MyCommentAuthors Version 1.2 Released! More Traffic, More Engagement!

I’m so excited to announce version 1.2 of MyCommentAuthors free WordPress plugin. Initially, I did not see where it was going but after publishing version 1.0, the feedback from my community was quite exciting.

Some of you have installed the plugins. Others are waiting for month end as initially, it was a purely month end plugin. However, with version 1.2, you may have to get it right now. I’ll explain the new features shortly. Let me mention some few important and exciting developments. First, check out this post for version 1.0

Monthly Commenting contest

I have had words from 2 bloggers who are using this plugin to run monthly commenting contest to reward their comment authors with pure cash. I think that’s one of the exciting things to do with MyCommentAuthors.

You are not bound to cash contests. There are other forms of reward you can put forth to attract more activities on your blog. You can give out 1 month banner space on your blog for the most active commentator, a free plugin, etc. There are just so many things out there. Here are the two cash contests I know of:

  1. Win $70 on #MMONigeria’s Top Commentator Contest $70 pure cash.
  2. Win $130 on JackPreneur’s Top Commentator Contest $130 pure cash.

I encourage you stop by and enter these contests for a chance to win. You don’t only win cash. You also get featured on these blogs too.

If you are also using it to do some sort of contest, please let me know so I can give you a shout out. I got this mail below from one of the tough bloggers we know today;

erik mycommentauthors

I know of some bloggers that have jumped on it and are making good use of it. Erik Emmanulli for instance has mailed his list of commentators for the month of July 2014. I was on the list so I got this pretty sexy mail from him, powered by MyCommentAuthors.

my comment authors dashboard

Before I explain these new features, let me say something about becoming a sponsor.


You can sponsor this plugin. It’s attracting love from bloggers and I don’t have plans to stop upgrading and promoting the plugin. As a sponsor, you get listed on the plugin page on WordPress, You get your banner published on the plugin dashboard and your 2 most recent posts will be automatically listed on the plugin dashboard right side bar. To add to this, You get mentioned and linked to on the new Dashboard Widget introduced in version 1.2. More about this later.

As of version 1.2, my first sponsor is X-THEME. Pick up your copy of X: ThemeForest’s fastest selling WordPress Theme of ALL TIME and quite possibly the last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy.

NB: I only accept 3 sponsors so if this is something you are interested in, contact me

Version 1.2, 3 new features!

In version 1.1, I added the possibility to generate and export the list with commentators’ pictures. That suggestion came from Lisa of and I found it beautiful. So both text list and picture list are available.


-> Pagination

This is one exciting feature for those of you with very active blogs. If you generate a list of 200+ bloggers, it may be an issue scrolling through it. That’s why Vinay of Aha!Now suggested this feature.  So it’s now possible to automatically insert page breaks and create multiple pages when the list gets uncomfortably too long.  All you have to do is select the number of listings page page and MyCommentAuthors will handle the rest.

This works for both text and gravatar lists

commentauthors pagination

– > Dashboard Widget

I thought at one point, you may want to know who is your highest commentator since you set up your blog.  That will be important to know who engages more on your blog.

So I added a dashboard widget that shows your 3 most active readers and comment authors since the history of your blog. This stats are updated as your blog grows older.

In my case, as seen on the image below, my top 3 commentators got to that point thanks to the blog commenting contests I did in the past.

Once you install the plugin, just go to your WordPress Dashboard and you’ll find the widget

mycommentauthors dashboard

– > Form field values maintained

Once you fill the form, select the appropriate values and click to generate script, the page reloads and your form field input get maintained. This was not the case with previous versions that will reset the form each time submitted.

Those are the 3 main changes in version 1.2 and like I mentioned, I’ll be adding more and more features to make this plugin an interesting daily tool.

So let me know what you think about this plugin. Have you installed it? Do you still intend to get it?

42 thoughts on “MyCommentAuthors Version 1.2 Released! More Traffic, More Engagement!”

  1. Hi Enstine Muki,
    MYCommentAuthor Version 1.2 is really Superb Plugin,
    As I say in my previous comment, I never heard about it Plugin. But I read about it’s Feature then I realize it’s benifit.
    It’s great Plugin for visitor appreciation.
    Any way Have a nice day.

  2. Heyy Enstine,

    Great write up Indeed!

    This is really a great plugin for driving more user engagement. I was unaware of this thing. Going to get this thing for sure. 🙂

    Truly appreciate your efforts 🙂

  3. Hello Enstine Muki
    Very nicely explained by you about this awesome plugin.This 1.2 version is really awesome and should use by every blogger to engage more comments
    I hope you will keep updating the plugin with awesome features.

  4. Hello Enstine, I am happy that you reached out to me on FaceBook and shared your blog with me about your MyCommentAuthors Plug-In..
    I did see a post last week (With me In It) where you thanked all the commenters for the month and wondered how you did that?/

    Now I know.. Congratulations my friend.. This is so Cool! Yes I am going to download and give this a try..

    Wish Me Luck HEHE Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  5. Hi Enstine,
    First of all i would like to congratulate you for adding new features to your wordpress plugin. I think its going to be a great tools for bloggers.
    keep up the good work.

  6. Hey Enstine,

    I’m about a week behind on reading all of my favorite blogs (yours included).

    The features you’ve added to the plugin look amazing! Wow, you’ve been hard at work. The gravatar addition is a nice touch, and the paging navigation is wonderful for those who receive lots of comments.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what other ideas you have up your sleeve!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, Enstine.

    • Hey Kevin,
      Always good to see you around. Better late than never 😉

      What I’m going to work is see how to hook the mail feature to an SMTP server that will enable users send more than the limited number of mails. I still want everything about the plugin to be free so if this requires some money, I’ll have to introduce a db table to schedule mails and send in bits through some cron action. This way, it can handle even 1000s of mails despite server limitation.

      Hope this will be a cool feature

  7. Hi,

    You have gone a long way with this plugin. It is a great sign that you are improving the feature from the suggestions from fellow bloggers.

    The sponsor feature is very attractive. This plugin will definitely go long way to increase engagement and recognition for the blog. Keep on going buddy.

  8. Hi Enstine,

    Am happy to see a new update for this plugin.
    I was able to install this plugin from WordPress repository for my new blog am building.
    I think its going to be a great tool for me when my blog is alive.
    I hope you will keep updating the plugin with awesome features.

  9. The plugin is really wonderful for bloggers like us who don’t have money to invest in premium plugins. You really did an wonderful job with this new update. I am sure this will definitely help thousand of bloggers in the world……… to boost their traffic and at last income 🙂

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for including my reference in this post and many thanks for incorporating my suggestion in the new version of the plugin. This is great and I’m sure this plugin will be liked by all bloggers. Have a good day!

    ~ Vinay

  11. Its good to know that more features have been added to the MyCommentAuthors plugin. This is fast seeing that the version1.0 was just released a couple of days ago.

    Well, its a good sign that the plugin is worth installing so that users can get regular updates and upgrades. These help in efficiency and proficiency. The 1.2 features are readily impressive!

    Meanwhile, the contest suggestions are awesome as the success would help improve exposure for the plugin and increase engagement for bloggers!

    This post was “kingged” or upvoted in where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

  12. Enstine emailed me few days back about the upcoming version of MyCommentAuthors and the new features it was coming with. I really appreciate the effort he has made to make this a reality. The new version is awesome!

    This is indeed one of the best WP plugin that promotes blog engagement. I can testify about it on my blog as it has helped me initiate a “Top Commentator Contest” on my blog to reward the most active readers and commenters. You are welcome to join!

    Enstine, thanks for the mention, you told me you were going to write a post on this and you really did as you said. Will continue promoting this…

    Thanks I really appreciate bro!

  13. Hello bro,
    Ahhh… Some days back, i did see a mail sent by you thanking me for being part of the community. I was so impress by the mail that i had to check the link you gave at the bottom of the mail 🙂

    I will definitely be adding the plugin to my plugin arsenal and see how it goes. My guy, you really get brain o… lol…

    Thanks and do have a good weekend ahead…

    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your encouragement and thanks for everything bro.
      I’ll be excited to read about this plugin on your blog some day

      You too have a wonderful weekend

  14. Hi Enstine,

    I would like to congratulate you for adding new features to your new WP plugin. I have already downloaded the updated version of it. Hope that you will come with a lot of new features in future.

    Thanks & Regards,

  15. Enstine, I love the new look with the images and the Top 3 of all time is another great feature. I hope to install it in the next week and try it out. I don’t see the most active top 3 on your sidebar yet, is that something you will be using too? I will have to check Erik’s blog too to see how his looks. Thanks for adding these new features Enstine.

  16. Hey Enstine,

    Just one word “Wow”. I’ve been thinking to create a brand new wordpress plugin but i’m unable to find new ideas.

    Good luck with your plugin, keep up the good work. I hope you’ll get better sponsors for this plugin.


    • Hey Siraj,
      I’m sure if you think a little more, you can come up with a wonderful idea. Please think! we need more “wow” plugins to help us as bloggers 😉

      Have a wonderful weekend

    • Hey Enstine

      MYCommentAuthor Version 1.2 is superb plugin i had downloaded and even installed it on my blog but going to use it after some days as i am also going to organize commenting contest on my blog. Your plugin would be more better if we can enter a date interval rather than months

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