view them, how we make sense of them and how we let them affect us. Deborah teaches her clients how to expose their stories which inform their beliefs about their world and then let go of the stories that no longer serve them.  Then she inspires them to conceive, re-write and construct the story they want to live now!

Luckily for you, Deborah created a powerful 4 part Stories Transformation course , you can follow on your own in the privacy of your home or office. Just this small two – three hour exploration can literally change everything for you, according to Deborah.

“Deborah,Your Greatest Strength, is that you deeply care about the guiding people to the truth within them. Your sincerity, intelligence, and ability to ask questions intuitively guides people to the heart of the matter. This is what differs from average/good coaches, from the exceptional coaches. You are an exceptional coach who transforms lives through your innate ability to guide through questions.”  -Joseph Michel Syverson – Life Success Teacher and Guide, January 2014

As the mother of a young child, Deborah required a break from mental health work and decided the new frontier of internet marketing looked quite intriguing. This was back in the Wild West days of early SEO, social media in its infancy and online direct sales.  Facebook only existed in the Harvard dorms and Twitter was so small that those who connected then and there are a small group who are still in touch with each other today. Deborah burned the midnight oil for over a year, working for hours online after her family went to bed, learning how online marketing and the internet functioned. Affiliate marketing, an online parenting program and a network marketing journey complete with abysmal failures and multiple six figure successes unfolded over the next few years.

This was Entrepreneurship as we who work online think about it today. Though a few years were spent primarily interacting with the computer screen, Deborah’s love of coaching people through difficult situations and into their full potential, rang clear in all her work. It was only a matter of time until she combined her newest business knowledge, marketing and sales experience with her teaching and therapy background.

Did I mention that until settling in Colorado in 1995, Deborah’s criss-crossed the USA so many times that her two cats probably lived in more places than most people ever do!

Authenticity in all aspects of life’s decision and actions have been a hallmark for Deborah’s unique and varied career. She has chosen to primarily coach in the business realm because she feels this is where people so often compromise themselves or lose their center in an external structure. Deborah has been called The Question Master by her clients and colleagues. Anyone who has worked with her in Private Coaching or as a member of the Entrepreneur Business Success Club, can attest to the fact that Deborah asks questions and open perceptions that no other teacher or coach has ever presented to them before. She has a special gift of seeing beyond the visible information or situation, moving her clients to the root of things quickly.

“Before I worked with Deborah I was very overwhelmed and frustrated in my business and my life. Since working with her, I have regained my focus and enthusiasm with a clear knowing of where I am going. The best part is with less effort and “pushing” my business is more fun and much more productive.  Deborah is a true expert in helping people uncover their blockages that are preventing them from experiencing success. I cannot recommend this experience enough. It’s a true game changer.”  – Dr. Matt Laporte  February 2014

One of Deborah’s clients, when asked to describe what she does in her coaching programs called her an Architect of Magical Soul Structure. What this means is she is able to bring you deep, to help you access your core meaning, and values. She helps you touch your soul’s purpose and then make it concrete like an architect, creating the plan and structure for your Joyful and Financially Sustainable Business. When you have completed your work with Deborah, you will feel clarity and competence. You will be earning money in full alignment with your values and will have a structure in place for your Time by Design.

Deborah Tutnauer

I began by sharing that Deborah Tutnauer came to blogging through the back door. She started her blog 8 years ago as a means to an end for bringing attention to her business and coaching services and products. In the past year Deborah has fully embraced her love of writing and with that the power of building a blogging community and sharing her heartfelt philosophy with entrepreneurs throughout the world.

This small shift in focus has put her on the radar of established bloggers and entrepreneurial programs. Her goal is to continue conceiving new ideas for authentic business success and constructing programs for her clients and customers and to expand her reach through live speaking engagements, live retreats and writing.

Though Deborah markets primarily online, she is old fashioned when it comes to relationships and loves nothing more than to connect in real time and hear a real voice on the other end of the phone line (or skype).

Deborah asked that I make sure to tell you she would love to hear from you directly for help with your business, or just to make a connection and build community. Contact her at deborah[@] and be sure to put “Met you on Enstine’s Blog” in the subject line so she knows it’s a legitimate email.

Time to chat with Deborah in the comment box 😉

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  1. Hey Enstine,

    Great to see you featuring Deborah here. I was on vacation last week and I know I’ve missed some posts while I was off but had to stop by and support my girl now!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah last summer and boy did I connect with her. She opted into my blog and of course I called her and we had the best chat. She’s so smart, friendly and nice. Her desire is to help women entrepreneurs realize our full potential and worth. So many of us have been raised to be in that helpful mode but we do it out of the kindness of our hearts instead of asking for what we are worth.

    She has definitely had some adventures and lived more of a full life than I ever have. I think it’s fascinating though and I admire her for everything she’s done and achieved up to this point. She’s by no means finished, I feel like she’s only just begun.

    Thanks again for highlighting her here and I hope you both have a terrific week.


  2. Whoa a big congratulation to Deborah, for featuring on this great community. You deserve to be profiled because i stumble upon your blog sometimes ago and i really thrilled with awesome information you put together for that platform.

  3. I appreciate you taking the time to say congratulations. There is definitely something there deep in your for which you have got this honor, I am getting to know after reading this beautiful intro.

  4. Deborah and I have been friends for a relatively short time and I had no idea how vast her experiences are! I just know that every time we’re together, I’m naturally inspired and motivated to live life to it’s fullest and to take my business to new heights, but only in a way that feels authentic. Deborah’s enthusiasm for life and entrepreneurship is contagious! And if I had to choose one friend to pack in my bag – it would be her! Enstine and Deborah – keep it up! You guys rock!

    • Hi Dina!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and coming over here to meet my friend Enstine! Though your niche is completely different than his, you could learn much about blogging from reading some of his posts. I know I have !! Enstine is a master.

      It’s funny how friendship’s evolve – and how over time we get to learn more and more about a person, their history and stories.

      I’d love to be packed in your bag Dina, as I know you travel often to many wonderful places around the globe!


  5. Congratulation Deborah, for being the first ever exceptional blogger to be featured on because Enstine doesn’t simply pickup bloggers from streets and feature them up.

    There is definitely something there deep in your for which you have got this honor, I am getting to know after reading this beautiful intro.

    Keep rocking!

    • Anmar,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment.

      I agree that Enstine is so thoughtful in who he chooses to feature and that is why I feel so very honored to be one of the people he values enough to introduce to his community.

      It’s exciting for me to meet new friends from around the globe and I appreciate you taking the time to connect and comment Ammar.


  6. Hi Enstine and Deborah

    I have met her at a few online places but never knew her awesomeness as a coach and a wonderful professional in that much detail.

    Her vast experience and never-slowing struggle itself is the proof of her comittment level to offer the best to her clients.

    It is quite good experience to learn about a person having a little different background but equally so inspirational and a big message for those who always complaing of working in different fields.

    Your series of featuring great online professionals at your blog is getting hugely popular and it has become a sort of testimonial which one can refer proudly in his profile.

    Thanks a lot for letting us know more and more wonderful people.

    • Mi Muba!

      I too have seen you on the blogs of our other mutual online friends and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to connect with you here on Enstine’s amazing blog!

      It’s funny when we see comments and thoughts online and certain people stand out to us just from their writing. Then we have a chance to get to know them better and we learn so much more about them!

      I have seen your comments and Adrienne’s blog and on Don Purdum’s in particularly and always make a mental note that I must learn more about you. Now I am inspired to click your link and go visit your blog even more.

      Thank you for your comment!

  7. Hi Enstine, and thank you for featuring Deborah on this post.

    Yes, Deborah is old fashioned when it comes to communicating with others she meets online. She once reached out to me and we had a fantastic phone conversation. I remember well how we laughed about her living in Colorado and I in Maine. Just chatting about how we love were we live.

    Deborah is a master when it comes to helping others. Her past experiences prove so. She is so easy to talk to, has the art of listening to others, and is honestly interested in other people.

    She is altruistic and with that being said, anyone who wants to connect with her will immediately have the feeling of trust.

    Deborah will help you get to know your true inner self which is the beginning of any endeavor one wants to partake in. We need to know ourselves in order to step forward and Deborah is the go to gal for that one!

    I am so grateful to know her!


    P.S. Deborah, I’m wearing my “cuddleducks” under my clothes and walking in the wonderland of snow up here…lol

    • “Old Fashioned” ?!! I love that Donna.
      If Old Fashioned means truly wanting to connect with people and get to know them, off the screen and through conversation – then that would be me!!

      It was fun when we spoke and we really must do it again soon. I allowed myself to be fairly relaxed throughout the holiday season and got a bit behind in my writing and blog commenting. But the party is over and I’m seriously back to work this month and on some kind of routine (HaHa). One day I shall write about my “routines” as I ride a line between very organized with my work and a total free spirit when the mood strikes.

      I’m glad you are wearing your thermals Donna. I put them on in November and don’t remove them except for washing, until April. As they like to say in both Maine and Colorado, there is no such thing as weather that is too cold – only inappropriate clothing choices. I’m sure our friends in Africa are reading this paragraph and laughing in a whole other way!

      Thanks for your comment and friendship Donna

  8. Hi Friend,

    Thanks for sharing this post Enstine , a inspirational article, i had heard about but now after reading your blog post i came to know very well. Now i will follow her

    thanking you
    Keep up your good work!
    Have a good day
    Akshay Naik

  9. Hi Enstine and Deborah,
    Congratulations, Deborah for being featured on Enstine’s blog. I loved reading about your journey into blogging and will be taking a look at your blog.

    Enstine, What can I say? Since meeting you, I have met so many new and interesting people from all walks of life. Coming to your blog is like a “trip around the world.”

    Thank you so much for all you do.

    • Thank you Monna!

      I’m excited to welcome you to my blog as well. I’ll keep an eye out for seeing you over there.

      You mentioned that since you met Enstine, visiting his blog is like a trip around the world! I said something similar in the email that went out to my subscribers inviting them to come visit this post and meet Enstine. It is quite fun how the internet can connect us with no concern for time or geography!

      Pleasure to “meet” you Monna,

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for introducing Deborah to your community. She is truly a brilliant business person!

    I have had the opportunity to chat with her several times on the phone and she is the REAL deal!!!! Authentic, genuine, experienced and extremely smart.

    It’s funny because we connected through a blog community at the end of the fall and immediately we knew there was a philosophical and business connection. We share very similar philosophies about business but we do very different things.

    She is truly the person for me that I talk about often when I say find those who serve the same audience you do but in a different way and connect with them

    Deborah is a real blessing! I can’t wait to have her on my new podcast the end of this month!

    Enstine, you couldn’t have picked a better person to start 2014 off with! Congratulations!!!!

    I hope you’re having a Happy New Year!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • We do have great conversations, don’t we Don?

      I love how you put it; that we have very similar philosophies by work in different arenas. Your focus I know is on existing brick and mortar businesses that are lost when asked the answer the question : What business are your really in?

      I ask a very similar question but I’m working primarily with solopreneurs or corporate executives looking to begin a business. I want them to have deep clarity on who they are, and what solution they bring to the marketplace and then obviously who has the problems that their solution will solve.

      It is very much the same line of thinking in a different segment of the audience.

      Enstine is certainly one of the highlighted people I met in the past few months and I’m beyond thrilled that he chose me to blast off 2015 on his blog!


  11. Hi Enstine and Deborah,

    Wow, I’m so glad that thanks to you coming early on my new post this morning, I caught this post early as well.

    Man are you posting often, or what? Can’t keep up with you 🙂 my friend.

    I have had the extreme pleasure to meet Deborah late last year, and right away, I saw someone interesting and great. Only my lack of time has prevented me to get to know her further, but your post here, Enstine, was a great helper in this case.

    I’ve been planning on filling out her questionnaire on her blog (thought it was super interesting), but again didn’t make time for it yet, but I promise that I will very soon.

    Thank you for sharing great talents on your blog Enstine, and in this case, Deborah Tutnauer who is really worth knowing.

    • Thank you for your kind words Sylviane!

      Isn’t Enstine just the most wonderful and gathering people together and helping community connect?!

      I felt a similar connection to you when we first met and I look forward to getting to know you better throughout the coming year.


  12. Congratulation Deborah for getting featured here, and being the first in the year. I’m really glad you are on my niche. I will be visiting your blog henceforth.

    • I really appreciate your comment Moses.

      I’ am thrilled to be meeting so many of Enstine’s friends and community, including you. I look forward to seeing you on my blog and hope that I can help you with your business with my writing!


  13. Thank you very much Enstine sir, wow the great article and the inspirational aricle, Deborah I herd her name, but see and know about her on this site via from your post sir, and I live very much which type of methods of training giving by Deborah, thank you Enstine sir

    • So very nice to meet you!

      Thank you for the kind words. Enstine is quite wonderful for all the people who shares with his community and all the tools and information as well!

      Have a great weekend,

  14. Hi

    Wow it is a good thing that you have featured here ma, so warmly wish you congratulations.

    Enstine Muki Happy New Year Sir

    • Thank you Victor!

      I appreciate you taking the time to say congratulations! I feel very grateful to Enstine for the opportunity to connect with so many in his community, including you.


  15. Hey Deborah,

    Congratulations on being the very first blogger to be featured on Enstine Muki’s blog in 2015. I felt the same honor last December when he featured me too on his blog.

    I am not really surprised seeing your name on his list because you happen to be one of many whose content serves as a value giver to people.

    First time I heard about you was at Adrienne Smith’s blog and then on Enstine’s and ever since then I have keeping tabs on you. Enstine really made the best choice picking as the first this year 🙂

    I too wanted to be first to leave a comment here because I was actually chatting with him on Skype when he told me he has just featured another blogger! Anyway, I am glad I am finally here.

    To Enstine, thanks for continually been a value giver to the blogging community. I really appreciate your effort and style of bringing bloggers together!

    You two should have a wonderful day ahead!


    • Thank you so much Jackson!
      I am deeply honored and appreciate your kind words.

      As you have read in my story, I do not (or have not) thought of myself as a blogger, even though I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years. I am a coach – a change agent – a magic maker in some ways – helping entrepreneurs essentially get out of their own way.

      This past summer I began to think differently about my blog itself and that has opened up an entire new community to me filled with wonderful people like yourself and Enstine.

      I look forward to getting to know you better Jackson. Have a great upcoming weekend.


  16. Thank you Enstine!!

    I am so excited to be featured on your blog, I just had to try and be the very first comment!
    You are such a blessing to the blogging community worldwide, with your open heart, vast technological knowledge

    and breadth of information shared.

    It is an honor to be your friend Enstine, and to be introduced to your community.


    • You are awesome Deborah and I’m sure I’m not the first to say this 😉 A lot of beautiful things about you and that justifies why my readers will be crazy about hooking up with you.

      2015 has a lot in package for us so let’s keep giving. Thanks for accepting to be featured 😉

      • Thank you Melanie.
        I sincerely appreciate your compliments and friendship.

        Glad you took the time to come over to Enstine’s blog to see the post and meet Enstine too!


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