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The year is going on a good footing. Most of us are making the money. Current relationships are being strengthened while new ones created. Blogging is becoming more and more beautiful.

I love these Thursday posts where I talk to you and connect you with savvy bloggers. I have featured so many of them here last year. These are awesome bloggers you should hook up with. Check theme here!

Blogging is about building a community and for you to really see success, you need to have men and women of quality in your community. If you want an opportunity to meet new bloggers, know more about them before connecting with them, keep reading my Thursday posts. I’ve got real guys and gals on the list 😉

Meet Monna Ellithorpe!


Today, (after Deborah Tutnauer who was the first featured blogger of 2015), I want to introduce you to Monna Ellithorpe who is one half of a two-member team who co-founded and co-created PAC (Power Affiliate Community) and PAC Blogging Challenge and Affiliate Community. After Monna mentioned that there should be a site where affiliate marketers would go to buy from other affiliate marketers and not let commissions be lost to the company, Lesly Federici took the idea and created a site and together they began to build on that idea.

Hey! before I tell you more about Monna, let me say here that I’m a PAC expert author thanks to Monna. I read about PAC on her blog, got to her on Facebook. We spoke more about it but she surprised me when she spoke with her co-founder Lesly and they decided to invite me as an author.  This was one of the most exciting invitations I got in January 2015 😉

-> My first guest article on PAC is live so you should check it out here!

PAC is a growing and thriving site in only a short amount of time and is expanding each and every day under the guidance of Monna and Lesly. Members promote other members and also learn from other members. There is a wide range of knowledge within the group and it is rare that you will not find an answer to a question you might have. If you are looking for a group with many accountable activities and interaction, then PAC may be for you.

Now about Monna herself, she started out online with affiliate marketing and eBay in 2000. When her husband became ill, she devoted her time to him; a 30 year Veteran of the US Army Airborne Rangers until his passing in 2008.

She returned to the internet and is now a published author and writer. She has been writing in journals, diaries and creating short stories since her teen years. She didn’t have the “happily ever after” life she had dreamed of so writing became a way to release the never ending ideas, thoughts and sentences that rambled around in her mind; waiting to find a place in a story.

It was then after the death of her beloved second husband in 2008 that she realized that her purpose in life was to write, thus she started to seriously pursue a career in writing, teaching and affiliate marketing.

Her first book published in 2003 is a more simple technique to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt easier and faster.


Monna has published quite a few other books; Bride to Widow – This is a collection of writings over 4 to 5 years that helped her learn to cope with the loss of her spouse.

In an effort to help others learn from her life experiences she also wrote Your Guide to Leaving Your Internet Legacy which covers many obstacles she ran into with taking care of her husband’s online accounts after his passing when he left no record of his accounts and passwords.

In dealing with yet another setback in her life, she wrote 10 Simple Ways To Avoid Financial Ruin which also deals with a very touchy subject about money and making sure your loved one is taken care of after you are gone. Just because you believe you have taken care of everything, doesn’t mean you have. You need to check the fine print and make sure every detail is in order.

Most all of Monna’s books are available in both paperback and Kindle versions, as well as other various formats.

After realizing she could help others with her writing, she also decided she had the knowledge of publishing for Amazon’s CreateSpace and she could make it easier for other “would be authors.” You can hire Monna to format and publish your book for you or go through her short (15 to 20 minutes in length) training videos on How To Publish Your First Paperback Book. Videos on publishing to Kindle, NOOK and other electronic formats are in progress.

The self publishing videos will also soon be available through the PAC Site. As a paying member of the PAC Community, the teaching videos will be provided to you at no charge, along with other teaching videos from other PAC Members.

What Others Say About Monna…

Dr. Erica Goodstone – Monna Ellithorpe is a dedicated, conscientious and hard-working professional. She studies her craft, learns as much as she can, and then reaches out to teach others what she knows. And she knows a lot. Ask Monna about writing and she can pull up her collection of books, ebooks, Kindle books, articles and blogs. Want someone to help you get your book published? Monna will help you get it done or even do it for you.

Lesly Federici – Finding inspiration in other people is not always easily found. You usually find it from internet “gurus”, or celebrities, or from stories you hear about people and how they overcame challenges in their lives. Monna inspires me. She’s a Phoenix. Living through life challenges and then rising above them to show people they can overcome obstacles too. I respect, honor, and appreciate this in Monna. Because she’s done a lot of soul searching to get to where she is today.

Lillian De Jesus – Monna Ellithorpe has been an excellent mentor and coach for my e-book! She had provided me with step-by-step instructions, along with direct helpful tips. She’s been such an encouragement and I don’t know how I could self-publish without her help.

Monna lives in Fort Myers, FL. She continues to blog on, write short stories on her writing site, Blue Jean Writer’s Voice, write articles and working on her first fiction novel, along with helping others to publish their books and teaching online to help make life easier for writers to learn how to market their newly published books.

Meet Monna on Social Media:

Time to Meet Monna Ellithorpe!

Monna loves meeting new people and she would love a visit from you. Visit her on her blog, in her writing group or in the PAC group. She will be sure to answer your comments below.

Do you have a book inside you waiting to be written and published? If so, Monna can help you get the process rolling and on your way to being a published author.

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