Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and 6 others are F.A.K.E bloggers!

Since getting into blogging, I have come across so many bloggers and most of them are FAKE. I have been hanging around and reading their blogs but recently, I found out they really are fake ( Find out the meaning of F.A.K.E below).

The list of these fake bloggers is long. They are both men and women but I want to focus here on women.

The fun is these are very popular bloggers and almost everyone is saying they are the best. But I think they are F.A.K.E. Here are their names:

I know these fake ladies will be here to read this post because they are active on my blog. I have even featured some of them. But that doesn’t stop me. I owe my readers the truth.

I also know so many others reading this post are active readers and followers of these ladies. But I’m so sure of my words “They are fake”

Don’t be disappointed. I owe my readers the truth. I’m just being responsible. I found out information you may never have known about Adrienne Smith, Harleena and the rest on the list. Well, maybe you knew it before but didn’t have the courage to reveal it. I’m daring because they are all my very good friends and after reading this post, they will still continue to hang around my blog.

So why and how are they F.A.K.E.?

Ok so you really want to know how and why they are fake? Are you one of them on the list? Well, you are fake and here is how…

Sorry! Let me add a few men to the list!

I just met Don Purdom. OMG! this guy is fake. Kevin Duncan, sorry buddy I just have to let my readers know that you are fake. That’s just the truth. Erik Emmanuelli tried to cover up but I got him. You can’t hide bro. You are really fake and I want the world to know about it. Another fake guy is Ryan Biddulph. He tells us he’s blogging from paradise. Fake!

So how and why I think these top bloggers are fake? Are they really fake? Do you still need to trust them?

Well, I have taken my time to write this post. I’m not dreaming. I know what I’m talking about. I know these friends will be shooting stones at me. But I have a clear conscience. What I have written here is true.

Help me tell the world they are fake. Share this post on social media.

This is why and how these bloggers are FAKE

Time to speak the truth. You want to know why are how Adrienne and the others are fake right? Here we go:

F for Fantastic

These bloggers are fantastic. Yes they are and it can be verified. Go check out their blogs

A for Accurate

They write so accurately. Some of them are teachers turned bloggers. I know what I’m saying. They are accurate female and male bloggers

K for knowledgeable

They know what they are doing. They are knowledgeable. Read their blogs and you’ll agree with me they know what their writing about.

E for Encouraging

Oh yes this is true. Hang around them enough and you’ll find out they are so encouraging. They share others posts, comments on their blogs, etc

I have benefited so much from them.  They are Fantastic, Accurate, Knowledgeable and Encouraging. Isn’t that FAKE?

So thank you ladies and gentle men for being my fake bloggers.


Now tell me ain’t these bloggers fake? Let me hear what you think in the comment box.

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

  • Danyal says:

    Hahahaahah – Damn Funny – You got Me lol – It was an old prank but I was not expecting it here 😉

  • Rahul Patel says:

    lol The title is very interesting. I instantly click in the link when i saw Harleena Singh is a fake blogger. I have a lot of respect for Harleen Singh.

  • Jackson Nwachukwu says:

    Hahaha, I was on Skype with Enstine last night when he revealed to me the title of his next blog post and I was like “damn man, these ladies are world’ best bloggers, don’t even go there!”

    And my friend was still serious telling me how he planned to expose their secrets. This time I was surprise because I know Enstine that when he says he mean something then he means it.

    While I was not too sure what my friend was up to, something still tells me that he was on his way to revealing the more greatness of these women of substance, wonderful ladies, mothers, teachers, wives, instructors, facilitators and above all friends of all!

    I am happy to have worked very closely with Ms Ileane Smith, who actually made me realize I can write a guest blog post that threw in more than 80 comments on her blog. I read that blog post almost every week. Is only a FAKE Blogger like Ileane Smith that can help you realize that even when you are less than 1 month in blogging!

    Another guy that has touched my life is Erik Emmanuelli, my first guest post on his blog brought me more close to him and also opened my eyes to smart ways to make money as a freelance blogger. Such a FAKE Blogger!

    Adrienne says things the way they are. She visited my blog two days back and spotted something about MyCommentAuthor on one of my posts and she talked about it without minding it was her first visit. I took some time to look at the boldness and transparency written all over her comments and I was glad she visited me. I had to track her down on Twitter to thank her for her observation. This is what I call a FAKE Blogger!

    Another awesome lady I have come across is Carol. Writes her blog such that you will see that she is nothing but a FAKE Blogger no doubt.

    Kevin is another guy on the other side of the road! He is a pusher and believes in nothing but quality. Takes his time to take decisions. Yea found out about him when I had a chat with him on his blog when he wrote a review on Enstine’s popular and newly launched broaded.net. Hey Kevin take it or leave it you are nothing but a FAKE Blogger!

    Don Purdom, don’t even think you will hide because my recent chat with you on Kingged showed me that you are FAKE! Don is one man that dedicated 4 years of his blogging career to only meeting bloggers and making friends with them. I didn’t say 4 days, but “4 years!” It takes one to be a FAKE Blogger to be able to do that.

    Harleena Singh,
    Lisa Buben,
    Donna Merill,
    Sherryl Perry
    Joy Healey,
    Ryan Biddulph

    So you all think you can hide? No way! Hold on, you all are on my rader! I am coming to get you…

    To the the one guy I call “Emeka Muki,” (He knows why I call him that name) you are a masterpiece and I am so glad we met as brothers in this journey of blogging!

    Thanks for giving honour to who honour is due…



    • Enstine Muki says:

      lol yeah you and Desmond think I am Igbo man right? That’s why you renamed me Emeka. Ok I’ll relocate to Nigeria so I can fully bear the name. How about that?

      You’ve got the real point of this post. I can shout it lout how these friends are FAKE.
      Thanks for making such a wonderful comment that says even more than the post

      Hope you are having a great weekend

  • Danyal says:

    I was looking for a SHOCKER :p Yeah it was a real shocker 😀
    I read it 3 times after it got posted . Wonderful post man – Really appriciate it

  • Babshaybell says:

    Oh you really got me there Enstine…. These people are like the best. How are they FAKE? Man…

    You realy got me… Didnt believe it at first though.. 😉

  • Catherine says:

    Very clever Enstine!

    I tried to resist but I couldn’t. I agree with you, though Ryan Biddulph seems to have gone from blogging to book selling, which is a shame as I enjoyed his blog posts.

  • Ammar Zeb says:

    Oh bro, you just took my heart out -_-

    Meanwhile, wonderful creativity, thumbs up 😉

    And these all guys listed above are truly fake 😛

    • Adesanmi Adedotun says:

      Hi Zeb,
      You are not alone bro, Muki really got me thinking but we all know these people are indeed great bloggers!

  • Reginald says:

    Hey Enstine,

    First of all, what?! Haha! You got me man.

    Big time! But on top of that, these are the bloggers I really look highly on.

    I mean, these are the people who have been in this industry longer than any of us.

    Lots to learn from them and thanks for the write!

  • kartik says:

    Ha ha ha its a really a funny article… after reading this article surely laugh….. its really or only posting for fun … ?

  • ram says:

    Great . waiting for another article about male… So many blogger are make smile after reading this article..

  • YourFriend says:

    One thing to add, Enstine Muki is also fake 🙂

  • Victor Noah says:

    Hello Enstine,
    You’re very funny.. But come to think of it; are they really fake? 😉 . Nothing hide under the sun! And yeah, finally, my boss (Enstine) has reveal to us those fake bloggers. Thanks for sharing. (*wink*) . These is the joke of the week. 🙂 Hahaha

  • Abdul Ghani says:

    hahaha! you really shocked me enstine muki becuase I’m a daily reader of this top bloggers.Lol you represented them in a new funny way! 😀

  • Mi Muba says:

    Hi Enstine

    Apart from all the funny, entertaining, interesting and hilarous aspects of this post what you done will be new history of affiliate marketing.

    With simply one content lock product you;

    a) Made each reader to reshare this post
    b) Strengthened your networking with the bloggers you mentioned here as fake
    c) Showed the benefit of this product with practical example
    d) Proved with the awesomeness of the idea that just a little creatvity can turn a common product into a special one
    e) And obviosly will convert extraordinary higher number of visitors into your customers.

    Who says you are simply a great blogger or PHP developer or networking marketer. You are a gem of online professional who is master of all trades and jack of none.

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Mi,
      Did I just leave out a fake blogger? What for the male fake bloggers. You won’t escape my publication this time 😉

      I edited the title and introduction a bit. Some readers are making conclusions without opening the locker so I just thought to give some little light.

      In as much as I want to create curiosity and promote my friends, I will not be able to tolerate any misunderstanding 😉

  • Woah ..
    You really surprised me with the bold headline Enstine, hahaha!
    It was an interesting post 😀


  • Robinsh says:

    I think your blogging career is at the end now because these famous bloggers could ruin your identity if they wish, don’t take chances or be ready to be listed in some posts like this one over there at their famous blogs and social networking accounts.

    Don’t you afraid of this thought ?

  • Karmakar says:

    Hi Enstine…

    Just Superb brother…

    Enjoyed it… Shared it…. Going to remember it for a long time… 🙂



  • Sumit Thakur says:

    It really didn’t know about this. Even I was discussing about Harleena yesterday with some of my friends. And I was saying that she is damn hard working. But where is she..My God the world of web is full of unpredictable things 🙂

  • owuogba says:

    Great way to grab the readers attention and increase click through rate, i must confess- i didn’t plan to read this post but the caption made me to click and read immediately. Great post and at least, i have seen more popular bloggers that i did not know about.

  • Nathaniel Kidd says:

    Wow! I must admit you got me with that one. My heart actually dropped when I first read your title because just like you I hold these ladies in such high regard and truly follow them. This is the first time I had seen such a technique. You surely grabbed my attention Enstine. Thank you for waking me up this morning. I didn’t need coffee today that is for sure 🙂

    • Adesanmi Adedotun says:

      Hi Kidd,

      Well said bro, I don’t know what to say when I saw the post but I later discover Muki was sending an important message concerning these bloggers.

  • Irfan says:

    What is it? I really want to know the reason you wrote this post. I invested my time reading it and I know you well; you wouldn’t do it for fun, it has to be a reason behind it? What is it?

  • Adesanmi Adedotun says:

    Hi Muki,

    Bro, you really got me think. When I glanced through the title, I was like what! Fake but something tell me, read through of cos I did but to be frank, these are eminent in the industry, they have great impact on most bloggers via the blogging world and however doesn’t know these group of bloggers, knows nobody yet. Just the fun in it gladdens my heart.

  • OMG! You got me this time!

    HAHAHA! I just can’t stop laughing this time! I had no idea of your prank. I didn’t know FAKE was an acrostic poem!

    Let me say it in different words! You fooled us not on April, but on September!

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  • Philip Verghese Ariel says:

    Hey, Hey, Man Whats happening!!
    A Hilarious Post Indeed!!
    No, I deffer!! LOL
    I know these ladies except one since long time.
    And I am a regular reader of these ladies!

    Or, in that case you forgot to add
    yet another name, that is none other than YOU!! LOL
    Yes, You Top The List of Fake ones!! LOL
    Hey, Hey, I am surprised, these lovely and valuable ladies are yet to respond!! 🙂
    Your need some security!!
    Have a great and fun week ahead.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  • Carol Amato says:

    Hi Enstine,

    You are very funny indeed! What a great creative way to build up curiosity and excitement! I appreciate you mentioning me as your friend, and stating I am fantastic, accurate, knowledgeable and encouraging! Thank you!

    I bought a content locker type software last year and have only used it a few times. Will dust it off and play with it some.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend.
    – Carol 🙂

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Carol,
      I’m glad it’s not my opinion alone. You are such a wonderful blogger that everyone likes to hook up with. Please keep up these wonderful qualities of yours

      • Hey Hey,Enstine,
        Your are now changing the plate, how come Carol suddenly changed to a wonderful blogger!!
        Few minutes back you said Carol and few others presented here are fakes LOL
        Very interesting trend indeed,
        Keep it my brother!!
        Let us not use the tactics of dirty politicians LOL
        Have a good day
        ~ Phil

  • Palla Sridhar says:

    There are so many fake bloggers in this world. But most of these are supported by big brands. Some hide it for privacy sake and others want to fool people. But the pictures of the above people you mentioned like Harelena Singh, Ileana Smith are so real, that its unbelievable that they are fake. I’m just posting this without reading the locked content. I hope you can provide that with a more simple mechanism.

    • Enstine Muki says:

      The real content is locked. You need to know my own meaning of FAKE

      • Hey, Palla,
        You need to find the new dictionary meaning of Our Wonderful Blogger Enstine! LOL. Or in the future along with his high tech plugins, widgets I am sure he will
        be releasing a new dictionary for bloggers! I mean exclusively for bloggers!
        Mind it its only for Enstine and Blogger!! Lol
        Nice speaking to you Enstine!
        Keep creating some more new methods of catching the attention of your fellow bloggers.
        Hey, I have a doubt here, in these comments my wife’s picture is appearing as avtaar picture, Sometimes she uses my PC too, and this pic is posted in wp’s gravtar is it because of that, I am using my name (Full Name) my webpage url and twitter handle, how come her pic appear, will you pl. fix it or suggest a solution.
        but in G+ comments my pic is appearing, of course this is an out of context question, but still you can help me. But anyways after all we both are one!! LOL
        But still !!!
        Have a wonderful time ahead
        ~ Phil

  • Enstine,

    You are too much! I love your analogy of FAKE! Now, I read this first thing in the morning while I was having my first cup of coffee and wasn’t quite awake. So you just could imagine that big question mark on top of my head!

    I thank you for doing this and including me and please know I won’t be throwing any rocks at you. he he he.


  • Very funny post indeed Enstine! 🙂 You had me there for a moment as I kept on reading to find out why they were listed as F.A.K.E. Only that it was a prank. Good one! 🙂

  • Don Purdum says:

    Hey Enstine,

    I have to hand it to you my friend, this is BRILLIANT!

    I got up early this morning and saw the Facebook link and I went “GULP!”

    It literally took me getting to the end as I was waking up trying to figure out if you were serious, lol…

    Well played Sir! Well played indeed!

    Loved it!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Don,
      Lots of unreplied comments on this post. U have been having issues with conneciton laterly. However, I hope to reply one after the other

      Thanks for the compliment and for being my FAKE blogger

  • Kevin Duncan says:

    Hey Enstine,

    Well, I’ve been called worse! ;-D

    Thanks for the mention, buddy. Very funny and interesting way to deliver your message in this one. It’s been Tweeted!

    Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

    – Kevin

  • Joy Healey says:

    Enstine! You are just determined to give me a heart attack LOL.

    Late Saturday in the UK, sipping a glass of wine, having a final email check – and there’s ME looking back at me out of my inbox, and being called FAKE!

    You REALLY had me worried – although being in such illustrious company as Adrienne, Carol, Harleena and the others did calm my beating heart.

    Neat trick, and a huge thank-you for the compliment, and for getting my blog shared like this. Wow!

    Now – off to do some more sharing 🙂


  • Peter Kanayo says:

    Enstine when I saw this on Facebook I sure new u it was simply an acronym.

    Because I knew you to be a savvy marketer.

    I only curious to know the exact meaning.

    You know why?

    Because I know you won’t go your way to impinge the reputation of these great bloggers.

    Do have a nice weekend

  • Hmmmm…pardon me, Enstine, but I don’t get the drift. What is this whole FAKE thing? I just reinstalled your BroadedNet plugin on my widget when all of a sudden this title caught my eye: “Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and 6 others are F.A.K.E bloggers!” pardon me for clicking my own BroadedNet posts, this is the only way I came across with such title.

    Anyway, this is a new way of doing business campagne then? Sure the negative connotation works sometimes on the Internet. Anyway, have a great weekend.


  • Hey Enstine,
    This time you have shaken me by the title almost. And after reading the post even more,by leaving the reader to think on the post deeply.You haven’t said your words directly but gave away the chance to think on.

    Even this technique would result in more comments and engagement.

    These bloggers are those,we follow and learn and you have said them F.A.K.E not actually fake. They are fake because they help us,guide us and true mentor . You have mentioned Adrienne ,Harleena How they can be so hard working and passionate about their blogging and hence,they are fake!! LOL.. They are really fake…Yes they are fake .. I agree too… LOL..
    You have made my day !! 🙂

    ~Mohd Arif Khan

  • RahulB says:

    when i saw the title of the post that Harleena singh is a fake blogger. But after some time it was lol. Hahaha..

  • Pishang says:

    Don’t you think there needs Estine Muki included in list….

  • Hi Enstine,

    I just returned from visiting my Dad, and this post title just caught my eye!! 🙂

    There was no question of not opening it as my heart skipped a beat just thinking how and what did I do to be called a ‘Fake’!! Lol…you really had me glued to this short and interesting post – till I came to the end to real all about it.

    Thank you so much for calling us FAKE I should say now – the men and women, both, though you too top such a list of being a FAKE Genius among all of us 🙂 Happy weekend, and your post surely bought a smile on my face 🙂

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Welcome back Harleena and hope your dad is doing great
      I have not been able to respond to these comments because of issues with ISP.

      However, this post got a lot of attention from my community. Some bloggers got turned off but most of them unlocked the content to discover the meaning of FAKE. I wrote the word with full-stops between the letters to show it was an acronym and most readers were quick to get it 😉

      In any case, it’s interesting to know the meaning and to know that some bloggers have continued the post on their blogs.

      Thanks for being my FAKE blogger and do have a wonderful weekend

  • rakesh kumar says:

    Dots between fake was a real hack but you are a really xxxx man. Truly caught the attentio of every blogger when he/she saw the title. Good work enstine. Keep in touch

  • Suresh says:

    Hey Enstine bro,

    This is damn funny. I appreciate your promotion skills. Yes they are FAKE. I would wait for fake male bloggers list. Have a great weekend. 😛

  • Swapnadip Chakraborty says:

    Hello Enstine,

    Wow! In this week you have come with a brilliant concept. “F.A.K.E Bloggers” what an idea you have.

    Seriously, all women bloggers which you have mentioned here, are all best in this blogging profession. I am frequent visitor of their Blog. I got to know so many things from going through their various article.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Have a nice weekend.


  • Pawan says:

    Very Good article, these ladies are really F.A.K.E and I want to become too. 🙂

  • Hey Enstine,

    You caught a lot of people surprised with the title. I have one question to ask you. What in the world are you eating to come up with ideas like this LOL . Bruh, this is genius the way you spurred up everyone’s curiosity to click on the link to read your post. I definitely have to tip my hat off of you for coming up with marketing of this caliber. I mean really, these top bloggers are definitely F.A.K.E. … i’m looking to get on that level of course!

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Sherman,
      Welcome here and thanks for the comment! I have not been able to reply to these comments here because of issues with ISP the last 2 weeks. However, I think they got their problem sorted out as I can see some stability in their signals

      Thanks for the compliment. I eat what you eat and the same stuffs Albert Einstein did eat 😉

  • Main Uddin says:

    Enstine Muki @ I had used to write this type post in 2006-2008 , however good to see that you have already reached target oriented position as a blogger wants .
    Now you can choose some thing new ………………

  • Darragh McCurragh says:

    You never fail to amaze me … as I know some of these bloggers appeared in person on some conventions as speakers I was wondering how they could be impostors – unlike for Stalin or Saddam Hussein it would be unlikely to find (and pay) for credible doubles … But it goes to show you have reached the higher echelons of the blogging elite or else no one would play along. Congrats!

  • Hi Enstine,

    Well, this was a real wake-up call. I saw this on Facebook, recognized my profile pic and hit the “like” button. Then, I re-read the title. Very effective and I’m here and have shared. Thanks for including me. I look forward to seeing which men you call out for being F.A.K.E.

  • Vineet Saxena says:

    Hi Enstine,
    These are of course “FAKE” bloggers. I follow and read them and they have a unique style of writing and reaching out to their audience.
    It was a surprise at first yet I knew inside that it would be something interesting only.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena

  • Manik says:

    Hi Muki,
    Where is the evidence of their Fake Identity????

  • Emebu says:

    Muki i cannot stop being amazed at your creativity, if i see you i will be the first to cast stones on you for this. Hahahahahaha,
    CARRY GO my brother, nothing dey happen!!

  • […] Enstine Muki names fake bloggers – click here to read it. […]

  • Hello Enstine,
    You got me shaking because of my good friend Illeane Smith. That is a good idea my brother.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Enstine,

    I was out of town this weekend and offline the entire time so just now finding the time to swing by.

    Very clever title indeed and I was thinking to myself, “hey that’s not very nice now”. So I knew you had something up your sleeve and very smart way of going about sharing it. I appreciate being named here among these other awesome bloggers so thank you for that.

    Yep, very smart indeed. We do love the shares right so finding out the “scoop” is a great way to do just that. Hope they’ll all hope over and check it out.

    Thank you again Enstine for including me. 😉


    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Adrienne,
      Good o see you here !
      It’s been tough with my ISP messing me up. Lots of comments still to be replied on this post 😉

      This post really went viral with interesting results 😉

      Thanks for being F.A.K.E 😉

  • Mukesh Mali says:

    hahaha! you really shocked me enstine muki becuase I’m a daily reader of this top bloggers.

  • Hi Enstine,

    So, let me try this comment again.

    Your post’s title is very clever, but still after reading it all I didn’t get it. I know that you’ve mentioned great bloggers, here but didn’t get the spell out for F.A.K.E, but may be it’s just me.

    Anyway, great way of getting attention.

  • Sanjay Sajeev says:

    I really appreciate your innovation talent to use these type of attractive post title. I clicked on this post without thinking else. Because of your different title. Keep doing this

  • areesha Noor says:

    Hi Enstine Muki,
    I am shoked,
    Really very funny joeks of the week.

    I am very excite to read about these blogger. Really wonderful post of the week.
    I am so Happy all these blogger are F.A.K.E iclude you too.

  • I thought it might mean Famous And Known Everywhere. FAKE.

  • maxwell ivey says:

    Hi enstine; as a totally blind computer user i must be missing something here. because if these people are fake, I’d love to be just as fake as they are. I follow and admire several of them including adrienne harleena and carolyn. and since i’ve read and commented on some of your featured bloggers. so I know you don’t believe they are fakes either. I’m thinking that f a k e has a different meaning. looking forward to your reply. will share it once i know more about what i would be sharing. thanks, max

  • Ha, Ha – great way to pull in readers. I was a little worried when I recognised several of these ladies.
    Good job, well done. 🙂

  • Humm, Great article! Specially its Title!

    But, I really need to know what is the meaning of F.A.K.E ? And, I’m sure that it’s not “fake”.

  • faheen says:

    Lolz, I was just Shocked
    But Your very clever need to learn more..Obviously My Mind was thinking those problogger are Male…

  • Funny, sly and very well written.

    Made my day. (so far)
    Edward Thorpe

  • Andrew says:


    Really good post and good acronym. All of those bloggers mentioned would be FAKE bloggers. I learned that about Adrienne from the first time I found her site in late January and slowly, I’ve been learning exactly how FAKE the others really are.

    All in all, great post and thanks for sharing this truthful information and exposing them for the FAKE bloggers they are.

    Have a great day.

    – Andrew

  • Edwin says:

    Hi Enstine,

    I believe you must be kidding me. That FAKE that you mentioned up there must be an acronym. You have to reveal the meaning as quick as possible, otherwise I will get you arrested in the next 24hrs by inviting an E-Police..*wink*

  • Hi Enstine,
    Thumbs up for your strategy and eye-catchy post title. Once anyone got this under his(er), can’t passed it without reading the article. The Highest CTR optimised post 🙂

  • Fidelis Ozuawala says:

    hahaha enstine muki….
    i was hurriedly checking to see the main point, on see the lock, i taught more that i have to uncover this, after unlocking it ooops i saw the prank. went back to read all and now am here also reminding you that you are also FAKE!!”! hahsh

  • Hi.
    Thank you for giving that type of imp information.I think you must be joking.There would be some other meaning of F.A.K.E. I m damn sure this post will attract more traffic then you estimation in near future. Keep posting.


  • Uju Uduma Ikpa says:

    He bro,
    I was almost vexed when I saw the title and then I thought, it’s Enstine Muki after all. So I read on and shared… Nice one sir. I would want to get that locker too.
    I kept on imagining how Adrienne Smith especially would have felt while reading this…(like what did I do to this guy!)
    Great post bro. I’ll keep learning from you. You are also a fake blogger…
    Never thought in my life that I’d ever wish to be a fake blogger and here I am wishing it! LOL

  • Akintunde says:

    My o my, this was very cool, i didn’t believe that you could be this creative, lovely.

    Anyway its nice to be fake, People cant always stay original.

    Good job

  • Eedris Saminu says:

    Hey Muki, that’s nice of you, yeah nice, yeah…..i mean letting us know the FAKE Blogger e.g Harleena Singh, I must confess Madam Harleena Singh is FAKE, though haven’t commented on her blog post, she is awesome and she’ll always be my no.1 FAKE blogger, Thanks Muki for the great post, have a nice day.

  • Funmy Kemmy says:

    Indeed, they are fake. Anyway, I am reading it on your blog for the first time.

    Lovely post. Keep it up.

  • Glenys says:

    Great idea for a post title and for encouraging readers to share.
    I know some of the bloggers on your list, but certainly not all. Now I am keen to check out their blogs as well.
    Thanks Enstine.

  • Lawrence says:

    Buh! Buh!! Buh!!!
    You really know how to play the game
    Talking about making people gluing to a post and reading it to the last full stop, this is the real trick
    Been seeing this on Facebook, not knowing you are the source of this wonderfully composed article,
    Nice reading this….

  • Vatsala Shukla says:

    Brilliant, Enstine. These bloggers really are FAKE. What next, a list of FREAK Bloggers? 🙂

  • Enstine,

    You’re so awesome. I’m a sucker for a good social locker! Did you develop that yourself? I have one installed on my blog now but I rarely use it. This is a great example of a good way to use it. You built in suspense with your title and intro, called out some influencers and bam! Share it to solve the mystery!

    No wonder you’ve had so much success. Well done.

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Brittany,
      Good to see you here and thanks for those sweet words 😉
      No I didn’t develop this one but I found it quite impressive. You may want to check out my review

      BTW, how are you and are you on broaded.net yet?

      • Enstine,

        I’m doing… okay… to be honest, not so great, at the moment I’m wallowing in bed with the stomach flu! I’ve been meaning to check out BroadedNet but I haven’t had a free second! Thanks for asking and thanks again for commenting on my interview with Catherine.


  • As Prince says:

    Nice but old prank. Title was very catchy and aTtractive

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    […] out  this post about enstine where he said Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and 6 others are F.A.K.E bloggers! If you don’t believe me, that they are fake then do check out this post and ensure it. […]

  • Nitin mohan says:

    Enstine really man its great thing you have done making this post 🙂 many pro Blogger here also Don’t change their pic for many years which definitely increase our suspect views

  • Hahhaha. its good title and its really make me smile,I don’t think so if they are fake, but they are really good bloggers and inspired me a lot, anyways i don’t care if they are fake the important for me is they inspired me and a lot of person..

  • Chris says:

    Lol Enstine, now you gave me an idea how to make my next blog post! Thank you for writing this FAKE post.

  • Hii Enstine,

    It found out to be a prank at last. I’ve been reading about Harleena Singh a lot and so came to read this because of her..

    You really did the trick right by putting all these big names and finally concluding it with a prank and a deep message related to hard smart work.. It was one of the best motivational reads for me till today 🙂

  • Val says:

    After i saw how you used this plugin to command so much traffic, i tried to use it on one of my blogs but i was not getting any shares rather my site’s bounce rate was increasing the more. Any help?

  • 12 Most Stubborn and Fearless Female Bloggers! says:

    […] At a time you will be feeling inadequate, ill-equipped, ill-prepared, you will also at some point have a feeling of being an imposter and a FAKE. […]

  • kapil suri says:


    I did lot of research for building relationship in blogging world and some of the names you mentioned were really in the list of top bloggers.
    At first I couldn’t believe they could be FAKE bloggers.
    But in the end it was lovely prank.

    Kapil Suri

  • […] mean he had the nerve to call out eight women on his blog recently as F.A.K.E! Enstine sorry buddy, you are now reaping the harvest of what you sowed in the […]

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    […] from them and perhaps leaving comments on them but after reading from Enstine himself that some of them are F.A.K.E And from Yvonne Empower Moments Blog that some of these bloggers including Enstine Muki himself […]

  • issac paul says:

    ROFL ! very funny explanation of F.A.K.E but thoughtful !
    you gotta very good imagination truly you are one of the F.A.K.E blogger Mate ! cheers (y)

  • Hi Enstine! Great blog
    Great way to grab the readers attention and increase click through rate, i must confess- i didn’t plan to read this post but the caption made me to click and read immediately. Great post and at least, i have seen more popular bloggers that i did not know about. Thank you for sharing it! :3

  • Ashutosh Jha says:

    Lol Enstine 🙂

    Damn funny post. In fact title is more interesting. Seen this on Delicious and title brought me here.

    Too funny 🙂


  • saransh says:

    Initially i was little confused but at last this proved to be a little trick played on your blog readers.
    Thanks for this little humor

  • Subha Sadiq says:

    Enstine, very trick and funny posts, I wonder how you come to these ideas. It’s truly brilliant.

  • Nicole Pary says:

    Hey Enstine,
    When I watched the title of this article, I shocked and more funny article, but amazing article or enjoyed too much.

  • Vishal Sharma says:

    Rofl! I just gave it a read, At the starting i thought why would Enstine post such article on his blog and then at the end i got to know the true meaning of FAKE!

  • iqraarif says:

    Hahah Enstine Muki ! really amazing F.A.K.E meaning 😛 i have to say something here that you are also in this category :))) your blog is really informative and i have learn many new techniques from you. Happy BLOGGING

  • Ann P V says:

    Hi Enstine,
    Oh My What Stunning Title!
    I am sure the title will pull the traffic!
    So sad to read about the allegations of wonderful women bloggers in the world!
    Myself and my hubby are their followers and very well follow their posts though may not be commenting very often! They are indeed lovely ladies!! I appreciate their service they render thru their respective pages. Indeed those and worth reading posts and no one will agree with you that they are FAKE!!! LOL
    We protest!! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 \
    Anyways at last the TRUTH is out!! LOL
    Very funny post!
    Well said my dear friend, only when one finish reading the post will come out the truth!
    Well done!
    Keep going
    Best Regards

  • Ann P V says:

    Hi Enstine,
    Oh My What Stunning Title!
    I am sure the title will pull the traffic!
    So sad to read about the allegations of wonderful women bloggers in the world!
    Myself and my hubby are their followers and very well follow their posts though may not be commenting very often! They are indeed lovely ladies!! I appreciate their service they render thru their respective pages. Indeed those and worth reading posts and no one will agree with you that they are FAKE!!! LOL
    We protest!! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 \
    Anyways at last the TRUTH is out!! LOL
    Very funny post!
    Well said my dear friend, only when one finish reading the post will come out the truth!
    Well done!
    Keep going
    Best Regards

  • Hey Enstine!
    Your title is just great! Makes you want to open up your post and read more.
    And yes! These guys are definitely all “FAKE.” I think the most important part of that acronym is the last one. They are encouraging. You can be just awesome and knowledgeable but if you aren’t engaging and don’t show you care about your audience, it’s all for nothing.

    Thanks for a great (and entertaining!) post

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Oh oh! I’m late on replying to your exciting comment 😉 But I’m finally here, Corinne.

      Thanks for reading and taking time unlock and discover the meaning of FAKE.

      Ain’t you too FAKE?

  • Abdul Samad says:

    A big LOL actually 😛 😛 😛
    Don’t have words to describe my laugh 😛
    Actually they are definitely FAKE 😛
    Especially the last one 😛
    They actually love to comment on other blogs. 😀
    Thanks for making us smile 😉

  • Denise Grier says:

    Well you sure got my attention with that title!

  • Kim Willis says:

    Hi Enstine

    Catchy title – certainly provokes curiosity

    You certainly have a good list there – all worhty people


  • sneha says:

    aha.. sounds new to me.. :-} whatsoever, I appreciate their service they render thru their respective pages. 🙂

  • Iesteam says:

    Hi Enstine,
    hahaha, I love the topic you choose 🙂

  • Iroko Akinola says:

    Though, I am not a female, I would definitely want to be one of your FAKE bloggers…of course hanging around them will definite make me a FAKE…

  • Arnab says:

    Ha ha ha, after a long time, A post title made me laugh. What a curiosity, they are the top bloggers, and Enstine calling theme F.A.K.E.

  • Hi Enstine,
    Well you really did drag me right in there with a title that included top bloggers along with the word FAKE.

    I’d loved to be classed as a FAKE by their standards any day of the week!

    Very clever of you to associate such distinguished and supportive bloggers with such a term as FAKE…and it got me to thinking when is Enstine going to reveal what F.A.K.E. stands for – but you never did!

    So here’s my suggestion F (Freedom Seeking) A)(Action Taking) K(Knowlege sharing) E( Enthusiastic entrepreneurs)

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Peter,
      It’s a wonderful thing to see you here and thanks for dropping a comment.
      Did you see the social locker to unlock the meaning of the word FAKE?

      I have given a meaning for it 😉

  • Hi Enstine.

    First time visitor. Great title and post.

    I have to admit, before I found out what you meant by F.A.K.E., I was really wondering why you were saying what you did about all these bloggers. Now that I know, I couldn’t agree more and I hope I can get that F.A.K.E. status myself.

    They are indeed what you claim and so much more. I have interacted with Adrienne, Donna and Ryan, not just on blog comments, and they really are down to earth people.

    We couldn’t ask for more than what they bring to the internet. They are definitely the ones people should be emulating.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Have a great week……Chris

    • Enstine Muki says:

      Hey Chris,
      Good to see you here and thanks for taking the time to drop a comment.

      Some bloggers read just the title of the post and jumped into conclusion. If they don’t unlock the content like you did, they are never going to know the meaning.

      I’m glad you dug deep and found the meaning. I’m sure you too are FAKE by that standard 😉

      Thanks once more for stopping over. I’ll be around again for more engagement.

      BTW, I’m mentioning you in one of my upcoming posts 😉

      • Thanks Enstine.

        That’s kind of you to say. I always just think of myself as an average guy who wants to help others to succeed.

        That’s great news. I look forward to reading that post, when you do write it. In the meantime, I’m going to add your site to my blog list and will be checking out some of your older content.

        Thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon…….Chris

        • Enstine Muki says:

          Wow! That’s the second comment you are making on my blog today. I’m so excited man and thanks for giving me this much time.
          Sounds interesting to hear you are adding my blog to your list. I added yours to mind the first time I landed on it.

          There are better days ahead bud so let’s keep giving 😉


    This is hilarious @Enstine,
    I started thinking that u were high on something.
    I didn’t take not on sharing to unlock, i read twice and was shocked till i saw friendly comments and i knew i was missing something.
    Nice writeup

  • Alisha says:

    Haha!! That was really a nice write up!! Attention grabbing title. And the way you wanted us to read by unlocking. Great idea!! 😉

  • What a Fake post by a fake blogger Enstine Muki….

    Your Fake title encouraged me to share and unlock your awesome fake post.

  • Sowjanya says:


    Cleverly Fooled us in the month of August! What a intelligent way of attracting visitors with an Alluring title. You maintained the suspense till the end!
    And that dialogue “I owe my readers the truth!” Hahaha 😀

  • Saransh says:

    I was first amazed after reading title then at the end 😛

  • Hello Enstine Brother,
    Hahaha. Dan Very Funny its good title and its really make me smile, 😛
    Harleena Ma’am is a Fake Blogger lol 😛 Sorry:)

    Well Written My Brother,

  • Hahaha! You seriously nailed it brother. This created huge curiosity and brought me straight to your article. Hats off to innovation.

  • Hahaha Enstine,

    That is such a F.A.K.E. title…

    Loved it… nobody can stop himself/herself from opening it.

    You are such a genius man.

    All the best,
    Shubhanshi ?

  • >