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Greetings fellow bloggers and serial entrepreneurs. I’m here with another featured blogging guest. If you have not checked out those who have been featured in the past, click here!

Today’s featured guest is a fellow blogger who first popped up on my radar when he showed on my blog and started leaving comments regularly a while back.

Well needless to say, that certainly got my attention! And since then I’ve returned the favor a few times and have commented on his blog as well.

As you know, that is one of my main goals of introducing you to as many and varied cool bloggers from all over the place with different specialities so you get to  knowing each other and get a taste of different approaches, proven tactics, strategies etc.

That way we can all continue to grow and learn from each other by building a powerhouse community of super passionate bloggers!

Meet Mark Newsome!

Mark NewsomeToday I want to introduce to you Mark Newsome. Mark is an incredibly passionate small business instant cash flow creating specialist.

Mark works primarily with your traditional offline Mom & Pop small business owners and or service providers.

He primarily starts by helping them maximize their current cash flow by strategically identifying current unused assets and (as he likes to put it) identifying others that they had not previously thought of as assets and or resources.

Then after gaining their confidence and the ability to consistently produce results, he slowly incorporates the various proven online marketing strategies that he’s learned and been exposed to blogging experts such as myself. (Again, his words not mine!)

All in all, Mark typically identifies 15 -25 initially untapped ways of boosting his customers and clients current cash flow.

Either by first systematically growing their customer/client base and or simultaneously lowering their upfront out pocket cost using various proven low cost, high powered marketing strategies, techniques and tactics etc.

Then helping develop ongoing unconventional ways of leveraging other fellow business owners assets and or resources etc.

Why Mark is so passionate about the possibilities of owning and growing your small business!

Mark is absolutely convinced that the vast majority of small business owners and or service providers (himself included), have only scratched the very tip of the marketing possibility iceberg! Especially those currently struggling that are cash starved!

Because the more he studies and the more professional exposure he gets from various experts such as myself (his words), he say’s quickly starting to realize and appreciate just how insanely profitable and lucrative owning a small business and service can be!

The Literal Explosion Of Social Media As A Proven Marketing Tool Has Mark Super Excited About The Long Term Possibilities!

Mark readily admits that (unfortunately) initially he was slow to grasp and totally appreciate the enormous long term profit possibilities made available (especially cash and resource challenged) to small business owner and service providers etc!

In fact, he readily admits that initially, he thought the enormous marketing possibilities available by utilizing strategically Facebook, where primarily open to (either ) high school and or college students! And he was also initially convinced that twitter was only being used by career politicians with way too much unproductive time on their hands!

And by celebrities and super star athletes looking for a new media and audience to help sell their latest endorsement deal!

Of course, since he’s been exposed to the proper social media marketing education, he quickly saw the error of his ways!

Why Mark loves to blog and why he thinks you should too!

Mark readily admits that he is a self described serial writer! Who to date has currently published 1,022 current blog posts on various subjects related to owning, and successfully marketing your cash starved small business and or service.

As you will no doubt discover when you visit his blog here.

And also loves to brag that he’d have an additional 125 more published articles to his credit, were it not for the fact that hubpages inexplicably shut his hubpages account down, right after he published his 125 hub! (Glorified articles) that are hosted free on their server.

Mark took to first article marketing and currently blogging the way a fish takes to water!

For him it was a natural outlet for his creative expression side!

But it wasn’t until he met the likes of blogging experts such Adrienne Smith, Donna Merrill and myself
(among others), that he says he knew he had made the right choice in terms of proven marketing vehicles!

He says consistently being exposed to us has only strengthened his belief that he made the right decision to
become a self confessed serial blogger!

Mark absolutely loves learning new ways of seen and approaching marketing challenges, both on and offline!

And that’s why he loves engaging with like minded bloggers and or serial entrepreneurs etc!

Time To Meet Mark

I hope this little introduction has convinced you why you definitely want to drop by Mark’s blog
and see for yourself what he has to offer and how his proven low cost, high powered, non conventional
“think outside the box” marketing strategies can and will help you strategically grow your business
and increase your income!

Be sure and share your thoughts below on how you feel this featured blogger is one that definitely should
be a part of our ever growing community!

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